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Up yours Perez, I’m staying says Gareth Bale.

Posted on June 06, 2013 by Scraggs

At long last Gareth Bale tells Spurs TV what we have all been hoping for and expecting, he truly loves playing for Tottenham and appreciates his teammates and the work of AVB and his coaching staff. Some reports suggest that Gareth Bale has simply hinted that he might possibly stay but the timing and wording means far more than that, he is clearly stating his intentions, his total belief in the squad, coaches and ambition of everything Tottenham. By speaking up now he is also finally putting all the speculation and unrest behind him and the club and tells any potential targets that if one of the best players in Europe, some say the third best, believes in Tottenham then they should take them very seriously if they wish to achieve things in their career irrespective of the lack of Champions League football.

Tottenham are a long way towards their eventual target of securing entry to the elite European competition, not just on the odd occasion but regularly, the aim is also to eventually become serious title contenders. Tottenham are now established as a top 5 club with 2 fifth places and 2 fourth places in the past 4 seasons, they are close and they have a relatively young but experienced squad straining to win something.

The transfer season does not start proper until the 1st July but hopefully Tottenham will have a target or two already lined up or will be working towards some crucial additions, Gareth Bale has firmly stated that he is remaining a part of the Tottenham story and that AVB is the real deal and about to lead the club to glory, quite how far he will take them nobody yet knows but we look forward to a fantastic season and a relaxing transfer window now that Bale has stated clearly his intentions.

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