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Van Gaal feeling the pressure with dig at Spurs.

Posted on September 03, 2014 by Guest Writer

You can always tell when a player is not having the best of times at his club when they hit out at other clubs, they know that their fans will forgive them and allow them a little more time to show what they are capable of. Only recently the Arsenal right back Jenkinson on their american tour attempted to find favour with their supporters by leading a derogatory song about Tottenham, Frimpong has done the same in the past, it saved neither of them and they are currently elsewhere hoping to do better.

Arsenal have a history of doing this with their keeper a repeat offender as well as Wilshere, Ozil, Podolski and even Cazorla, the common denominator in all cases other than Cazorla is poor performance and unrest amongst supporters.

On this particular occasion the allegation is not against Arsenal but the unlikely source of the genius that is Louis Van Gaal who the media have repeatedly informed us “snubbed” Tottenham for United, but that was when things were going well for him, now he has decided to fend off trouble in the ranks by trying to belittle Tottenham when deciding to walk away from the easy option of just settling for an easy ride and going for the biggest challenge in football which we now know is to arrest the slide in united’s fortunes on and off the field.

Why is it we only have his word for it that he could have had the Tottenham job? maybe when AVB went he was a good fit but nobody knows whether he remained the only possibility once the season came to an end,  say what you like about Daniel Levy but he doesn’t get involved in disputes or petty battles, he has never said a bad word about any of the coaches that have gone or reacts to bad press or supporter abuse.

Make no mistake Van Gaal is under pressure like never before, his ego is massive but he has never faced a challenge like the English Premier League and having now spent what has amounted to a record sum in this transfer window on the best that £350k pw can offer he has to produce the goods, that isn’t just top 4 but a title challenge. It shouldn’t be difficult for him surely with the players he has, luckily he doesn’t have to face MK dons every week and they have just the FA Cup and the league left to play for.

United are a team full of so called stars each earning vast sums but it was interesting to read what another of their old boys had to say, you have to admire the honesty of Paul Parker when he says that Wayne Rooney is not worth his wage, the captaincy  and nor a place in the team, I particularly loved the part of his article when he ridiculed and laughed at the opinion of Jamie Redknapp who stated recently that Rooney was the only United play capable of playing for a top 4 team.

Looking at United from the outside you have to wonder who is allowing this farcical situation to happen, LVG has in his head a pattern of play totally alien to United and the players they have acquired over the years and they have numerous players that would really rather be elsewhere. Rooney wanted Chelsea a year ago until £300k pw appeased him, it was alleged that Van Persie wanted out months ago, Mata didn’t really want to leave Chelsea nor Di Maria Madrid but he now seems PSG was is next best option, Falcao wanted Real Madrid also, shaw is accused of being overweight, Fellaino not good enough and Rojo is still struggling to get his work permit. It’s all a bit of a mess.

To put this recent activity into a bit more perspective United have only 35 more games to play this season plus one in the FA Cup guaranteed, no Europe and no Carling Cup and they have agreed to pay wages and fees of over £100m for 2 players involvement in just 54 hours of football assuming that they play every minute of every game! I love football but this is all looking a little bit sick now.

I know that what happens at United should have nothing to do with us but Van Gaal has lit the blue touchpaper now and I just want to see the egg on his face when he fails.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t know much about him but to be honest but it sounds like the last thing spurs needed was this clown in charge of them. Here’s hoping he takes man united even lower on the table than last year and he’s out of our comp around Xmas. This site bags out Wenger about panic buys to appease the fans but how about this clown . Falcao and de Maria can score goals no dramas but there defence is worse than the gunners . Us arsenal fans and spurs fans always take the piss out of each other on this site but I believe we are together in the belief man united and their big mouth coach fail miserably. Rant over from a gunner, peace out.

    • Stantheman says:

      I agree that utd have panic bought on a grander scale than any before them and also agree that there has been absolutely no method behind it either.they have only the league to play for and you would have thought they had more than enough firepower to cope with that.
      we are North London and will always compete and argue it wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t but as you say we are together in hoping that utd and maybe a couple of other privileged clubs fail and burn, whatever our differences we have done it the right way, no sugar daddy and no priveleges.

    • Tony says:

      the amount of money paid and more so the wages given to some of their players is nothing short of obscene and for that reason alone I want them to fall flat on their smug faces. Falcao paid £500k for each fixture while he is on loan to them whether he plays in part or full or injured is nothing short of madness and a disgrace.

  2. Shane says:

    Van gaal is c*nt. But what he said about spurs is correct

    • Bob says:

      I’m not going to argue that Spurs are a smaller club in relation to Utd financially but in terms of class Spurs are streets ahead. LVG is a cluless twat that has been found wanting.
      Winning trophies at the top clubs in Germany, Spain and Holland means nothing, put all their top clubs together and they haven’t a fraction of the challenge in England and that’s why they do so well in CL.

    • Tony says:

      he comes across as the most arrogant man on the planet, he has the perfect job, at least until the new year.

  3. BigH says:

    Panic, panic panic. Arrogance wil be his downfall. True madness paying those stupid prices. When under pressure attack others. He should learn from Fergie, when under pressure win the championship

    • Tony says:

      It’s the way they all react when in trouble, attack others to divert attention, Hodgson turned on media last night when it was pointed out only 2 shots on target(1 of them a pen) another one for the chop soon. Say what you like about fergie he dug everybody out but he also backed it up with results. LVG has experienced nothing like the EPL and has only won the dutch title once and german double with Bayern once this century. 3 trophies in leagues with little competition in 14 yrs!

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