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Vertonghen a target for Benitez and Napoli.

Posted on May 25, 2013 by Eddie S

And so it continues, it seems that not until the Tottenham squad is reduced to a bunch of kids and the cast offs of every one of the Champions League entrants, even the sixty or so just there to make up the numbers like Napoli and Arsenal for example. Not content with shunting Gareth Bale the way of Real Madrid or Manchester United in return for any number of their crappy cast offs like Nani, Anderson, Young, Higuain or Di Maria, today it is the turn of  another of Tottenham’s standout performers of last season Jan Vertonghen.

It is laughable that less than a year after arriving and becoming an instant hit that Tottenham would even consider selling him and so begin to disband a team on the verge of possibly breaking the mould and winning trophies, even more laughable is his price tag of just 11m euros!!!! he has had an incredible season by anyones standards, has a long contract, Tottenham apparently paid somewhere in the region of 15m euros for him 10 months ago and his price has now somehow reduced to 11m. Not content with that they are trying to reduce the price still further by throwing in Frederico Fernandez at a cost of 6m euros, this a player so highly thought of by Napoli that they loaned him out to Getafe where he made such an impression that he featured in just 3 games for them. UNBELIEVABLE.

There will be many more such stories before the end of August and many will involve Tottenham but let’s at least try and incorporate a bit of realism into the proceedings, Vertonghen is now worth £25m of anybodies money, Gareth Bale will cost £70m plus, Dembele and Sandro would each cost £25m or so and there are many more with improved price tags.

It seems just as well that Michael Dawson stayed last summer as he could be the last man standing of this current squad if the tabloids are to be believed, hold on Stoke, Sunderland and QPR were desperate to sign him in each of the last transfer windows. Disaster.

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