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Villa, Soldado or both set for Tottenham?

Posted on June 27, 2013 by Eddie S

The odds are certainly stacking up on David Villa moving to Tottenham shortly after the Confederation Cup is over, there have also been will he or won’t he reports on the chances of Roberto Soldado leaving Valencia and bringing his qualities to the Premier League. Both players will improve goal output at Tottenham without breaking the bank, either player is capable of operating as a lone striker, while David Villa as has been the case during his time at Barcelona has operated wider left in a type of 4 3 3 formation.

This season it is very likely that AVB will set the team up much more often in a 4 3 3  although he will not abandon 4 2 3 1 as it has served very well in the Premier League, he will have the option to chop and change systems and personnel to suit the circumstances faced, both Spanish forwards offer so many playing options as well as goals galore, they both have the experience and savvy to adjust and adhere to any tactic required.

It would be ideal to see two current Spanish internationals join this summer but if they do then one of Defoe or Adebayor would have to be moved along, there is no place for the four of them in the squad together with Gareth Bale, Adebayor would seem to be the most difficult to shift because of his reputation and wage, but funnily enough he is just as likely to have a stellar season again and for that reason I hope he remains.

On Monday next the transfer season officially opens and squad creation will begin in earnest, the Confederations Cup will be over and some of the deals will finally be wrapped up, it is possible that Tottenham are looking at as many as half a dozen players still involved at this stage and will hope to have the squad in place before they travel on their preseason tour.

Tottenham will doubtless be linked with many forwards, midfielders, left backs and the odd centre half for the next couple of months, some of  our players will become the targets of other teams, some might be unexpected, some not so much, so we shall just have to see how it all pans out. Real Madrid probably won’t go away and will be a complete pain in the proverbials until September or until Bale signs his new contract.

The odds are still tumbling on Villa to Spurs but it is strangely all quiet on Soldado.

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