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Walcott’s action has opened a can of worms.

Posted on January 07, 2014 by Guest Writer

Ian Wright and all the pro Arsenal and Walcott pundits can defend his actions as much as they like but what they refer to as harmless banter and as being only retaliation for coin throwing and abuse are kidding themselves and all the rest of us.Now Theo Walcott actually seems a very decent fella, he does not come across as mouthy and arrogant like Ian Wright or Jack Wilshere for example, in other circumstances even Tottenham supporters would recognise the fact that missing such a unique occasion as a World Cup in Brazil, if chosen of course, is a one off for any professional footballer and must hurt terribly, sympathy would be the first reaction for most rightminded people in normal circumstances but this is a bit different.

The fallout from this whole sorry incident is continuing and gathering even more momentum, Tottenham supporters are being investigated and there will be consequences for some of them of course but let’s also be clear that even Arsenal supporters are being investigated for other similar incidents it seems. Tottenham supporters are continuing the “banter” by trolling Walcott and the Arsenal supporters following news of his serious injury, while Arsenal supporters are retaliating with some anti-semitic responses.

You can say what you like but this entire incident has blown up to such levels because of a smiling, stupid wind up aimed at Tottenham’s travelling support, don’t even try to tell anybody that it was for the benefit of his own support or he would have waited to reach them, he has been accorded legend status by supporters and his teammates because of a pathetic stupid action. Please do not insult our intelligence by defending his actions because of coin throwing as that came because of the incident, all the verbal abuse that he suffered is afforded to every footballer on the planet at times, the more high profile the more the abuse, perhaps arsenal supporters might recall the monkey noises in recent seasons when Gareth Bale tore them to pieces, do you think he enjoyed that, I know he made the 2-1 sign last season but the difference is that it was in front of and for the benefit of Tottenham supporters.

Incitement is not just limited to Walcott should the FA consider this idiots actions?

Incitement is not just limited to Walcott should the FA consider this idiots actions?

Roy Keane was critical of Tottenham supporters but when you consider he is the same person who castigated his own supporters accusing them of showing no passion or support and preferring prawn sandwiches, well Tottenham supporters especially those that travel away in great numbers are passionate and they do support their club very well, yet he expects them not to react to being goaded by a player who should really know better as they all should.

The fallout from Walcott acting like a moron is that some Tottenham supporters will probably receive a ban and fine, some might be banned from attending matches for years or life perhaps, some Arsenal supporters could well be charge for posting anti-semitic responses and the FA have set themselves up for untold similar problems in the future, every footballer will now have a precedent to call upon to plead their innocence when they wind up the opposition home or away.

The catalyst for this ongoing saga was the Walcott gesture and nothing else as otherwise it was just going to be like any other high profile fixture, the Walcott appreciation society led by Ian Wright has been drumming up support from all the other ex pro pundits unable to make it as a coach or willing to give something back to the game at some level, here’s an idea, perhaps those so critical of referees might like to take their expertise of the game into showing them how it’s done rather than appear on TV for ridiculous fees and talk rubbish. It seems so easy to be critical of clubs, players and supporters of those not favoured by a group who all seemed to play for  either Arsenal, Liverpool or United in the past, thank goodness for the class act that is Ledley King, when Keane ridiculed Tottenham he also ridiculed Ledley who was sat alongside him and played until a little over a year ago, Keane and Wright might have won more trophies but King was every bit as world class as them and but for terrible injuries would have cemented his place in the England team and won 100 caps or more.

I don’t suppose we have heard the end of this sorry story yet but what was nothing more than a normal North London derby was suddenly turned on it’s head by a thoughtless action from an otherwise well behaved Theo Walcott.

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  1. whlspur says:

    They are not worried about the consequences for others and as usual the fans will be the ones to pay heavily for a stupid act of incitement.

  2. TH14 says:

    Well he was just telling the universal truth that Arsenal will always beat Spurs and those stupid spuds in the away stand had to be reminded of their place, always in the mighty Arsenal’s shadow

    • Todd says:

      What goes around comes around, perhaps he will now be able to watch Townsend show him how to do it, in fact based upon the past few England performances he won’t be a great loss as he was unlikely to be in the starting lineup anyway.

      • Caleb says:

        Let’s be honest you can go on like that but what’s townsend done for spurs this year. Scored 1 goal. I admit he was good for England but club football is a big factor for who plays at the World Cup. Theo was in good form and probably would have got into the first team.

  3. Boobaspur says:

    I can take enough satisfaction out of the fact that f**k-head Wally will be sitting on his ass for the WC due to an injury in a meaningless Spurs victory.

    • Caleb says:

      An arsenal vs spurs match is never meaningless. Feel sorry for theo missing the World Cup, never glad to see any player pick up a serious injury not matter what my thoughts on them are.

      • Boobaspur says:

        Ordinarily I would be of the same opinion – that it is unfortunate a once ever 4 year opportunity (if even) is missed, something that will no doubt hurt him to his very core.

        However I have a hard time feeling any sympathy with a character who shows such poor judgement, in victory.

        As for the victory, of course such a derby is not entirely meaningless, but it’s not like it’s a cup on those dusty old shelves, or even a valuable 3 points.

        Sit back Theo, put your feet up and get a little better acquainted with your new best friend – television, it’s a world cup year don’t ya know.

      • Tony says:

        Caleb I think we know by now that you give an honest opinion and you probably know that in normal circumstances even most of us spurs supporters would have sympathy for the player. Walcott is in no way a nasty player and seems a decent bloke but he made a big mistake on this occasion, having a laugh and winding up Spurs supporters backfired bigtime and a lot of supporters seem likely to go down a bad path as a result. Verbal abuse to players has always gone on and always will, although it might seem a good idea to hit back at times but when there are thousands of supporters likely to react players just cannot do it, the consequences can be terrible. I know you don’t think their wages should have any baring on the matter but give me £5m a year and you can call me what you like for 90 minutes a week.

  4. Idealist says:

    The some minority of spurs fans out there who created the havocs during Walcott’s departure from Emirates- Do remember this, it is your barbarian behavior who are acting like a retarded kids that provokes Walcott’s gesture. Why all the abuses and coins throwing? Just because he is being stretched out to your direction that doesn’t mean that you can abused or yelled at the players. A true football fans does not used other people’s pains and misery as a celebration. This sort of behavior is worse than an animals. Lashing out your frustration on others is not right. After having spent £105mill and still get nothing is something really damaging, yes we can feel you, we know but don’t you think this frustration should instead directed to Levy & Co rather than other clubs officials or players? Think again, use the brain and not elsewhere..please!!! At times it is sad to see a club who is wiling to sacrifice a coach in order the morale of the club and players. AVB is a good man, but too bad, wrong place at the wrong time..

    • Santer says:

      We all know that the chicken was the gesture and the egg was the throwing of objects as a result of incitement so please don’t give us all that rubbish, just read John cross report in the Mirror and he refers to Walcott “playfully” signalling the score, what complete and utter crap and how laughable. I have been attending football matches for about 50years now and there has always been abuse handed out by opposing supporters, your keeper still managed to take the mick and he was at home and Walcott thought he was being clever and funny for the benefit of the home support, well it came back and bit him on the arse with a vengeance and that is why spurs supporters are laughing now. Had he not taken the rise the reaction would have been totally different. even now you are trying to turn it and the money spent into something it is not. I happen to agree that the AVB situation was wrong and still believe even now that he should have remained to see the job through. I still maintain that had walcott not acted like a naughty child and incited all this furore he would have received sympathy even from most Spurs supporters, although Townsend will probably take his place in the starting line up based on form this season. there is still trouble continuing on twitter with disgusting responses from Arsenal supporters so please don’t point the figure at spurs supporters they were the offended party to start with and walcott should have waited to to reach his own fans to be “playful”

      • Caleb says:

        Two of the stewards both spurs fans have come out and said what happened was horrible and that coins hurt and it happened the whole time but I guess this will just be overlooked won’t it.

        • Bob says:

          That probably confirms the point made that the thrown objects started when he was on the stretcher and taking the piss, case closed.

          • Caleb says:

            Yeah he was on the pitch when injured and not particularly close to the fans. He was put on stretcher and taken passed the fans when the throwing started then gave it the 2-0 and was pelted by more objects

    • Boobaspur says:

      Idealist – your very choice of name here shows how stupid you are. How can you make such self-righteous comments when you didn’t see the event.

      You didn’t see the event because you want to believe that the Spurs fans started throwing things. They didn’t.

      Things started to be thrown due solely to that twats hate filled incitement.

      You can twist the truth around all you like and even get to a point of believing your lies, but that is exactly what they are – lies.

      • Bob says:

        Don’t actually think it was hate filled it was simply a joke to him which is actually worse for Spurs supporters as he was laughing in their faces. Read the Mirror and the comment that Walcott was being “playfully showing the score” even that is infuriating us as it’s just not true, he knew what he was doing and he did it to wind up Spurs fans and he get’s no sympathy as a result, sorry.

      • Caleb says:

        What does my name have to do with anything?

  5. Eric says:

    I feel the fa is a useless body which only shows consistencies only in its idiotic decisions.Some years all that Ade did was run towards the arse supporters,he didn’t make any gesture or jump into the crowd.All he did was celebrate like any other footballer would do and he was fined for incitement.He just celebrated scoring a goal like van persie did after scoring against arsenal and he wasn’t fined.Walcott gestured the scoreline which some may say is not incitement and if that’s true then ades decision was bollocks

    • Bob says:

      When Suarez or Adebayor does the same in a game near you soon let’s see just how the FA react, in fact because of their decision they can’t now react. Can of worms as the headline says.

  6. Bob says:

    2006 Walcott went to World Cup and didn’t take part because he wasn’t nearly good enough and shouldn’t have been chosen.
    2010 Walcott not chosen because he couldn’t cross the ball and wasn’t good enough.
    2014 Walcott might have gone to the World cup in Brazil as understudy to Andros Townsend but for injury.
    That is the case based on performances in last 3 internationals.
    No great loss is he.

    • Caleb says:

      As I said in recent internationals townsend has been better but club form also has a major factor on who plays. Townsend has done next to nothing but run up and down the pitch for spurs. And you go on about Theo’s lack of an end product

      • Bob says:

        Let’s not forget Walcott is playing in a settled team performing really well while Andros is not in a fully functioning, as yet, spurs team, even so he has remained effective and does not just run up and down as you say and in the England set up he has been far superior to Walcott in all but perhaps one game 3 years ago now. Some are cut out for International football-Townsend. some are not-Walcott.

        • Caleb says:

          I was referring to the fact that townsend has 1 goal in prem this season and no assists. I put it in a harsh way which I shouldn’t have. But theo was in good form before his injury and that would have had a huge affect on who was in the starting 11 if not both of them.

          • Tony says:

            Townsend got his chance because of walcott injury and he took it, he was probably favourite to start ahead of walcott based upon his england and spurs form which has not been at all shabby, he is just more direct and causes more danger than Walcott who at International level probably hasn’t quite got enough.

          • Caleb says:

            Sorry but townsends spurs form hasn’t been great he just looks great because he exciting, theo is a mature player now which is why he tends to score more and set more up

          • Tony says:

            Sorry walcott has done better in a better team in the league but Townsend has shown himself to be the far better international player. the hattrick aside 3 yrs or so ago walcott has never been good for England other than in fleeting moments. 2014 is his 9th year as an England international and he has 36 caps many as sub or subbed and just 5 goals.
            England national team
            Year Apps Goals
            2006 1 0
            2007 0 0
            2008 5 3
            2009 2 0
            2010 7 0
            2011 6 0
            2012 10 1
            2013 6 1
            Total 36 5
            An international quality player he isn’t and no rubbish written by the media or spoken by the pundits can change that.

          • Boobaspur says:

            This would surely have been the year, the tournament, the WORLD STAGE where Walcott would have finally shown his merit though Tony – don’t you agree…

            Waaaaaaaahhh !!

          • Tony says:

            Let me think about it for a while-NO.

          • Caleb says:

            I was looking to try and find his assists because I know he will have a few, but tbf you go on about how you can’t judge like lamela on the few games he’s played but you can say straight away that townsend is England’s best right mid after 3 games

          • Tony says:

            3 games 2 MOM and a goal and assist that is how to set the international stage alight.

          • Caleb says:

            He wouldn’t have set the world on fire but this was his best chance, in good form, started scoring goals. He has matured a lot, I just don’t get why you don’t think he’s a good enough player.

          • Tony says:

            A good player but not an international player there is a difference, some are fantastic in the premier but rubbish when called up we have seen it all to often and theo rarely does it for england bit like lennon a few years ago.

          • Caleb says:

            Yes but it’s 3 games, fair enough he did well, was quality against Montenegro and did really well, but Walcott is an international player, he does a job for England.

          • Boobaspur says:

            “He’s matured a lot…”

            I’m afraid I can’t take anything else you say serious after you utter that tripe.

            If he had shown any maturity he wouldn’t have caused the mess he has enjoyed creating.

          • Caleb says:

            Meant maturity in his play such as decision making, runs and final ball. What he did was childish I didn’t mean in a sense where you’d say like a young lad matured I meant his football has matured

  7. Jide says:

    I said this immediately after the game that Spurs fans will bear the brunt of this and be blames. Hey like a Nostradamus prediction! it has happened. Walcott was being abused by the fans no doubt and that was to be expected. But the coin throwing only started after his gesture and for anyone to say that was not the case needs to take a good look at themselves in terms of their honesty.

    Even as a Spurs fan, I will not wish what happened to Walcott on any pro. But some of the stuff coming from the so called pundits, journos and media has made me wonder how can people be this biased?! It was so obvious what happened.

    As for the FA, they have opened a can of worms. We reap what we sow don’t we all?! Just ask Theo! Haha!

    • Tony says:

      I guarantee that no Spurs supporter would really wish the injury on someone like Walcott who doesn’t seem to have a nasty bone in his body BUT nobody can tell me that it wasn’t the wind up that brought the anger and response from the spurs supporters, do you think that they will be able to plead mitigating circumstances like they all did for Walcott and his incitement, no of course not that is only for these cebrity footballers and the wealthy, they seem to be able to get away with anything even when it’s on camera, and we all know to whom we are referring.
      If theo had apologised for his silly action then things could so easily have been different but that was never going to happen and so it is difficult for us to show total sympathy.

  8. Allan1340 says:

    I am an Arsenal fan and with all respect for your club and its fans I just don’t understand the fact that Walcott is an English player and regardless of playing for AFC you have to respect him because guys like him no matter which club they represent will play for England as well why you disrespect your own country man or men for a game?????!!!!!! I am from Denmark but love Arsenal but never disrespect your players and when we win of course I am in sky high but still respect is essence of the game, life is a game sometimes we win sometimes we lose but we don’t need to blame others for our failures. I hope one day fans understand players are also human like us and we show them respect no matter what then they will act like us and show their respect to oppositions fans. Good luck to all of you.

    • Tony says:

      I actually respect and agree with your comments in part but you have to earn respect and you certainly have to win and lose with dignity. Wenger and many of your players like Wiltshire for example certainly never lose with dignity and Walcotts action clearly displayed that he cannot win with dignity. Spurs supporters paid good money to attend the game and were already hurting from the result at the time and the limp performance and they too deserve respect, Walcott did not show them the respect they deserved and so I am sorry but it is extremely difficult to show him any, nor sympathy in the circumstances, surely you can see that?

      • Allan1340 says:

        My friend if you are honest with your self chanting started already when he was injured and his gesture started right after fans began to throw coinc and bottle against him, don’t misunderstand me I am not support his gesture but honestly he didn’t began before they throwing things against him.

    • Boobaspur says:

      You make the assumption that we are all English and are cutting off our noses to spite our faces. Given you say you are from Denmark I find this hard to understand your short-sightedness – we are not all English.

      As for respect, respect is one of those rare things even footballers have to earn. Walcott did not show any respect and in fact actually endangered the safety of the ambulance crew, equally showing them disrespect.

      Just lie down Theo and shut your mouth, let them do their job without causing them all the hassle and danger you did.

      It was terrible judgement and should have been punished for as said, endangering the ambulance crew at a minimum.

      As I said earlier, Spurs ticket allocation was almost halved from 15% with crowd safety given as a major reason. Knowing this, Walcott still happily risked escalating an already very tense situation. Victory clearly wasn’t enough to satisfy him, he wanted more.

      He should have been given a punishment for his disregard to crowd and staff safety. It’s a mockery.

      This is why I personally take great comfort from the fact his injury will cause him to miss the rest of the season and the World Cup.

      I don’t hate him, I just don’t respect him. Respect is earned.

      How do you expect me to feel given his taunting?

      • Caleb says:

        Because theo was the one growing coins at them wasn’t he

        • Boobaspur says:

          It’s about respect Caleb. Theo didn’t show any and doesn’t deserve any.

          I understand you backing your player, but if you can’t see how he was the first wrong party and instigated the response then we will never agree here.

          The response in coin throwing was wrong, but Theo is not a stupid boy – he knew what he was doing. He’s the “professional” isn’t he?

          • Caleb says:

            I admit theo should have avoided it but it my opinion what he did wasn’t that bad at all but that’s personal opinion

        • Bob says:

          No Walcott was the one taking the piss and disrespecting spurs fans who are also entitled to be treated correctly, I’ll say it again if he hadn’t incited the situation with his action the items would never have been thrown the anger would not have been directed at him and everybody would have had sympathy for a young man who will never now go to a world cup in brazil and we would not be having this debate, but he did and we are and that is the fact no matter hoew much ian wright dresses it up and lies about what happened assisted by his media mate cronies. it was plain for all to see on TV what is the matter with all you arsenal supporters can’t you ever admit your player was wrong or like wenger did you not see it and just use artistic licence to deride the wronged spurs supporters. As somebody had quite rightly pointed out spurs allocation was reduced because of safety issues by 4500 or so and for a moron of your to incite any sort of problem was simply pathetic and a childish action we have come to expect from pampered sportsman who are told they can do no wrong. Sad and wrong and the more I see and read the less I am being sympathetic toward him.He was pathetic and stupid and it could have been much nastier as a result.

  9. Caleb says:

    I think this shows how situations in football are always blown up too much and given too much coverage from what the situations are. Mitchell Johnson had tormented england this ashes series. As we all probably know we lost 5-0, the barmy army had been giving Johnson a lot of stick. At the end Johnson walked passed them on purpose and made a gesture of 5-0, nothing made of it. I know there different sports but it’s practically the same situation

  10. BigH says:

    Walcott is a little shit and that’s it. If you believe in Karma he got it back in bucket loads

  11. Bits says:

    I cannot believe the Tottenham fans (not all might I add ) acting like victims in this whole fiasco. Boobaspur saying “it’s about respect” I’m pretty sure Theos respect for Tottenham and it’s supporters went out of the window when your fans started abusing him while he was lying on a stretcher ! The coin throwing was pathetic would you act like that when getting ribbed by your mates over the score ? Unfortunately it made your fans look as if they are devoid of a sense of humour! If you can’t take it then don’t dish it out.

    • tom says:

      Another naïve gooner believing wrighty and the media, did you not see with your own eyes the items thrown AFTER he playfully took the piss. Yeah we have ribbed our mates and had a laugh over situations, difference is Walcott is not our mate he is a pampered player who thought he would have a laugh at Spurs supporters expense for the benefit of his teammates and gooner supporters, now who is laughing no WC and his season over and I’m sorry but no sympathy as he deserves none whatsoever. Respect went out the window when Walcott acted like a petulant child and the reaction he got was to be you gooners recall calling Bale a monkey boy and making monkey noises or is that ok? short memories and one track minds only this time Walcott got the short straw and a 6 month ban if you like. karma prevails.

    • Boobaspur says:

      It’s as though “respect” has become a dirty word in football – as though it means love or anything goes.

      You like so many others have become confused by the word respect it seems. Respect is about basic common decency to your fellow man.

      I don’t expect your darling Theo to love our lot but I don’t expect him to treat us like a bunch of animals either.

      You are simply out of your mind if you do not acknowledge that there was no coin throwing before his disrespectful gesture. TV coverage makes no mention of it live and your believing otherwise is testament to your delusion understanding of the truth.

      Sure it would have been an amazing show of strength to ignore his insult – but it was a completely unnecessary insult that made those few see red.

      If you or the rest of you recall, and as I pointed out in a previous article on JTN, Theo was down for ages trying to get the game stopped just about 2 minutes before in the half Spurs were defending.

      When he was clearly getting no stoppage, he got back on his feet and ran down the wing where he goes down again in order to get the game stopped.

      He was intent in killing time and momentum and chose to do this in front of our supporters with the exact intention of inciting our fans. Our fans knew he was killing time.

      Perhaps if he had stayed down the first time he wouldn’t have done quite such bad damage, but as we all know (whether we acknowledge it publicly or not), Theo had one intention at that point – to wind our supporters up in an sportsman like fashion. The stupid smile on his ‘mug’ is proof alone he had bad intention, disrespect, incitement and a measure of hate.

      It was the kind of thing I would expect from a scum Chelsea side, but despite our teams rivalry, I expected more from you and more from him.

      I don’t believe in Karma, but if anything could convince me, then his missing the WC might just do that.

      • Caleb says:

        I don’t think theo intentionally ran down the wing to pick up a six month injury. I can’t understand how you think he was faking an injury down near the spurs fans when he picked up a six month injury quite laughable really

        • Boobaspur says:

          Caleb, please quote me where I said he faked injury.

          It’s all too easy to mis-quote someone to build your own argument.

          • Caleb says:

            You didn’t I apologies but it was implied in the way that you said quote “he got back on his feet, and ran down the wing when he goes down again in order to get the game stopped” basically saying he went down with the purpose of stopping the game to waste time rather then actually having an injury.

          • Boobaspur says:

            I also said if he had stayed down he might not have done such damage – infering and acknowledging he was already injured.

            But you didn’t want to hear that.

          • Caleb says:

            Yeah because staying down made it worse he would have been better off getting back up and running on it…

  12. Beckerz says:

    Roy Keane got it spot on!

    ‘spurs fans, bunch of idiots’

    • Robbie says:

      yeah coz Roy Keane is such a nice bloke himself, always a gentleman on the field of play and never committed a dirty foul in his career or tried to end a players season or career. Yeah you hang your hat on that nasty piece of work.

    • dan says:

      yeah him and wrighty are such a nice pair and have neve done anything wrong themselves. neither of them have ever had any respect for authority and people like you seem to forget it and only hear what you want to hear .Arsenal fans pathetic.

  13. Eric says:

    It’s fair to say that no matter how long we discuss there’s no straight forward answers.I don’t know if the coins were thrown before or after the gesture but anyways player should refrain from gesturing and all

  14. Allan1340 says:

    Which one come first egg or chicken????? We people always discuss about things like this which one start first, but never questioning when will end!!!!! Let’s forget about that Walcott gestures or Tottenham’s fans chanting or throwing coins or so on I just want to know when we go to see games without all these problems made by fans or players???? Who is wrong or who is right???? We can continue thiese questions for ever but never try to find the answer, for me the answer is inside every one of us as fan or player, why we can not be happy to sit together no matter what team we support and watch the game without chanting???? We can come with comment of our failure or opponent’s failures and discuss tactic without disrespect each other. All comments I read is about who start first but no body talk about who will stop first with chanting or all other things, I see the problem in the way we look at the game some of us do not watch the game we just waiting for result what so ever to have something to chant about and this is wrong my friend no matter you are Arsenal’s fan or Tottenham’s fan we have to stop this, I am an Arsenal fan and proud but first of all I am an human and respect for other clubs fan must be above all. Good luck to all of you.

    • Tony says:

      Football is football and it is a bit more volatile than it probably should be but there is much truth to what you say. We will all defend our team and our corner if we feel wronged but agree we should retain dignity and not take too far.Probably time to let this go if the media allow it but we supporters will defend ourselves if misrepresented. Lets also hope the authorities are as lenient with fans affected by all this but I doubt they will.

  15. Jide says:

    It seems the Evening Standard are not going to let this one go. Today again, they have been blaming Spurs fans for the Theo incident.

    Guys it’s time to move on. We have. Justice has already been served! I wonder who the real idiots are now.

    • Tony says:

      We all knew this was going to be the case and to be honest it is wearing a little thin now and cannot see what they can achieve now. Your right a form of justice has prevailed which is maybe harsh but better harsh justice than the alternative which was no justice when FA took no action. It is a shame for Walcott as Brazil is a one off opportunity but how much sympathy was there for Defoe who I believe he took the place of at 16 with no games at arsenal no experience and no chance of playing. There is much talk of disaster for England because of his injury when he is not now nor had ever been a guaranteed starter. World class he aint no matter what that clown Wright says.

    • Tony says:

      Just read Evening Standard report by their correspondent James Olley and he actually confirms the throwing incidents occured after the sign incitement by Walcott. Go to his twitter account and he says Wenget lied with his account of what happened and impartial observers close to the event have confirmed Spurs fans only reacted after Theo w. stupidly wound them up. Game set and match

      • lou says:

        Wenger came out with his lies in an attempt to prevent an FA charge and any rightminded person knows that Walcott was the instigator and didn’t simply respond to Tottenham fans abuse and throwing items, what a shame it backfired as it did, but then Arsenal have been repaid for their lies and terrible behaviour tenfold.

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