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We Are Tottenham Hotspur (Video)

Posted on January 19, 2014 by Eddie S

To all you Johnny come lately supporters, those Chelsea fans who support a club founded just 11 years ago when a Russian arrived clutching his roubles or City fans who have fallen under the spell of oil covered riches, remember that  Tottenham have been one of the best in Britain and the World and there is not the slightest doubt that they will be again. As we speak Manchester United are continuing their decline from greatness, a fate that befell Liverpool a few years ago, and one of the clubs threatening to replace them is a resurgent Tottenham.

No History!  If anybody really believes Tottenham have no history just take a look at the players, the success and the greats that have pulled on the shirt in the past, in recent times Bale and Modric were amazing for us and will surely go on to be spoken of in the same breath as other greats that have worn the shirt, though unfortunately in their case not nearly long enough, Ledley King is another and there will be others, perhaps a few at the club now who will go on to be great servants and help lead the team to glory.

It might have been a while since Tottenham were a real force in the modern game but they have been playing catchup since some poor investments almost ended in disaster in the 90’s but year by year we are getting there, established in the top five for the last 4/5 years it is surely only a matter of time before the transition is complete and Tottenham Hotspur regain their position as best described by the words of Greavsie:

“They’re the finest team in Great Britain and one of the best in the World”

We Tottenham supporters might not always believe that we shall reach those heady heights again, but then we probably didn’t dare believe we would finish fourth and go on a run to the quarter finals of the Champions League at the first attempt in modern times but we did, and so there is every chance that we shall one day soon be back where we belong and that it might not be as far away as some might think.


6 to “We Are Tottenham Hotspur (Video)”

  1. top gunner says:

    JTN please remind me whch team is at the top

    • lou says:

      Why do you need reminding? is it that big a shock to you? It’s not about being top in January though is it I’m betting you end up empty handed again.

  2. top gunner says:

    you are having dreans of the top while we are having nightmare of the bottom but when we wake up the reality hits you spud hard

    • lou says:

      your living nightmare is no success in 9 years. big team my arse.

    • Boobaspur says:

      @top goon – 1 point ahead of City and 2 points ahead of Chelsea – yeah it’s all over, it’s yours for sure…

      • Tony says:

        they really are a priceless bunch, after winning sod all in 9 years they shouldn’t really be so mouthy but let’s face it they have never had any class and the antics of their players lately suggests they are getting worse. Here’s wishing them all the success they deserve well at least the same as the past 8 years has given them.

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