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Wednesday football news roundup.(funny Suarez video)

Posted on July 17, 2013 by Tony

Grabbing all the headlines today is an “angry and confused” Wayne Rooney who feels so mistreated that it is almost like constuctive dismissal the way he is being treated. Whether they be his own thoughts (doubtful) or another’s by the time he spat them out he had earned another £1000. If it is intended that we should all feel sorry for Rooney it is not working, when he is earning £35k each and every day from his United contract alone how can the ordinary person feel sympathy, so what that he is not the main man any longer, form has dropped for United and England and the hunger has perhaps gone from his game, and let us not forget a few short years back he stated that United as a club was not good enough for him and wanted out.

The Independent are running a story that Rooney is considering handing in a transfer request he is so unhappy, not so unhappy I would bet that he would give up his share of any transfer fee.

The Sun quotes an £80m package in fee and wages if Chelsea or Arsenal are to sign Rooney! Where is financial fair play rules.

The Mirror carries the best remark particularly for every Tottenham supporter,“Rooney is aware that both Arsenal and Chelsea want him, although he believes United would prefer to sell him to the Gunners rather than a potential title rival.” who would have believed that a few years back and it certainly gives an insight into how Arsenal are now perceived by the top clubs if true.

On the same subject of Arsenal, the Mirror, Standard and Sun state that Fabregas and Fellaini would prefer United whilst Suarez would rather go to Madrid.

Liverpool might have also now joined the race to sign Bernard, I don’t know for sure but I am getting the feeling that this player and any proposed transfer might be heading the same way as Damiao, he was already linked to five clubs before Arsenal, Chelsea and now Liverpool were also thrown into the hat, I’m definitely thinking this is one to steer well clear of.

Manchester City seem to be interested in a defender or two including Pepe again, and not content with going after Jovetic and Negredo it seems that Ibrahimovic might also become a target, under Mancini yes but probably now it is just his wishful thinking.

Other than Tottenham looking at an 18yr old winger Vadillo from Real Betis there is little to report as negotiations are presumably underway to strike a deal with Villa before the 18th when Benteke would otherwise have to return to the club.

The last interesting news of today is the Suarez advert which is funny and very typical and follows in the footsteps of some of the England players adverts of some years ago, worth a watch enjoy:-


15 to “Wednesday football news roundup.(funny Suarez video)”

  1. Thierry says:

    The mirror, standard and the sun, report that fabregas would rather go to united? Just goes to show that you lot will believe whatever you read in the papers. Absolute tosh!

    • Tony says:

      you seem to believe what the board and wenger tell you and the players even though for the past several years they have lied to you and brought in average players, that is why all your decent players left and you are left with the likes of walcott. another day and another target slips away huguain, cesar, rooney,and suarez will jump to madrids tune as soon as they bid. tell me exactly who arsenal will be buying i would be interested to know. exactly who are they favourites to get.and no more 2nd division french youngsters please some players we have heard of.

      • Thierry says:

        We were told that we had a plan in place and we stuck to it, simple. Now we will reap the benefits of a carefully laid out strategy. Mate higuain hasnt slipped away(stop believeing the media its laughable) we agreed terms and a fee then madrid moved the goalposts. Realistically, we are in for suarez and rooney with the hope of getting one, which i think we will. Fabregas will come back no doubt about it. Two absolute world class players. Tell me who spurs have signed? Paulinho? Yeh a very good player IMO but he isnt going to turn you into contenders is he?

        • Tony says:

          we were once told the world was flat but it don;t make it so.a bit like the villa pre contract you are not even allowed to discuss terms with a player until his club has given permission and the last we were told by madrid was that arsenal had not even lodged a bid for higuain(stop believing the media)realistically you have made a token bid for suarez knowing full well it would be turned down, it plays out well to your supporters but suarez will head to madrid closer to the end of the window, why should they pay his enormous wages until the end of august when he cannot even play until sometime in september, another 3 matches off his ban by the time the window closes, even arsenal must see sense in that.

  2. Thierry says:

    A bid was not made? Perez is known to be full of shit, what i have learnt is the media often spout complete shit and made up nonsense so dont believe anything you read. Suarez, like it or not is keen to come to arsenal. We made a bid for higuain, it was accepted, we agreed terms with higuain, madrid then upped the fee, thats a well known fact mate. Nothing we could do.

  3. Iyke says:

    My gooner mate Henry,thanks for helping this Forum big time…..jeez dis guys a’nt go fans how do they compete?wel kip the chat up

  4. Thierry says:

    @Tony theres a number of reasons for hold ups mate. Bigger players with longer than a year remaining on contract take mnore negotiating and more time to sort out. We wont announce fabregas until we have either rooney or suarez, its called playing the game. If man united know we have fabregas they know that with rooney we will be major competition for them, thats why there waiting for announcements. Once rooney or suarez ia announced(or both, very possible) then we will announce the return of the prodigal son, and we will push for trophies big time.

    • Tony says:

      Seems Chelsea are in for higuain and Rooney, while Cesar has all but signed for Napoli. Even Wenger has said Fabregas wants to remain where he is for at least another year.

  5. Thierry says:

    Higuain to chelsea? To work for the manager that called him “the laziest player ive ever worked with, if he could he would come to training in pyjamas” so i dont see that. Rooney would prefer afc over chelsea thats what im told by reliable people. Wenger was very clever with his words, ” he will stay at barca for another year, thats what im told, unless he has changed his mind!” Read between the lines bruv, he never ever gives his hand away ever! Cesc is already an arsenal player, signed. Bring on the new season.

    • Tony says:

      lets face it Wenger hasn’t been playing with a full deck for several years now. I just can’t see it happening fabregas left because of lack of quality and things are worse now. personally I don’t care one way or another as its too little too late for arsenal in relation to spurs.if spurs get the players wanted they will be very powerful. as the title says united could be the team in trouble.rvp is the clear star and without rooney little else.

  6. Thierry says:

    Fabregas left to play for his boyhood club aswell mate but not just that yes, he wanted to come home to london to be with his baby daughter and misses. How is it too late for arsenal in relation to spurs? If spus get the players wanted they will be a very good team yes, but not title challengers. Whereas if we get the players we want then we will be a very very good side with a major chance of lifting some silverware, including the league and CL. Surely you cant deny that? Spurs with paulinho and benteke, or arsenal with suarez and fabregas.

  7. Iyke says:

    I love this two boys Tony the spurs man and Thierry the gooner,i normally tear spurs Furums apart,but it seems my mate found love in a very unlikely place

    • tom says:

      Its called banter mate if you don’t know what it is look it up.decent discussion without resorting disgusting comments.makes change.if you feel unable to join in go away.

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