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Wenger and Arsenal “Specialists in Failure”.

Posted on February 14, 2014 by Guest Writer

Only yesterday someone on this site commented that Jose Mourinho had become a little too big for his boots and his comments and even his voice had begun to grate on them, THEN his comments today about Arsenal and Arsene Wenger earns him some forgiveness and respect for speaking the truth about them from every Tottenham fan. Though he will deny it Mourinho is currently very vocal about the three clubs just behind his Chelsea team in the table, City and Pelligrini had already been targeted and their two results since he began earned them just a single point so now it’s the turn of Arsenal and Liverpool.

The ridicule of Wenger is probably a little over the top by today’s standards, perhaps it even goes a shade too far but what the hell we are Tottenham supporters and we love it. Listen to the interview and enjoy as he highlights Arsenal’s eight years of failure as he questions just how Wenger manages to retain his position, he is adamant that he would not subject Chelsea to such a period of abject failure. Though his words might yet come back to haunt him you do get the impression that he really doesn’t expect Arsenal to maintain their challenge. Unfortunately though Arsenal supporters will be furious it is in fact a situation that many of them are beginning to seriously question, just how can a team with nineteen consecutive years of Champions League football, with a turnover only bettered by two or three English clubs and a wage roll of £50m more than Tottenham so underachieve, they are it seems a big club except where it matters most winning trophies.

Mourinho has simply said what we have been saying all season, Arsenal, despite being in a privileged position are failing miserably EXCEPT in achieving their major target for every season, Champions League qualification and the money associated with it.

Mourinho has started the process of piling pressure onto Liverpool, he accepts that they are in the title race, quite rightly so being just four points adrift of his team, he recognises that they have little to play for other than their league position though like all the teams near the top we shall probably be hoping that they draw with Arsenal in the upcoming FA Cup game with Arsenal just to make life that little more interesting all round. He will continue to chip away especially leading up to the fixture that they themselves have with Liverpool and presumably he will know more than most about the way Rodgers thinks having employed him in the past during his first spell at Chelsea.

At the moment Tottenham are not featuring as part of Mourinho’s mind games, a little disappointing as that might mean he does not fear us in any way, perhaps two or three more decent results will change his way of thinking before the trip to Stamford Bridge and especially so after.

22 to “Wenger and Arsenal “Specialists in Failure”.”

  1. Jide says:

    For the moment and until further notice, I am making no comments about the Woolwich Gooners. I’ve got someone else to do the job. I’m going to just sit back with a bevvy in my hand and just enjoy the two clowns! We do not need to say nothing!

  2. classic says:

    Can Someone explain to me how Mourinho is
    wrong when he says Arsene Wenger is a
    specialist in failure?

    • dan says:

      That’s the point he does and it says in the blog just that.
      “Mourinho has simply said what we have been saying all season, Arsenal, despite being in a privileged position are failing miserably”
      still waiting for some response from the gooners but they are too busy on their own sites whining and moaning. gooners in meltdown.

  3. classic says:

    He deserve the insult big time

  4. classic says:

    Mourinho is right
    about Wenger, he is “a specialist in failure”. Wenger’s
    philosophy is obsolete, that is why he cant even win
    a little league cup.

  5. Alee says:

    Most clubs have the problem that their current managers look at their current employers dispassionately, don’t really care about the club’s finances and try to buy in the best players they can in order to win something and enhance their CVs, for example Harry Redknapp.

    Arsene is too far the other way it seems. He has a very long term view of his club, spending their money responsibly and prioritising CL qualification for the finances it brings.

    All clubs should try to win things over just making money; its the reason for their existence, i.e. to compete. The reasoning behind prioritising getting CL qualification over pushing to win something like the Europa league, FA or League Cup however is that competing in the CL gives a club the money to try and win the 2 biggest competitions of all, the CL itself and the PL Title.

    For 9 years now he has failed to win either of these big 2. And so just making up the numbers in the CL is no longer good enough anymore for its fans and top players. Wenger really needs to go out one of these coming seasons and really just go for it, take one of the League or FA cup runs by the horns and just try to win SOMETHING.

    Don’t get me wrong though, I couldn’t give a shit about them and hope they don’t win anything for decades, fucking glory supporters, they are.

    • dan says:

      Can you imagine if they don’t make top 4 their support will go ballistic. They are no longer glory hunters as that ended nearly nine years ago but if we made CL at their expense they will go ape at Wenger and the board.

    • tom says:

      totally agree with the sentiment in your last paragraph. wenger and arsenal are a great match these days, both happy to settle but disaster has been getting closer and closer.

  6. Alee says:

    Can I also just say that I hope Spurs don’t get sucked into reducing their aspirations to just trying to qualify for the big bucks of the CL.

    We should also not forget that just winning ANYTHING is important for the club and its fans, even if it is only just the occasional League or FA Cup. The PL and CL are extremely hard to actually win after all.

    • tom says:

      We are already punching well above our weight but imagine having the extra £30m from CL, extra £60m from TV money due this year, extra money from shirt deal just signed and Levy could do some serious damage in the market. Finish the new stadium and anything could happen.

  7. Eric says:

    Rationally speaking he’s right since Wenger hasn’t won anything for a decade

  8. 4everspurs says:

    Of course he is. There has always been the sky four since the Premier came into being and they have been joined by City, yet Arsenal are the only one of them not to have won anything in last 2 yrs let alone 9yrs. If wenger is as good as they make out with all the advantages that they have how can it happen. Wenger is clearly the problem and Mourinho is right.

  9. Boobaspur says:

    I hate Mourinho

    I love Mourinho

    Now I’m just confused.


    • Tony says:

      Me too. but if I have to choose then I have to stick with really dislike him. Comments like those about the gooners have to be acknowledged though.

  10. Gunner akhil says:

    Of course spurs cant understand whats going on right now! Jose said chelsea are little horses of pl. Then arsene said its because they are fear to fail! Then that twat took it personal and said the above quote! Result? Wenger’s words got into his mind in such a way that they drew at wba from winning position and bowed out of the fa in the same weak! What wonders me is nobody writes shit about yesterday’s match. It was the first time he lost against a big team and he got all wrong! He was in such a wobble that he played ramires at no.10 and they didnt create a single opening against a team whose defense was not all better before in a cup competition! Seems like he wanted a reply that they couldnt register a single shot on target! First time in this season! Dont take anything out of context.

    • Tony says:

      Think we do understand what is going on, it’s Mourinho mind games, without Fergie to combat him he has the advantage. Wenger should be up to it but his record really does leave him vulnerable and mourinho is only speaking the truth.
      In all fairness City are and have always been the best team in the league and will probably go on to prove it.

  11. Gunner akhil says:

    Again you didnt understand…. Mind games are used to distract your opponent from concentrating in his team or take the media pressure away from one’s own team. Many of them are ignored eg. ”Rvp is still an arsenal man for me” wenger said right before united match! But he still scored the only goal and celebrated for the first time after scorin against us! Mind games dont mean much because they’re professionals. Sometimes you get what you wanted from your opponent but Many times you dont. Wenger expected these type of reply from him and he got it. Today wenger replied that with ” those comments are silly and disrespectful and it brings more embarassment to chelsea than me”. Now tell who looks like an idiot?

    • Tony says:

      Take pressure off own team or put pressure on others. AVB tried it last year when he said Arsenal were on downward cycle but it just served to put pressure on Spurs. Mourinho always looks like an idiot but his record is amazing other than at Madrid where he failed miserably. I don’t totally agree that mind games don’t work as there have been too many occasions when teams have crumbled under pressure. What Mourinho said was actually the truth, he is an underachieverget and it was said to get under Wengers skin and simply because he has responded means it worked. IF they start to go out of competitions it will start to take effect though yesterday was a good day if not a lucky day in the cup.

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