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Wenger blames media for conning Arsenal supporters!

Posted on August 26, 2013 by Guest Writer

Arsene Wenger has now begun to switch attention away from Arsenal’s abysmal transfer window, because of a couple of good results on the road the pressure has eased and he has used the opportunity to hoodwink his own supporters.

It wasn’t the media that showed their discontent before the window opened, they were vociferous in condemning the club for failing to invest in top quality players they simply reported the facts. Following that the Chairman and Wenger himself talked of their intent to spend upwards of £70m on players like Suarez, Rooney, Higuain, Fabregas and a few others, that they did not even get to even speak to the players speaks volumes.

They lost to a decent Villa side at home at the start of the season and the crowd and the majority of their supporters again booed and turned on them, the media again simply reported the facts. Wenger and every supporter might not like it but they are a team in decline, we have said it before but the facts speak for themselves, they have been found out and a team once feared by all as potential Champions are no longer considered anywhere near good enough. It’s a battle for fourth and nothing else and if their supporters can’t see it or believe Wengers attempts to divert blame then more fool them.

After all the dissent of a week ago there have been leaks in the media of attempts to buy Benzema and Di Maria, even Rooney, that together with a couple of away victories has relieved the pressure but unless they defeat Tottenham next week then it will crank up even more.

Maybe another comment of Wengers should set alarm bells ringing of maybe not being able make any signings before next Sundays game, that will leave them little more than 24hours to do so. Could they really be expected to bring in two or three world class players in 24hrs when it has taken them two months to bring in their one free transfer, the word deluded comes to mind.

How many really believe that Di Maria, Benzema or Rooney will find their way to the Emirates, not many of course as this looks to be another case of false promises, Arsenal will buy but somebody like Cabaye is probably the peak of their ambition these days.

3 to “Wenger blames media for conning Arsenal supporters!”

  1. tom says:

    Haha Wenger has conned the supporters for 5 or 6 years now and RVP, fabregas saw it first hand and left. they will probably spend another £50m on little better than average players, go out of all the cups by February and then concentrate on trying to get a top four spot and the trophy he believes comes with it.

  2. craig says:

    Rooney, di Maria and Benzema no, Cabaye and a couple of other squad players from abroad he can fob off as being top class like Squillaci and mertesacker, yes. they can then be sold for less next year or loaned out. Can wenger actually spot a top player any more? don’t forget he preferred Walcott over Bale and that turned out well,haha.

  3. mick says:

    how many free transfers can they manage in a week or so.

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