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Wenger talks up Sherwood credentials, I wonder why?

Posted on March 15, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

Over the past couple of seasons Tottenham have been too close for comfort to Arsenal in the chase for Champions League qualification, in fact each of the last two should have seen the trend change and Tottenham qualify at their expense. Because of this concerted challenge Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board have come under increasing pressure though Tottenham’s recent demise has taken the pressure off as their fans seem to simply be happy to see Tottenham’s struggles.

Of course Arsenal also have a reasonable enough chance to win a trophy after almost nine years of drought as the FA Cup seems it might have fallen into their lap with favourable home draws and a semi final and other inferior opposition standing in their way, even the title is not beyond them though City and Chelsea should end that dream soon.

The media still continue to roll out pro Sherwood tripe as the comments from Wenger are also backed by Harry Redknapp himself and Jermaine Defoe who felt so convinced of Sherwood’s ability he left for the MLS within weeks of his appointment. Redknapp is still mentioned as many supporters preferred option to replace Sherwood with many musing over his time at the club, not me though as despite having some great players he won nothing and just like now at QPR is overseeing a post transfer window capitulation.

Take Tottenham out of the equation who have been genuine challengers for the past 2 seasons and were still this season  gives Arsenal breathing space once more, without Tottenham also chasing them they rightly believe their position as one of the elite remains safe , retaining the services of Sherwood would keep them in their place as pretenders rather than a club likely to take that final step up.

It’s not just results that are now showing Sherwood to be less than adequate in the job he has been given it is also the dire performances and a total lack of substance to team play, ¬†though six defeats since the United game says it all, already Sherwood has tasted defeat in seven of his 18 games in charge while it took AVB 38 games to see that many defeats

Sherwood has been in charge since the middle of December and though the media are fond of pointing out the number of points he has earned during his time is a record it is also true that in most instances those results have been a little fortunate, he took over a good team and has now turned them into a shambles with losing the order of the day, he has led them to 6 defeats this year alone and to 7 defeats in just eighteen games in charge, it might be worth pointing out that the previous encumbent AVB took 38 games to lose 7 , in fact he lost just 20% of his games in charge and that is better than Redknapp’s 25% and Sherwood’s 38%.

Of course it’s pointless to keep going over the events of this season prior to the appointment of a coach who has neither the qualifications or ability to do the job neither has he earned the right to have been given the job in the first place but it does serve to show that Levy made a huge mistake in sacking and not backing the previous man for the remainder of the season at least.

Of course Wenger and every other coach and club challenging want Sherwood to be given time because it takes Tottenham out of the equation for some time.


8 to “Wenger talks up Sherwood credentials, I wonder why?”

  1. davidkk2 says:

    plse stop this anti sherwood post untill the sn ends.Avb ws nothing special,coz it was bale who baled him out.if you wan’t blame smone blame baldini who wasted 100m.if it was for ade you will be no where or do u expect soldado to score the goals.

    • Tony says:

      I see that you are a Chelsea fan and so as the worst offenders of abusing coaches find your comments a little amusing, you all turned on AVB very quickly despite him complying with your owners wishes and let’s not forget Rafa. Baldini recommends and deals with transfers, Levy signs the cheques and it remains to be seen if it money wasted as they are all relatively young apart from Soldado, next year will be the telling time for those the new man wants to keep.

  2. davidkk2 says:

    admin get ove avb je was nothing special, bale baled him out for tim is the manager like it or not.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Who cares who runs this team , they’re crap anyway

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah but I’m a gunner so I don’t give a shit

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