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What did we learn from Celtic friendly?

Posted on August 02, 2014 by Scraggs

Having handed out a 6-1 hiding to a mainly second string Celtic team you might be forgiven for thinking that it was a useless excercise but it was never that, almost all of the travelling squad managed to get some time on the pitch which was crucial for players like Adebayor and Bentaleb, both lagging behind on the training pitch. younes Kaboul got another 90 minutes and came through unscathed and might have last got to grips with his old injury. Along with those positives there were also the performances ofa number of players beginning to adapt to the pattern being drummed in to them by the coach.

Lewis Holtby has surely earned a place in the squad for next season as has Etienne Capoue who gets better with every outing, both left backs have done well with both offering the team different benefits, Davies seems to take his defensive duties more seriously and he takes up better positions while Danny Rose is offensively dynamic if he can get the end product right  as he did on occasions today. Harry Kane is learning to take up dangerous positions and is beginning to pick his spot and take his chances, a good sign.

Soldado again did well and scored a goal but he is even more impressive in and around the box with his vision and ability to pick the right pass for a teammate. Townsend and Lennon both did good things, Naughton was steady and he needs to be as there must be some concern over the fitness of Kyle Walker just 2 weeks before the start of the season.

Ryan Mason had one of his less impressive games of pre -season so far while Bentaleb came on and looked good. Adebayor replaced Soldado in the second half and grew into the role, considering that he could hardly walk a couple of weeks back he was a formidable target man and linked play everywhere. Sandro came on and started slowly but quickly found his feet but his situation still sadly remains unclear.

Then there is Erik Lamela, what a transformation, he is clearly enjoying his football and some of the work he does is amazing as he goes about unpicking defensive locks, another cracking goal capped a great performance and it is now looking like we might just have our special talent going into the new season. Alongside him in the second half was Christian Eriksen, he often looks slow and lethargic but he has magic in his boots and as the game wore on he got better and more involved, he capped it all off with a trademark goal from a long range free kick.

The only negatives to take from today was the injury to Michael Dawson, which hopefully is as minor as it looked and the non show again of Walker and Chiriches. Kyle Walker looked terribly rusty and unfit last time out and needs game time but hopefully his absence was simply to allow him more fitness work back at Tottenham HQ.


30 to “What did we learn from Celtic friendly?”

  1. aaaarsenalist says:

    nice win but ours was way better

    • Tony says:

      no argument there but it’s pre season and means nothing other than fitness and time gelling, don’t get too carried away we won’t

    • craig says:

      against better opposition but you achieved no more than us, it’s about nothing other than to improve fitness and team play.

  2. CraigZWE says:

    Can’t judge based on poor Celtic team.
    Wouldn’t expect anything less

    • Tony says:

      True but it didn’t say we were going to win the league on the back of a friendly win like i am seeing from some arsenal supporters following their win. Our players are hbaving to learn a new system as well as find form in many cases, we learned in yesterdays game that it is coming along nicely at this stage. We did not say we are going to win the league our aims are top four and good performances and perhaps a cup if we get the luck of the draw, you know what i mean home draws and lesser teams when we reach the later stages.

      • Anonymous says:

        Lesser teams like Liverpool ,Everton and spurs you mean?

        • Tony says:

          Well unless your a city supporter lesser teams like those you mention and Arsenal, chelsea and United as well. No doubt you are a gooner and one that is arrogant ,two faced and deluded rather than the more realistic and reasonable type that sometimes comments on here. with just one slightly fortunate FA Cup win to your names in ten seasons you are hardly in aposition to give it the bigun are you. We start level again in a couple of weeks and Tottenham having competed on level terms with you for 5/6 seasons now go into this season believing we shall beat you or at the very least reach our own objectives, that is a place in the Champions League next year and a trophy. Whether we make it remains to be seen but we now start each season expecting to make a realistic challenge to do so and nothing you might say can put a dampener on that, we have a team and a squad capable off doing all of that and to cause more than a few big upsets. I suggest that you start to worry about yourselves and not be too concerned about Tottenham as it might only give you sleepless nights.
          We are still coming for you and we are not going away until the job is done.

          • Anonymous says:

            You said lesser teams and I just pointed out who we played in the latter stages of the cup last season. Settle down and take a pill.

          • Tony says:

            In the latter stages you played Wigan and Hull so aftet home draws you played lesser teams on neutral territory. Most would call that the luck of the draw.

          • Anonymous says:

            I would call it playing whoever you get drawn against, remember some big teams got knocked out by lesser ones while we were good enough in a knockout comp to beat whoever we played. Keep your jealousy in order please.

          • Tony says:

            And that is where the luck came in because you were drawn at home which favoured which team? arsenal that’s right. Tell me when the draw was made were you disappointed or pleased to be playing at home? enough said.

          • Anonymous says:

            i certainly werent disappointed to be drawn against you guys.

          • Tony says:

            nor were we but not getting home advantage was disappointing.

  3. grant says:

    impressed with some of the link up play and movement and both Soldado and Adebayor look good in the setup. Lennon, Eriksen and Lamela are all playing together regularly and are building up a great understanding.
    Impressed with capoue and holtby and excited to see if Poch can get the best from the Paulinho and Chadli and that will just leave chiriches of last years seven, what has happened to him?

  4. Akhil says:

    Mate, why discredit the win? Even though we had all home games, spurs, pool and everton are hardly small teams let alone pushovers. Its not our fault the best team city couldn’t beat wigan at home. So we’re worthy champions NOT BECAUSE OF LUCK. According to me, we’re 3rd favorites based on squad strength, new signings etc. so we have realistically a shot at the title. Chelsea and city could falter, if costa doesn’t click or gets injured, they’re back to last season. City have ffp’s small squad, yaya toure issues. Aguero, silva, fernandinho, dzeko all had nightmare wc’s. Low on confidence means points lost. Chelsea are really looking strong. Still i’m hopeful. Nothing more. Pre season games are nothing more than confidence boost and fitness test. Hardly worth bragging. Bring on the new season!

    • Tony says:

      The win is discredited because the intention of the original comment was to dicredit Spurs with the “lesser teams” comment. If none of you can take it I suggest you don’t give it.
      When I am not batting off sarcasm you will know that i also credit Arsenal with being 3rd favourites but having watched chelsea today they still seem to have the same problems up front and Terry is getting even slower and becoming a liability. Liverpool aiming for 6th at best without Suarez, 50 goals gone with him and they now have CL and the league to contend with and handle even more new players than us.United will improve but not by as much as they think but have a great set of games to start the season.
      The more i see of other teams, their players and what we are doing the more confident I become, I’m convinced we are going to be threatening you this season and if I were honest would take a 1 2 from North London in any order, I don’t quite see that happening this season but stranger things have happened, who would have thought Liverpool for 2nd last season and united 7th.

  5. Aaaaarsenalist says:

    That was like our c team

    • Tony says:

      You played like it was your c team but was actually close to being your A team. Golden gloves in goal,koselny your best defender, 2 £10m fullbacks and new £16m buy from southampton, cazorla, wiltshire, arteta and ramsey in midfield with super sanchez and giroud up front.hardly a shot and more inferior than the scoreline suggests.
      Title chances not very good at all, the one consolation being that Chelsea also looked as bad as you and took a 3-0 thrashing.

  6. Akhil says:

    According to me, we were beaten physically. Set piece goal. But in general arsenal dominated the game. It was scrappy. Both teams didn’t have many clear cut chances. Arteta and wilshere killed it in the middle. Alexis was quiet. Santi and monreal were weak on the lhs. Many positives. It was a penalty and a red. Dont wanna moan about it but still a penalty and a red. Alex was brilliant. Alexis showed glimpses. As usual aaron was his usual dominant self. Along with a decent dm, he’ll be a world beater. Santi’s form is worrying. We need a proper dm. Without a new dm, we cannot do better than last season.

    • Tony says:

      Before the penalty and a red it was offside so let’s not use that as any sort of excuse. The points you make are pretty much what we have been sayig for years and what every body knows, Arsenal are a physically weak team that clubs like Cheksea and city will always beat. Sorry but I didn’t see it like you Falcao and Moutinho were a cut above and considering you had home advantage theu easily handled you and made far better chances.Alex was brilliant, alexis showed glimpses and Ramsay was dominant at what exactly, didn’t see anything worthwhile and as far as Wiltshire is concerned how long do you think before he goes out on loan or is sold?

  7. Akhil says:

    Chambers is calm and composed. Honestly he could become a top cb.

  8. Akhil says:

    I wouldn’t mind spurs finishing 2nd with arsenal winning the league. But its a pipe dream. Its a pre season game. Chelsea are still favorites for me. I’d like chelsea to falter, underachieve but not gonna happen. My money is on city. What do you think are city’s major weaknesses? For me its complacency, ffp problems. Yaya toure, their players had shi* wc’s. They may draw too many games. As for chelsea, i can see costa flopping. Fab is worrying me but i hear he’s not our old one. Full of energy and passion. Also hearing he’s become lazy. If so costa’s definitely a flop. Hazard, oscar and costa against a bus is not looking promising either.

    • Tony says:

      they are trying to address their weaknesses which were all at the back but they still haven’t succeeded. Toure could be big trouble as his ego might just begin to rattle the squad, make them favourites but think the gap between the top 6 will reduce by a fair bit. I did have Chavs down as favourites but Mourinho is making some odd decisions, lukaku out drogba in!!!!! central defence keeps getting weaker and after watching terry today if they don’t buy a couple now they will be found out, they still don’t look like scoring goals even with costa and fabregas.Hazard is lazy, Oscar is not the player he was and they still have obi mikel, what does he do exactly? I really don’t rate Liverpool they were a one man team and he has gone. As the days go by I am becoming more confident as to Spurs chances, they are addressing exactly the areas of concern, many of last years poor performers are back and doing really well. we finished with 69 points last season in what you and many keep calling a disaster, I think AVb was badly treated and walked and Sherwood was a shambles yet we still finished close to you and the rest despite only getting one point from the 24 available from the top 4, we have been regularly getting 10/11 and so if we return to that level which is very likely it brings every team above us closer. It might even benefit you and keep the battle going to the end.

  9. Akhil says:

    We were far more threatening with the ox in the team. Alexis did show his glimpses of talent. Come on, he’s hardly trained a weak with them. You want him to play like messi. Its a pre season game. Throughout this pre season ramsey’s been dominant. Accept it if he plays like this he’ll be the best cm of the pl. In this game he played as a no.10. But its just this game. Its all about fitness and game time. Yesterday sanogo was like henry. Does that mean anything? Chambers is 6 feet. How that is short? Decent buy and a damn good 4th choice cb.

    • Tony says:

      better with ox I grant you but surely everybody expected lots more from what you and the media have described as a superstar.I’ll reserve judgement on Ramsey who might still turn out to be a one season wonder.Chambers is not quite 6 foot and it will be some years before he might be ready for central defence on a regular basis , still cover at rightback i would think.

    • lou says:

      Look there is no doubting that arsenal have a good team but man for man are they any better than spurs and the answer is no, you go on about chambers but we have Dier, Davies and Veljkovic all as good and probably even better. We have Eriksen who is almost already on a par with ozil, we have soldado and adebayor both better than giroud, you talk of Sanchez as a great player well within 2 seasons Lamela will be a bigger star if he has a little luck and doesn’t suffer injury hiccups again. Even now I believe that Vertonghen and kaboul when fit is a better combination than your centre backs and we are buying another one, we have Walker and Davies both superior to Debuchy/chambers or Gibbs/monreal and we have far superior defensive midfielders to you and plenty of them.
      Any of you gooners reading this be afraid be very afraid, we have the right man for the job, we are building a squad to take you on and beat you and not just you but the chavs as well as Liverpool and united again.
      Your gonna laugh and take the pee but we have been close for 5 years and now we are ready.

  10. Aaaaarsenalist says:

    Lou stop dreaming and smell the tea,as giroud is bad bur he had more goals and assist than all your strikers numbers dont lie,if you ask a neutral they will tell you,you are so ………

    • Stantheman says:

      Well done Lou a bit to far but I get the gist of it, going into a new season we should all be full of optimism and expect success.
      And now your gonna believe us we’re gonna win the league

  11. Anonymous says:

    Home ground advantage didnt do your side any good in the league last season against us, and dont give me that dribble that you outplayed us, it wasnt that one sided and if i recall our so called dud of a striker scored a very tidy goal.

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