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What do you get for paying an extra £65m in wages? a plus 1 goal difference.

Posted on September 23, 2013 by Guest Writer

With the release of Arsenal’s financial results for the year ending 2013 it seems that their wage bill has again increased and now stands at more than £155m, of course their turnover was substantial and increased to £254m and they made a profit of £6.7m. Compare these figures to the last known Tottenham figures of £90m in wages and £144m in turnover and Tottenham as a club are showing the way forward to others and what can be achieved by a club run the right way.

Even Liverpool pay wages totalling over £40m a year more as they seek to recapture past glory by paying exhorbitant wages to get the players they want. There are figures floating around even suggesting that with all the wheeling and dealing this summer the wages of the players leaving exceeded the wages paid to the new influx of stars by some £5m per annum:-

Players out – Weekly wages
David Bentley £60,000
William Gallas £60,000
Steven Caulker £19,230
Clint Dempsey £92,957
Tom Huddlestone £19,230
Jake Livermore £19,230 -loan
Tom Carroll £19,230 -loan
Benoit Assou-Ekotto £25,000 –  QPR portion
Scott Parker £70,000
Gareth Bale £75,000
Total = £459,877 

Players In – Weekly wages

Erik Lamela £66,000
Roberto Soldado £67,307
Etienne Capoue £60,000
Nacer Chadli £24,660
Paulinho £70,000
Christian Eriksen £38,977
Vlad Chiriches £19,867
Total – £346,831 

Tottenham have spent no money, improved the squad, reduced the squad age, increased the potential sell on value of players and reduced the wage bill. sounds about right for the best Chairman in the country. Just imagine what Tottenham might achieve once they qualify regularly for the Champions League and build their new 50,000 seater stadium.

Players, pundits and coaches continuously talk of the need to pay outrageously high wages to attract the players needed to improve a team to top four potential, clearly that is not the case as Tottenham keep on proving, a couple of years back when Modric wanted to leave for Chelsea they all said you cannot keep an unhappy player, they were wrong, and now Liverpool with Suarez and United with Rooney have followed Tottenham’s lead. With success you can bet that the Tottenham wage bill will increase but it will undoubtedly only do so based on results and achieving targets.

So at this moment in time £65m brings just a better goal difference  but let’s not even get started on what a difference of £86m, £91m or £112m does or does not bring to Chelsea, United and City respectively.


36 to “What do you get for paying an extra £65m in wages? a plus 1 goal difference.”

  1. Sam says:

    Extra £65 m gets you champions league place and £30 m. Does this answer your question?

    • Tony says:

      Superman you mean he has to carry ten other players.

      • mick says:

        cannot believe that so many moaning so much are taken in by one signing.they are struggling already when centre back is out and who the hell replaced walnut yesterday never heard of him.they will crumble in due course.just not good enough.

        • tinalex says:

          ordinarily as an Arsenal fan I would not involve myself in matters Tottenham, however since you have started to talk about Arsenal it is fair that Arsenal fans respond and I do. You say that Walcot was replaced by an unknown person. The issue is not about who replaced him but how the replacement performed. Was his performance any different from that of Surgusson or Townsend or even Lamela that is the issue. Arsenal make world class players and that replacement is one in the making. Only 18 years of age but probably better than any of your wingers.

          Arsenal are not winning games because of Ozil as you will admit. You were beaten before Ozil was bought so that should tell you where you stand against Arsenal without Ozil.

          You talk about Arsenal crumbling in due course, the question is when is “due course’? May be statistics will help you realize that Arsenal has been and will remain a solid team. Since February 2013 Arsenal played 19 games in which it won 15, drew 2 and lost 2. This adds up to 47 points collected since February 2013. During the same period Tottenham played 19 games in which it won 13, drew 3 and lost 3, giving a total of 42 points. These stats show the consistency of Arsenal in the past 19 PL games. On the basis of these stats it will be delusional to talk about crumbling.

          • Tony says:

            Well since you ask yes he put in a very average performance compared to the spurs players you mention. The point though is that we are trying to get through to arsenal supporters that you do not have the quality of squad you actually believe you have, hence the reference to the unknown player in question, you know the names of the 3 spurs players who are all cover at the moment but your man apart from knowing it began with a G ?!!!! who was the last world class player you made? wilshere when not injured and please dont mention Fabregas or walcot you took them from other clubs. if you don’t agree then we shall throw in Modric and Bale. if you believe walcott is better than our wide players you like so many other supporters are seriously in trouble. he has some decent games but far more average games. Nobody denies that arsenal are a decent team and that will be in the frame for top four but that’s the best they can hope for. arsenal have been caught by Spurs but none of you will admit it you beat us at home last few seasons and we beat you at our place. Experience got you through before but it won’t be enough to beat this spurs team now. there is the occasional acknowledgement from gooners that Spurs are a good side and then there is always a “but” and then it’s about how much better you are etc. it’s no longer the case spurs are your equals and probably now your betters and that’s a fact.

  2. darlingbudsofArse says:

    ‘A club run the right way’? But nothing to show for it, not even a consistent 4th place in the EPL!
    Not long ago you Spuds were on our backs over our foreign contingent; how the tables have turned eh!! Always wanting to copy the Arsenal but you are still miles behind on and off the pitch. I bet you the 1-0 still hurts and that with your 7 so-called world players vs our tried and tested brigade without you-know-who; OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOzil!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go and get some Kentucky Fried Cockerel to cry yourselves to sleep. Muppets!!

    • Tony says:

      haha another deluded gooner who still thinks they are miles ahead, oh dear how it will hurt when we bring home siverware and finish ahead of you.pinning your whole season on ozil is madness or are you a one man team like the rvp days? miles behind has been 1 point and now it’s 1 goal. admit it your bricking it and Spurs are about to consign the gooners back to oblivion. bye bye wenger let.s see how long he hangs about or how long you moron supporters let really are a pathetic bunch, so many people conned into being happy with one last ditch panic buy haha. It’s over gooners the giant has risen.

      • Jide says:

        Tony, the one thing that I have learnt to do this season is not waste my energy replying any of the Woolwich goners. Its not just worth my time. They are so worried about our team that they will do everything to show up their one man team. They are so deluded that they think they can win even the World Cup with Ozil in their team! That’s how far gone they are. I have never seen such turn coats in my life. A month ago, they all wanted Wenger out. He gets one player, its ‘in Wenger we trust’ all over again. If they lose a couple of players to injury, its all over. By Xmas, we will find out who has the better team!

      • Anonymous says:

        Oops! You look a bit silly now.

        • Tony says:

          let’s see what happens this season, you were at your very best and we struggled with too many new players and lost Bale, it will be a different story watch out.

    • mick says:

      a club run the right way that has won a trophy in the last eight years .don’t you ask yourselves whats the point of being in the CL you know you will out by feb. Don’t kid yourselves you are no longer a big club teams that win trophies don’t fear you at all.chelsea, city, utd and Liverpool have all won at least 2 trophies since you won your last. get used to it , don’t kid yourselves your no longer a big club

    • whlspur says:

      not interested in copying the gooners Spurs actually want to win something not just take part.keep watching and we shall regain the honour of north London and win silverware.within 5 years Spurs will be the biggest club in London their rightful place.

  3. bpl fan says:

    why do u have to be so obsessed with arsenal? U said what will an extra £65m in wages bring. u make it seams as if u are on the same goal scored with arsenal. Arsenal scored 11goals and concede 6 whereas spurs scored 5goals and concede just 1 goal so they are two different thing u might have a better defence and goalkeeper than them but they have a better midfield and attack than urs. Though u have a great squad but arsenal too have a great team but team fan wnt just admit it.

    • Tony says:

      Arsenal figures were released yesterday that’s why the comparison and goal difference is just one .don’t you think it relevant the wage difference is so huge.It begs the question are Spurs overperforming so much because of better players and coaching or Arsenal underperforming badly because of poor coaching? I suspect it’s some of each.

    • grant says:

      do you read the news arsenals figures came out yesterday, profit down £30m on last year and superman isn’t even included in the figures. As far as better midfield and attack is concerned unless you have your head in the sand 29 shots away at Cardiff the most of any team this season, the most shots in all games and the most on target, that doesn’t suggest a team struggling in midfield and up front just unlucky.

  4. Eric says:

    adding to that ade will be sold sooner or later n we will get an upgrade on him around the same wages.Also the new players and the whole bale drama seems to have given us international media exposure which will increase our fan base n the new stadium our match dat revenue.Future looks bright

    • grant says:

      as well as that the countries covered by the new signings will increase exposure. Eriksen, Paulinho and Lamela are big stars in their international teams.I’ll bet the shirt sales have shot up this summer.

      • eric says:

        Well eriksen shirts are selling like anything in Denmark n Brasilians r following spurs just cause of Paulinho so the results r already starting to take place

        • Tony says:

          saw the figures for that last week 375% increase in Denmark. already brazilian supporters clubs setting up and am amazed how many there are in the States.With success the club will be enormous and Levy will be a dangerous man if he has the football finances of the top four to play with.

  5. Tony says:

    Are you sitting comfortably? let’s begin. football did not start in the year 1999 as you seem to think as before that both arsenal and spurs had a reasonable amount of success. spurs were the biggest club in London for many years but it was an accolade shared with Arsenal from time to time. Prior to 2003 chelsea were well down the pecking order apart from the occasional good year. You might think I am likely to say something unkind about Kanu but he was a player we probably envied Arsenal and he had a great career in England. since 99 you are correct of course but since 2005 you are wrong. For 17yrs you have had the benefit of CL money, something like £500m extra revenue, that helped build your new ground which has bought you even more revenue. What have you done with it? won nothing, gone backwards, lost all your world class stars and now you are playing catchup. Spurs have had to build from the point of bankruptcy when Alan Sugar took over in 1991, when the premier league started in 92 they were at a huge disadvantage financially and it got worse because the then sky four took control for many years. It has taken Levy 12 years to get spurs to the point they are now, title contenders and financially sound. When they turn that into success and the CL entry which they will Spurs will again become the biggest club in London. Here endeth the lesson.

  6. Tony says:

    you nearly got there and then came the “but”. Spurs also have no sugar daddy and have become contenders and your equals without all the CL revenue and the money derived from bigger gates, BUT they will start to next season before the new stadium is built. Why should Spurs fall short and Arsenal not when Spurs have the bigger better squad of players, it doesn’t make sense does it. Tottenham are level top with you and have two teams to choose from, it has been suggested that the players will take time to settle and gel as a team, if that is true just imagine how good they will be in a few weeks. Spurs are in the title race and the sooner you realise the easier it will be for you to accept.

  7. Tony says:

    Tick tick tick Walcott out for weeks now , the squad thins still further and only 5 games in.

  8. Can’t believe Dempsey was on 90k. Seattle must have a fair bit of money on them considering they upped his wages and made him the highest paid player over there.

    I think he’s getting more than Beckham did.

  9. craig says:

    Of course it’s a blessing Ozil can play there. On course for what? a loan to a championship club or a team abroad.Never mind Bendtners back and I suppose you will tell us Spurs supporters how wonderful he is now.

  10. Tony says:

    please don’t embarrass yourself by saying that grabny and bendtner are good enough for the premiership let alone arsenal. good game yesterday but have played much better. defoe is getting goals and always will but soldado is a class apart. he hits the target every time and has been unlucky only one offside against him as well whereas defoe has 5/6 a game and it disrupts flow. Soldado everytime for me but JD is great backup and to come on from bench. soldado had five good strikes on goal against Cardiff 4 saved and 1 blocked.

  11. Tony says:

    didn’t say gnaby was no good or won’t be but that he is not good enough now or what you need now. the point i keep trying to make is the Sours squad is stronger and this again proves it, townsend, Lennon, chadli, Sigurdsson and Lamela all play wide and have fare more experience and are far superior NOW. the point on Soldado was not really about stats more that he is a proper striker who hits the target often, not running offside is vital in a team that plays the way both tottenham and arsenal do. Hope he does make it by the way but it doesn;t take away from the fact you have run out of depth to your squad already.

  12. Tony says:

    thanks would take a draw although fancy us to win by couple of goals to be honest. at least if Spurs draw you will only be a point behind after you visit swansea, they are playing really well a problem for you.

  13. the spiral says:

    52 years since last title
    22 years since last fa cup
    28 years since last win in europe
    yet here they are talking about trophies, really what do spurs know about trophies eh. Sit back and watch the ride you all know deep down what will happen

    • Tony says:

      All to be put right in 2014. As such a big club and with such little success these last 8 years, I mean no success these last 8 years, are you qualified to to give an opinion? I think not.
      Is it a bird? is it a plane? no it’s Ozilman and his trusty sidekick Wenger boy .

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