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What players hear during contract talks.

Posted on August 08, 2013 by Guest Writer

“Here is an extra £2m year a year but you can leave when you like or if there is no Champions League football.” We have seen it so many times before, Modric signed an extended contract with Tottenham and within six months he was seeking a move to Chelsea when they came calling. Just a year ago and with four years still left on that contract the devious tactics came to the fore as he again sought a move this time to Madrid. About the same time Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez were signing new extended contracts, both players were awarded pay rises reported to be in the region of £2m extra.

Just a year later and it seems those contracts were only signed with a proviso that they were null and void if a club in the Champions League came calling with what the players considered to be a decent offer, in the case of Suarez that sum he believed to be £40m and a pound, the reality is that no such guarantee was given and the sum considered decent would only be decided by the club. Contracts are obviously very complicated issues these days and are meticulously checked over by the best legal brains available, surely it is not beyond them to incorporate a wording to actually allow the player a way out if these agreements were in fact real.

It’s the same old story every summer, one of the worlds wealthiest clubs takes a fancy to a player and the buying club, player and agents pull every trick in the book to force the move, there are endless threats that the player is considering lodging a transfer request, as if it has some sort of detrimental effect on his existing club, nobody seems willing to point out the real reason for so few transfer requests is the players loss of his transfer cut and contractual bonuses.

These methods have become so commonplace now and are so disruptive that it might be time to force players into action and so speed up the process one way or another, the tactics being employed by the likes of Bale, Suarez and Rooney should be construed as a form of transfer request and the player penalised accordingly.

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