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What team will Sherwood send out tonight?

Posted on February 20, 2014 by Eddie S

There is little doubt that Tim Sherwood and Tottenham have bigger fish to fry this season than simply the Europa Cup and though all Tottenham supporters would dearly love to see the club lift a trophy again most also know full well that the biggest effort must go into qualifying for the Champions League. Though the Tottenham squad is huge and full of good quality players some will have to be risked tonight if they wish to progress, some might even say that we need to progress to ensure all the squad have sufficient match practice for if and when called upon in the run in to the end of the season.

We already know that four or five are injured including Chiriches, Sandro, Lamela and Sigurdsson and it seems that Jermain Defoe is being held back for a last hurrah in the return leg, just why did we retain his services beyond the transfer window? as well as those players Adebayor, Kaboul, Walker,Lloris,Dembele and Lennon  have not travelled, that is some team alone.

Possible team for tonight.

Possible team for tonight.

This is a difficult fixture and a difficult place to visit and should not be taken for granted, their star is a player that Tottenham allegedly wished to purchase in January but seemed certain though to end up a Liverpool player for about £17m. Though the squad has so many ommissions the quality of those that travelled and the likely lineup will still be hugely impressive.

This is how we think the team will lineup tonight, full of International players and showing just how strong the Tottenham squad really is, all those players left behind, Holtby out on loan and a bench still featuring Paulinho, Rose, and Kane as well as a few other youngsters.

6 to “What team will Sherwood send out tonight?”

  1. Boobaspur says:

    Looks more and more that with Soldado, we were Soldadud.

    Weak and gutless performance from our £26m man who showed zero strength or guile or want.

    He missed a few good chances where had he shown a bit more determination, he might have got a goal or two. His body language and attitude is really beginning to stink. Easy decision not to pick him.

    Pretty much a rubbish performance from the entire team in fact, on a pitch more suited to Sunday league after a harsh winter rather than a European Cup competition.

    Decision making and outside the box shooting looked desperate and idiotic.

    Awful stuff all together.

  2. Boobaspur says:

    It could actually have been far worse had Friedel not made a few decent stops during the game and they had a lot of half chances in the last 5 minutes, hitting the post in one of those chances.

    Had we been unluckier we could actually be looking at a 3-0 defeat and pretty much out of it.

    At least at just 1 down we can still turn it around.

    I really hope Tim gives this a proper go next week. I know it’s not Champions League, but we can win this cup if we really try. Plus it’s great practice for CL when we get there and it’s better than our neighbours are likely to achieve any time soon.

  3. Jide says:

    Guys, we need to support Soldado and not blame him for the loss at Dnipro. That was an awful pitch! No doubt the ball bubbled up and as a result he did not get a good contact with the ball. The likes of Alan Sugar are quick to jump in with their name calling. It was out of order in my opinion. What good will that do ? Heavens forbid, Adebayor gets injured, we will have no choice but to play Soldado. We need to build the guy’s confidence up.

    I can understand constructive criticism if the team or individual players makes a mess of things, Sugar’s name calling was not one of them. It does not help the team at all.

    • Tony says:

      Wholeheartedly agree with you he needs to feel that the crowd support him. I have supported the club for much longer than I care to admit and can remember Martin Chivers being in a similar situation a long long time ago and then he scored a worldy against Gordon Banks and didn’t look back. Support will get him through this as he has immense quality that is clear. As for Sugar, him and piers morgan of the gooners are the chuckle brothers just looking for notoriety.

  4. Boobaspur says:

    Yes I agree we do need to support our players and I very rarely get on the back of any individual.

    While I did gripe about Soldado, I very definitely do not have (or want) to reach the audience that the bearded arse does.

    The pitch was a disgrace, but I could easily have seen Adebayor get on the end of that miss. I really don’t think the pitch caused much issue for that chance.

    My problem with Soldado last night was his body language, particularly at one point where he flicked on, on the wing, and appeared to almost step out over the sideline and momentarily stay there – looking like he was trying to escape…

    His attitude just looked off to me and this he must continue to uphold, given he is struggling so horribly with goals.

    I want him to succeed as much as we all do.

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