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What’s all the fuss, Torres deserved his 2 yellows and another red.

Posted on September 30, 2013 by Guest Writer

Jose Mourinho is again trying to manipulate the media in England just like he did all those years ago during his first spell with Chelsea, during his time at Real Madrid he tried to use the press to divert attention away from his own poor decisions, unrest in the camp and lack of success. Chelsea have started the season poorly by their standards, the worst start in fact of the Abramovitch era, worse still apart from the first half against Hull performances have been poor.

Yesterday, against Tottenham, Chelsea were very much second best in the first half and could very easily have been two or three down and a beaten team before they staged a creditable second half fightback, a draw in the end was a fair result, Mourinho could not simply accept a decent result for both teams he had to insist that but for the Torres sending off Chelsea would have won the game, such an annoying assumption whenever it is churned out.

There is no doubt that Torres had a decent second half after a pretty non existant first forty-five, he had already picked up a deserved yellow for a cynical trip on Vertonghen after he had once again taken the ball from him,

Just how would Dave Mackay have reacted to the clawed face? Here's a clue.

Just how would Dave Mackay have reacted to the clawed face? Here’s a clue.

then followed the clawing of the face incident which was totally missed by the officials and which would have earned him a straight red for violent conduct, when it occurred I thought back to what action someone like Dave Mackay would have taken years ago, conveniently the Chelsea coach completely overlooked that incident and the press and media who cowtow to him seemed too petrified to raise that particular point to his face.

Mourinho and the media seemed content to concentrate all their angst against Vertonghen who was the recipient of a niggling Torres up until that point, they seemed convinced that the referee had given Torres his second yellow card and subsequent red because he believed Torres had elbowed Vertonghen, who had in turn feigned the elbow. Correct me if I am wrong but had the referee believed that there was a Torres elbow the laws of the game dictate that he would have had to brandish a straight red. My belief is that the yellow was given because Torres challenged Vertonghen aggressively and with no likelihood of winning the ball, and on that basis was deserved.

Chelsea and Mourinho are actually a perfect match, only Mourinho has a bigger ego than the players in the squad and backed by the old guard will be able to rule the roost until things again go wrong. Mata has already proved him

Where is Willian?

Where is Willian?

wrong by making an immediate impact from the bench and has been confirmed as a certain starter in the Champions League, that begs the question what becomes of Oscar? Willian was the really big buy of the transfer window and where is he now? surely a player of that ability should be able to earn a place in the team with relative ease, or perhaps Tottenham really have dodged a bullet and an expensive one at that.

Time to get real and move on from Saturday’s game, a draw was the fair result by end of play, one way or another Torres was leaving the game early and Chelsea could have been down to ten men for far longer. Both clubs are still in the title race as genuine contenders and both teams will continue to improve over the coming weeks.

The two coaches shook hands at the end of the game and everybody moves on.



21 to “What’s all the fuss, Torres deserved his 2 yellows and another red.”

  1. Sam says:

    Very well written and balanced article. Well done. Gooner.

    • mick says:

      I agree and so true that all the media seem frightened to mention the a relevant point that Mourinho would be uncomfortable answering. Mourinho is one nasty piece of work, cannot stand the man.

  2. Steve says:

    Youn gooners make me laugh with Wenger “i didn’t see the incident” unless it happens to them. It’s a standing joke you must know it.elbow is straight red so he didn’t go for that. what should have happened to torres when he clawed the player and just how would you have reacted to a cowardly move. Don’t keep on about last season it’s hat happens this that matters. think you will find all your players are mouthing off and have yet to be really convincing.some would say it’s good to win when not playing well but i don’t think you can do much better. what would VDV know about history of spurs or you for that matter as only supported arsenal for 14yrs. lets see if you still support them in 20yrs or in 2 come to that if they finish 5th. Wenger has no class look at how he reacts when things go wrong he has history of refusing to shake hands, Jol, Pardew, Hughes, Fergie and Benitez. Wenger is a small man, no class.

  3. Sam says:

    I think he deserve the same kind of punishment as Suarez.

    • whlspur says:

      might be a bit harsh but nasty piece of work who is obviously following mourinho’s lead. what are the odds he gets away with it.

  4. mick says:

    you really are a pain and you have absolutely no idea, have you ever actually been to a football match or experienced a north London derby, only then can you know the history of both clubs and what it really means. didn’t you say you hoped spurs Chelsea would be a draw as it suited arsenal, the same as AVB so if he is classless then so are you. Stop giving it the bigun after 6 games your arrogance is now misplaced and ANY 4 of 6 can finish top 4 and any of that 6 can finish outside including arsenal.

  5. Eric says:

    Iyke oriji needs to banned too from here Ofcourse.We have well mannered gunners here n its nice to have sensible conversations with them but blokes like him give a bad name to their support base

    • Tony says:

      Methinks the time has arrived consider it done.

    • Tony says:

      Done, have to say some of the opposition supporters banter can be good fun think those remaining can take a bit of good natured stick and we Spurs supporters are well used to it . unfortunately iyke went over the top at times and today was a good example. Banter and a bit of good natured baiting we can enjoy but needs to be kept in proportion.

    • Jide says:

      Please keep Iyke Oriji (can’t believe I just said that!). The guy is the biggest. Buffoon I know. A typical Woolwich gooner, talking loud, saying nothing.

      I’m i the only one who said that the FA will not extend Torres’s ban? Only a spineless body will say a ref ‘partially’ saw the incident, therefore, no further action can be taken if a ref sees the issue. But our FA is not really to blame, it is FIFA’s fault.

      • tom says:

        no great surprise was it really, had it been one of the less high profile clubs it would have been an extra ban. what is it all coming to with biting, scratching and diving.

      • Tony says:

        I also enjoyed the craic most of the time but he went a bit OTT in the end and needed to be blocked. we shall monitor the situation for a while and see what transpires. Imagine how unbearable he would have been today after last nights result.

  6. Caleb says:

    Torres deserved a red at the end of the day but the way he got it wasn’t correct, it was never a second booking. I also love jan vertonghen but did not enjoy seeing what he did on saturday

    • Tony says:

      i just don’t see it that way, torres goes in recklessly at the player he actually turns his back while going through with it and doesn’t even have his eyes on the ball, vertonghen comes down heavily on his side as a result of the challenge and is shaken by it . you can be sure had it been the other way they would have been screaming for a yellow. It was NOT seen as an elbow as that would have been a straight red, it was a yellow for jumping at vertonghen which he did.

      • Caleb says:

        I think It was harsh, but he should have been off anyway. It was 50/50 in my opinion either they both stay or both go. Didn’t like the way vertonghen was holding his head when Torres clearly didn’t touch his head and the incident that led to the scratching I felt was soft

        • lou says:

          whoever was on the receiving end was going to be unhappy with decision but can see the refs point in doing so. We have all seen far softer yellows and even red cards and we will again. Torres was aggravating all afternoon , probably pumped up by mourinho, nothing wrong with that he has been missing fire in his belly but when it comes on top just accept it, the pictures don’t lie he was baiting vertonghen from the off.

      • Boobaspur says:

        If it had been the other way around you would have had most of the Chelsea scum surrounding the referee demanding a booking or a sending off – something a far more honourable Tottenham side never ever do.

        Jan didn’t do a whole lot wrong in my opinion, and he certainly didn’t pretend to have a bad head injury. Sure he was a little shaken up and may have held his head briefly but definitely not to give the impression he had been elbowed. He was sitting up, not flawed out on the deck.

        Torres was typical scum and most likely following further scum direction by Jose which was evident from their little hugs n cuddles as Torres finally got his marching orders.

        If the reports are right that Torres has avoided a further ban, then it’s a disgrace and makes mockery of the new disciplinary board, yes for the gouging, but even more for the delight in his face as he did it.

        • Caleb says:

          It’s a disgrace that he didn’t get further punishment and that he should have seen red for the scratch but the second booking just wasn’t right for me

        • Tony says:

          mourinho is becoming a despicable human being and as was the case at Madrid it is rubbing of on his players, the grin on torres face just made you feel like punching him in the mouth. Still more problems with mourinho surrounding de bruyne. Nasty piece of work. disciplinary committeee bottled it big time.2 wrongs don’t make a right but they do make another wrong.

          • Caleb says:

            Moutinho is passed it for me. I think he’s trying to stand out but everything he does isn’t working. When he first came it was all a surprise, he’s just trying to recreate that but he can’t. Can’t believe Torres got away with that scratch

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