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When Tottenham become Champions League regulars Levy will have Perez in his sights.

Posted on September 09, 2013 by Scraggs

When you consider how far Tottenham have come in the ten or so years that Daniel Levy has been in charge, it is not difficult to envisage what a formidable Chairman he will become once Tottenham are an established Champions League team and the new stadium has been built.

Levy is already the Chairman from hell to many clubs both buying and selling players and whilst Perez might think that he has the upper hand, in all honesty £85m for Bale and £33m for Modric is a phenomenal result for Tottenham. Levy took on the Chairman’s role in 2001 and the following season Tottenham finished with only 50 points, in the season 2003/4 the points total was still poor finally ending on just 45 a full 45 points behind Arsenal, 2004/5 saw some improvement and a 52 point finish but still 43 points behind the leaders Chelsea. Now we sit right on the heels of the top clubs and are investing over £100m to help make that final step up.

On the financial front the 2004/5 season saw Tottenham’s turnover go up to £104m but dwarfed by Arsenal’s £171m and Chelsea’s £221m, both those clubs have had the benefit of continuous Champions League football and the extra £30/40m a year that goes with it while Arsenal have also had the benefit of more than 60,000 paying spectators at every home fixture. with all those benefits against them Tottenham have still managed to keep pace with them financially, the last set of figures for 2011-12 showing a £178m turnover to Arsenal’s £290m and Chelsea’s £322m. Tottenham have increased turnover by about 75%, Arsenal by about 67%, with the benefit of Champions League revenue and years of much larger gate receipts, while Chelsea have increased turnover by less than 50% over the same period.

Tottenham are almost certainly about to post record figures once again and the bottom line based upon this transfer window alone will be exceptionally impressive even though the club has spent over £100m, even the biggest clubs should fear Tottenham and Daniel Levy should they make that step up and complete the new stadium, then Real Madrid will have a formidable Chairman with a massively improved turnover with which to play them at their own game.

Tottenham under the guidance of and using the financial nous of Daniel Levy are making headway on all fronts, it has taken more than ten long years and still might take a good few more yet but make it they will, if they can qualify for the Champions League this season then it will be that much closer.

Tottenham are on the march and I doubt that they will simply be satisfied with catching some of the English clubs, there is even bigger fish to fry, Levy knows his job, he has now managed to pretty much nullify the attentions of United, City, Chelsea and Arsenal in relation to players and next will be the natural progression to catch Madrid and Barcelona who we all know are handed an unfair advantage in their financial dealings.

First up is qualification for the Champions League and Levy has done all he can there with the appointment of AVB and Baldini and the financial clout to buy all the players needed to build a fantastic squad, that squad is also of an age to grow together and improve and win silverware and all it will take is that one magic breakthrough.

So it’s now over to AVB, his staff and his squad to do what they do to start the process. the supporters can do their bit by giving every player that pulls on the shirt and takes to the field their unquestioned support. Do it and by the time Perez is again seeking votes to retain his position he will have a powerful Tottenham Hotspur and the Governor Daniel Levy to contend with.




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  1. steve says:

    I wish levy would look after my finances.

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