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When will the shackles actually come off?

Posted on March 11, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

We are continually being fed  lines about exciting attacking play associated with Tottenham since AVB left the club but in all honesty there has been precious little of it, true the team have scored a few more goals and have slightly improved the average number of points won since the middle of December but have we really got our Tottenham back or just more of the same? all the talk of 4 4 2 has virtually disappeared and quite rightly in some instances but we are still playing a compact game with precious little excitement associated with any of the tactics employed. Had we managed to secure results against the clubs above us then that would be acceptable to me and most supporters but little has changed in that respect as defeats have come at Arsenal and thrashings at the hands of City and Chelsea.

On Saturday the word was that Tottenham would “park the bus but the doors would be open” and yet despite dominating much of the opening fifty minutes we ended the game having just six shots with two on target. Against the might of Norwich another game of dominated possession just nine shots and two on target yet again, in that game it was decided to best use four central midfielders together with one winger played out of position and the result was a defeat that damaged our season far more than the result against Chelsea.

Other than the games against Stoke and Newcastle every fixture since the middle of December has gone the same way with the number of shots over the entire game in single figures with just two or three on target yet during the period when AVB was in charge though the team scored fewer goals the number of efforts on goal and on target was far superior as was possession. Other than the Liverpool fixture even in defeat to Arsenal, that thumping at City and  ridiculous defeat to Newcastle, Tottenham were far more adventurous, in every one of those games shots in double figures and a third or more on target, Newcastle ended with 31 shots and 14 saves made by their keeper previously unheard of.

Had that Liverpool game had a different ending I have to wonder what the situation might be now, at the time a Tottenham win would have put them level with Liverpool and just five points behind Arsenal in top spot, the team was, as is the case now, shorn of defenders, Capoue had to start in the centre of defence, Naughton on the left and having to withdraw by half time while Sandro also went off injured with the game close at 0-1 and after just thirty minutes. Clearly with all those injury problems to contend with and the team still well placed there must have been much more to the entire AVB situation.

So here we stand in a very familiar situation to the past few seasons, just as soon as the January transfer window closes Tottenham fall apart, red cards, injuries and poor form take over and the season ends with us all thinking what might have been, in the past the team have rallied a little and taken the battle to the final game but somehow I think that this time it will be all but over by the end of the month of March, both domestically and in Europe. It will be disappointing and infuriating and made more so by the fact that all those who were demanding exciting attacking football, the end of inverted widemen and the return of wingers have simply seen even less fluent attacking play, in it’s place we seem to have a coach who simply chooses his favourites and creates a team from them, why else would he play Lennon as a playmaker behind Adebayor, why else would Adebayor and Bentaleb play just about every minute of every game no matter what the team needed, why retain Defoe beyond the transfer window and not once use him! why when the team was crying out for a real defensive midfielder did he ignore Capoue and yet now that Sandro is fit start him in every game? As was the case with Redknapp who was unable to see past a certain group of players when selecting the team, read Tim Sherwood but the difference being that at least Redknapp had attacking intentions and set his team up accordingly.



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