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When will they get the message that Lamela is going nowhere.

Posted on February 19, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

21 year old Erik Lamela had been linked with a loan move for almost all of the January window, either back to Italy, where he made such a fantastic impression while with Roma, or perhaps Spain where Atletico Madrid were apparently keen to take him on. Considering that Tottenham paid such a huge sum for a player of exceptional quality it was still true that much of the huge premium paid was for potential as the player, being so young, was far from the finished product.

We know now that Lamela has not been seen in a Tottenham shirt this year so far because of an ongoing injury problem and yet the media are still very quick to condemn the player as a flop, being unable to play due to injury does not constitute being a poor player but rather an unlucky player unable to show he has the ability to be a Tottenham star so far.

Though it is only February already all the talk is of Lamela being offloaded come the summer with a trip back to Italy being the most likely with Inter Milan being favourites for his signature. Yesterday a move back to Argentina was suggested as another possible destination with the promoted River Plate possibly in the frame for his signature!

What I find strange is that at no time has any report mentioned a fee that the clubs interested might be prepared to pay for the Argentinian talent, they have all seemed prepared to take him on loan, which invariably involves a nominal fee in relation to his transfer fee and his wages, but at no time has there been mention of a fee. now you can call me crazy but if Napoli could not afford ¬£11m for Capoue and River Plate are one of the most indebted clubs in Argentina just what could they afford to offer for our Erik and would it even be close to Daniel Levy’s valuation? Levy will not let a player of such potential leave for a financial loss without giving him every chance of producing for Tottenham, he probably saw him as another Gareth Bale of the future in terms of worth in the transfer market and he appears to have the ability to possibly do so some time down the line.

Though Lamela is obviously more at home on a football pitch it is likely that this prolonged injury will give him a far better chance to learn the language as doing so will offer him a far better chance of making an impression when he does regain fitness and more especially in time for next season.

We haven’t seen too much of Lamela since he signed for the club but we have seen enough to know that he has the potential to be a special talent, quick feet like his countryman Lionel Messi and the ability to beat players in tight spaces suggests that he is not a player to give up on after short a short, disrupted period at Tottenham. there is so much more to come from Lamela and Tottenham now have a history of supporting and bringing through exceptional young talent, Modric and Bale were both youngsters when they joined, Modric just 23 yrs old and still representing a gamble, taking a year or two to find his feet ¬†while Bale took far longer though joining at a younger age.

Very few clubs could afford to pay the type of fee that might prise the player from our grasp so soon into a long contract as Tottenham build a team for the future with youngsters like Lamela, Bentaleb, Eriksen, Townsend and Chiriches together with the likes of Harry Kane and Tom Carroll also likely to come through and become a big part of the future.



6 to “When will they get the message that Lamela is going nowhere.”

  1. classic says:

    god all this europian refree with english teams, the same thing that happen to us yesterday happenn to arsenal. that wasnt a red card imo.

    • Tony says:

      Whether Messi was outside the box just inside it was a foul, he was the last man, he was heading at goal and so it was a red card, same tonight, if that gooner muppet had not clashed with Robben it would have been a tap in and so the rules say red card. Both were fouls unlike Danny Rose against you lot and both were more obvious scoring positions.
      I do agree that the rules should be changed to perhaps handball on the line or similar, but while they are the rules and are the same for every team you can’t complain they were both correct decisions.Last night your bloke might just as well let him go scoring was still only 50/50 but by doing what he did he improved the chances of scoring and left the team a man short, terrible play, it’s ok to commit professional foul up the pitch but heading for goal is just stupid. Keepers are slightly different as they have to come out and confront players.
      Pellegrini was wrong and if Wenger will probably say the same and will be wrong until the rules change, it’s not even worth saying it should change other than to protect your own position. Both decisions absolutely correct, Danny Rose absolutely incorrect but a gamechanger just the same.

  2. classic says:

    lol think danny rose too was right then

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