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When your heading to the Lane remember this.

Posted on October 30, 2013 by Tony

Whatever the media might try to tell us or imply we are all in this together, The Owners, Directors, Coaches, Players, Staff and most importantly THE SUPPORTERS, all the others will come and go because that is the way of football but supporters are what we are for life. Many of those employed in some capacity may have been Tottenham supporters, people like Joe Lewis, Daniel Levy, Andros Townsend and Ledley King for example, others will hopefully forever love the club and follow their every move, those that fall into that category would include the likes of Ossie Ardilles, Ricky Villa, Jimmy Greaves and David Ginola amongst many, many others over the years, none were supporters but grew to love the club because it get’s into your blood.
Most of us supporters were probably born and bred fans of the club, brothers, fathers and grandfathers or perhaps sisters and mothers favoured Tottenham, others might have come along later and pinned their heart and soul to the club. Whatever the reason for following Tottenham  the one thing that we all crave is success, we know that there is a Tottenham way of doing things, the right way with flair, style and skill but that doesn’t happen overnight.

The most successful club in history is now Manchester United and the Alex Ferguson era has been responsible for them breaking every record in the book domestically, they have also been at the forefront in Europe for some time, how many times do supporters need reminding that it is said that Fergie was close to the end of his tenure but for a rather fortuitous FA Cup run which resulted in United lifting the trophy, up until that point United had toiled to challenge finishing in mid table for most of his time in charge. Fergie joined United as coach in 1986 but did not win the title for seven seasons and in fact only finished in the top four, or top six for that matter, on two occasions.

Coach or supporter the reaction is the same. AVB cares.

Coach or supporter the reaction is the same. AVB cares.

Tottenham supporter celebrating a goal.

Tottenham supporter celebrating a goal.

Andre Villas-Boas is one of us now, of course he wants personal glory but he also wants it for the club, the players and the supporters. Many Tottenham supporters are up in arms it seems, they are feeling slighted by what is being put across as an attack on them, when in reality it is only an observation and a wake up call to get behind the players and spur them on. AVB knows that he has a group of players capable of great things and that this could be our time, optimism should be high and support undivided, those that travel do their bit, now it’s the turn of those fortunate enough to watch home games.

When your heading to the Lane tonight or for any other game in the future try to remember the feeling when the likes of George Graham was in charge or Christian Gross, perhaps even those eight games before Harry Redknapp replaced Ramos, that should begin to concentrate the mind.

On this site under “Magic Moments” we downloaded a video a short while back that epitomises what it is to be  a supporter, it could apply to any club but this one is ours. AVB not only speaks for himself when he asks that the Tottenham support rallies and raises the decibel level he also speaks for the players who sometimes need that impetus, he has simply asked the fans to make themselves heard, something that fans up and down the country do every single week. We can do it, we have done it, it won’t always have the desired effect but that shouldn’t prevent it happening, who knows some of you who sit and behave impeccably or are embarrassed to make yourselves heard might even enjoy letting yourselves go for once.

Tonight the fans have their chance to respond, not to get at AVB but to rally around him and the players, tonight let us hear the Tottenham Army in full voice. Calling All Spurs.



8 to “When your heading to the Lane remember this.”

  1. whlspur says:

    AVB is a clever man and if the supporters are wise they will back him all the way, let’s hear how much tonight,COYS

  2. Boobaspur says:

    It will be so interesting to see tonights match – given AVBs recent words of encouragement to the fans to make more noise and give more audible support.

    Interesting because it is almost like we get to go back in time and see what might have happened had the support been more up to his requirements initially.

    We are playing the same team, at the same venue, only 3 days later. It’s as close to having a time-machine as we could get.

    So I imagine AVB and the team tonight will have to produce an enormous performance to coincide with what I’m sure will be well understood instructions to the stands.

    Once the fans do their part, not only tonight but with much more vigour from now on – it will only remain that the team continue to improve and do their part in making THFC as formidable a club as we desire it to be.


  3. whlspur says:

    love the video, quality.

  4. Eric says:

    There’s a strong reason why Madrid n psg wanted him,give him what he wants n we will up there

    • Tony says:

      there are very few exceptional coaches in football and we have one of them, while the likes of wenger and ancelotti begin to fall behind the elite AVB can and will just get better. Levy and Joe Lewis recognise what they have and backed him with over £100m and Franco Baldini, now every Spurs supporter must get their heads out of their backsides and back him to the hilt, if he walks because of unreasonable expectations it will be an opportunity lost. Fergie had six seasons at United before he won the league and then looked what happened. Time for a reality check, AVB is the best available and that should be obvious when PSG and RM are the clubs linked to him as future coach.

  5. craig says:

    Remain calm.keep the faith and prevail.

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