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Where do the top 7 still need to strengthen before window closes.

Posted on August 28, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

With just a little over four days of this transfer window still remaining what do the top seven clubs still need to do to improve their squads? All of last seasons top seven will be hoping to improve and will be looking for players that they believe give them the best chance of  doing so. We at JTN did comment before the season got underway and you can see what we had to say then by following this link.  Having again read those comments though only a few games into the season in terms of league fixtures and cup competition it does look remarkably accurate so far.

Manchester United– Well they are still struggling, to get to grips with Van Gaal’s formation, to buy the players needed to implement that formation and to string any decent form together. Two defeats and a draw see them at the wrong end of the table and already out of one domestic competition. They have now purchased Di Maria for a ludicrous sum of money and paying him a kings ransom to forego Champions League football, he didn’t want to leave Madrid but if he had to preferred PSG but they refused to pay over the odds for a player surplus to requiremnts. Rojo has come in, Shaw has hardly featured and they still need at least two or three more signings to try to compete. I saw a comment from one of their supporters suggesting that they needed to get rid of about £90m of talent to continue rebuilding, try as I might I couldn’t think of £30m of talent that other clubs might want to buy. they will continue spending but there seems little method behind it.

Tottenham Hotspur– Currently the league leaders, I never tire of saying that, who have sprung from the blocks, as we suggested much of their improvement this season was likely to be as a result of last seasons purchases and that is exactly as it has turned out, Chadli, Eriksen, Lamela and Capoue have all been exceptional and finally started to show what they can do. Pochettino has continued to address the defensive side of the squad, not to form a defensive team but to make them even more offensive and give the four forward players their freedom. what do they now need? probably not a lot with signs that Soldado is also beginning to show some form and Harry Kane continuing to improve. Schneiderlin is the one that Pochettino really wants and possibly another dozen or so goals from someone like Rodriguez who can play in a number of attacking positions.

Everton– Probably about ready to go now that they have secured the signing of Samuel Eto’o as both backup for Lukaku and another option, the return from injury of Ross Barkley will provide a massive boost a little down the line. Everton have already put in some very good performances but the one area of concern is now the defence, age is beginning to catch up with some hence they have conceded late equalizers. Extra defensive cover might still be needed if they have any money remaining otherwise it will be down to another shrewd loan or two.

Arsenal– Apart from the stroll in the park at Wembley against a City team that didn’t take the game seriously arsenal have been poor and fortunate in every other fixture so far, they deserved nothing better than a draw against Palace, nothing against Everton and only poor refereeing decisions enabled them to progress through to the Champions League proper, having said all that they have shown more fight than I believed they had. It is by now abundantly clear that Sanchez is no striker and now that Giroud is out until the New Year they need a striker, midfield general and more cover in central defence, unfortunately they have an obstinate coach who believes otherwise. Last season it took a terrible result against Villa to jolt Wenger into action and it might take a poor result against Leicester to turn the crowd against him and the board to kickstart this transfer window. There has been talk of Falcao but there is no chance of that, he will be off to Madrid or Chelsea and leave Arsenal with Remy at best.

Chelsea– Though they remain one of the favourites for the title and are one of only two clubs, Manchester City being the other,  guaranteed a top four finish there is still work to do, a sluggish central defence and even more reliance upon Costa now that it seems Torres is off to Italy. Costa and their only other remaining forward Drogba have both now suffered injuries and cannot be relied upon to carry the goalscoring burden between them alone in all competitions. If Torres is going they will need another forward, Falcao is a possibility but he will surely be snapped up by Real Madrid now that they have the Di Maria windfall. It cannot end here for Mourinho he needs more.

Liverpool– Though they have continued to spend money I have yet to see one that is an improvement on what they already have, their defence still looks as vulnerable as ever and to add to that they have added trouble to the mix in the form of Balotelli. Probably the biggest ego in football with the least to brag about in terms of performance who will soon expect to start every game at the expense of those that earned Champions League football. some have ridiculously stated that Rodgers can handle troublemakers like Suarez forgetting that he wasn’t a problem off the field but brought problems on the field with some weird situations. In a battle for 6th with United this season.

Manchester City– They have to be favourites for the title having strengthened in all the right areas of the team, method over spending for the sake of it. Like Tottenham players purchased last summer like  Jovetic and Demichellis have now settled and are showing their true ability. City already had the best strike force and they have added depth and more strength in midfield and defence.

More than three quarters of a billion has been spent this summer, a record, by end of play on Monday it will be much closer to one billion on transfer fees alone and probably as much again on wage contracts and agents fees. While this goes on Tottenham sit top of the Premier League having scored more goals than any other club, conceded none and are still in credit on transfer dealings (see here), like him or loathe him Levy knows how to run a club financially and long may it last.

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12 to “Where do the top 7 still need to strengthen before window closes.”

  1. 5starG says:

    Here we go spurs fans another mouth shooting season……table leaders enjoy it while It last……..try beating pool at ur own home its not a big deal its ur home u spurs… if u do dat I will take u serious…..but if not….u knw were u end up

    • Tony says:

      You are still not showing any respect so expect the same in return. I presume you are a gooner so really don’t understand why you are so smug. 17yrs in the CL and still going backwards. Spurs have been ahead of Chelsea, City, Liverpool and united in last 4 seasons and they have all finished ahead of arsenal, that means you to are vulnerable, it’s gonna happen.

  2. Jack budmmein says:

    17 Yrs in cl is itslf an achievmnt. Dont tell anytjing. Just answer why all these years spurs failed to achieve atleast dis??Soo shame on you mr. Author. You are spurs fan but that doesnt mean to dis respect the best above you.

    • Tony says:

      17 yrs of CL money more than spurs and you are hanging on by a thread to 4th place.Not disrespecting the teams that finished above us last season just being honest only city and chelsea are certainties for top 4 and spurs are real contenders, don’t get upset about it just get used to it, been the case for 5 seasons now and we have just missed out.

      • 5starG says:

        Lol tony sometimes I tink u know a lot about the game….and sometimes I really tink u know nufin…….u see a top 4 bet ….arsenal has a 0.50 odd stake u know why? Being in the top 4 is always a certainty for the gooners….its more certain than Christmas. ….ask any sensible soccer fan

        • Tony says:

          Just in case you haven’t twigged it yet bookies want your money,being top 4 has been yours but it’s getting tougher just ask any sensible arsenal supporter. Why do you think so many are losing faith in wenger. nothing is certain and certainly not when it comes to arsenal.

  3. 5starG says:

    Well you can be better than those team u mentioned…….I bet u it will take even more to beta us…..u see if u know a thing about respect u will know that we owned spurs for a decade in the league. …u could not win us…home and away….any english club that owns me dat much I will not be ashamed to to admit my submission…..hav u eva dreamt of being seeded in the champions league? No it cant be dreamt by you its too big a dream to qualify…….the fastest wayvto eclipse us is having a sugar daddy runed club. …so unless a sugar daddy comes in…..if u want to go tru the normal way as a rightly runed club that I see spurs as, well in life every tin is possible. ….until then forgive us for using “forever in our shadows”

    • Tony says:

      If you knew anything you would realise that beating us home and away (apart from last season just) finished 5/6 years ago. Don’t lecture me on respect, I will respect the arsenal double winning team and the undefeated team but that respect disappeared years ago, now you are equal competitiors with us scratching around for 4th place and the odd trophy if you get the luck of the draw. Spurs meanwhile have the ambition to go and do something and actually challenge for the title and that is why we have not settled for redknapp or even avb, we want better than 4th unlike wenger.
      Respect goes both ways and arsenal have shown none this decade so expect none in return.

  4. 5starG says:

    Fans loosing fate in arsene? There re feather weight fans…..and players manu just started treading on the part of failure less dan 2yrs now and players (vidic…evra) ) already jumped ship….they might giv all excuses of new challenge but if moyes did well won the league they would lung to stay and man u fans re already abandoning them clubs but the real ones will stay tins will surely be sorted out…if any one is a real fan I mean arsenal fan he or she will hav nufin but gratitude for arsene….he dosent like listening to people and giving into remote pressure. ….if not for this dude my club wount stiil be considered a big club he helped us tru our time of financial collapse….so fucked up fans will always morn….no one can do wat he does….take the money away fron coaches they re nufin but I remember so many windows we start the season spending little or nufin but now we re bak and we can spend but not as much as city psg chelsea….we re runed by policies that ensure longitivity……well kudos to him he started the trophy drought and was brave enof not to chicken out…..

    • Tony says:

      So why then did adebayor,clichy, nasri,fabregas,henry,van persie,toure,song and now sagna abandon arsenal? they left to win trophies and they all did. arsenal are a big club as are spurs but the biggest clubs win trophies and that is what we are trying to do while you seem happy to get 4th. you have had the new stadium for 8 seasons, the money has always been there they have just mugged you all off. it’s all very well spending big but spend it wisely, ozil £43m and Sanchez £35m is not spending wisely. spurs spent £11m on Eriksen and he is likely to surpass ozil, chadli was £7m and will do same.

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