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Where is your loyalty Venables?

Posted on May 11, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Having read Terry Venables article in the Sun today and decided will give anything associated with him a miss in the future. I can remember once being shocked and gutted at his sacking by Alan Sugar and felt that he had been unfairly treated at the time, comments like those masde today show him to be nothing but an unloyal mercenary. Alan Sugar was villified by Tottenham supporters as well as some of the squad but today he is still a season ticket holder, supporter and rarely misses a game, Venables in the meantime encourages Manchester United to go after our best player Gareth Bale and would recommend he joins them.

Last year we had to contend with Harry Redknapp, cut from the same cloth as Venables promote himself for the England job while Tottenham who paid his wages crashed and burned close to Champions League entry and a third place or better position in the league. Knock the foreign managers as much as you like but the only loyal managers of late have been Martin Jol and Andre Villas-Boas, even Hoddle has felt fit to knock the squad and team which could have the effect of destabilising some of the best players.

Perhaps some of our own should use all their influence and articles to talk up tottenham, let’s hear what a great club they are and point out that they are a team on the rise, I cannot see what satisfaction there is in winning titles and trophies when you have so many of the best players and can offer the highest wage. how would Ferguson, Guardiola and Mourinho fare at a club like Wigan or Stoke, probably no better than their existing coaches. As an example Roberto di Matteo was sacked by WBA and yet led Chelsea to great success proving it’s the money and the squad and not so much coaching ability.

Venables and any other coach or player should always show some loyalty and refrain from showing their true colours.

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