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Which striker has AVB chosen?

Posted on June 23, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

As we approach the transfer window, set to really kick into action on the 1st July, links to available strikers have all but dried up, in the case of Soldado he has once again spoken of his desire to remain at Valencia! it is hard to judge his intentions or motives as he has gone from staying to leaving and back to staying again. Personally I believe that he is the preferred option as Valencia are really facing a financial meltdown following a fifth place finish and all that that entails.

Higuain seems set for Arsenal or Juventus if all the reports are to be believed but he is probably not the answer for Tottenham in any case, he comes with a huge price tag and a massive wage expectation and to be honest having to deal with Madrid in any way shape or form is not a good idea at this stage.

AVB has apparently stated that Jackson from Porto is not a target which is a shame, it has probably been decided that just 1 year into his contract with Porto his price would be far too high and there would be drawn out negotiations with Porto.

Mario Gomez from Bayern seems to be available but at what price, surely the fee indicated of £7m cannot be correct and will be closer to £20m, he will also command a massive wage, he would be ideal but in truth probably not affordable.This is a strange one really and it might well depend on the final outcome of the Lewandowski saga. Thinking about it if there is to be a last minute deal in the VDV mould this could be it.

Benteke rumours and comments from the player and his agent have also dried up whilst Aston Villa go about adding more and more offensive players to their squad, because of this he must be a serious contender but only at the right price, maximum £20m is likely.

Negredo of Sevilla must be another decent shout, it seems that the club are selling most of their playing assets with City, Liverpool and Villa being the recipients so far. Sevilla are another club with financial woes and Negredo must be a little worried at what the future holds for the club.

Damiao continues to be linked but that deal has probably gone cold and the player and his club might now be beginning to regret the games played in previous windows. More and more likely now seems the likelihood of David Villa actually arriving, he is still world class of course but for a limited period only, he might still be the one to take Tottenham to the next level.

The last option is surely Aubameyang who has continuously talked himself up, he has by only his admission been considered for many of the richest clubs in France and Germany but as far as I am aware there have been no offers yet made for him. Many experts actually talk very highly of his ability and suggest that he could become an exceptional striker, from snippets seen of him he does certainly know where the goal is and is also able to play in wide positions which might suit AVB. He still remains a maybe as not totally convincing just yet.

Will Tottenham bring in just one or two new strikers? They made do with just two last season which was not enough and will probably go with three, Bale is now considered prolific whilst Dempsey and Sigurdsson will chip in, AVB will probably hope for a better return from Lennon, Holtby, Paulinho and Dembele than he got from them last season ( substitute Parker for Paulinho).

There has been mention of one or two other options mainly young and with immense potential, now Baldini is on board he will be working on some ideas of his own and there might yet be a surprise or two in store.

2 to “Which striker has AVB chosen?”

  1. amitosh says:

    Negredo / Damiao will be ideal(20M approx each), and sell some dead woods, I can not see Spurs spending 60M without selling a few.

    • Tony says:

      Do not see the Damiao deal happening unless a last minute thing very cheap, one of Soldado, Negredo, Benteke as well and soon.

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