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Whinging Sherwood’s lack of job credentials becoming obvious.

Posted on March 12, 2014 by Guest Writer

Though the media and many of ex pros still talk highly of Tim Sherwood and continue to suggest that Tottenham should stand by him now and for the coming season it is becoming clear that he really does not possess the skills to do the job at the highest level, at the beginning he managed to help turn a winning situation against West Ham in the Capital One Cup, leading 1-0 with less than fifteen minutes remaining he withdrew our most effective forward and goalscorer Adebayor and replaced him with a midfielder and within ten minutes the game turned on it’s head and we were eliminated form the cup at the quarter final stage.

Then followed an ineffective performance against WBA resulting in a 1-1 draw but being new to the job Sherwood was not held accountable and slowly results began to improve though often with a big spoonful of luck thrown in, that didn’t matter though as it was perhaps long overdue. The New Year brought with it the exciting prospect of revenge over our neighbours Arsenal in the FA Cup but as it turned out the team was comprehensively beaten, Sherwoods lack of tactical knowledge and his insistence on dispensing with a defensive midfielder as well as pitting four midfielders against Arsenal’s five was always doomed as well as being extremely naive.

A couple of decent results rather than performances followed against Palace and Swansea before we found ourselves up against Manchester City, for the majority of the first half City overwhelmed Tottenham and took the lead and though Michael Dawson had a perfectly legal goal for the equaliser goal wrongly disallowed AND the Rose sending off and penalty was a scandalous decision that resulted in a heavy 5-1 defeat. Sherwood should have used the two awful decisions to defend his players and Tottenham but instead his message was that City were the best team on the planet and virtually unbeatable a position that has been proven wrong on more than a couple of occasions since. the message then was that his players were inferior to the opposition by some margin.

Since that City fixture Tottenham have played a further eight games, a subdued draw at Hull, a very fortunate win by a single goal at home to Everton, a resounding win at Newcastle though the fact that Lloris was forced into two or three fantastic saves while the score stood at 0-0. The last five fixtures have seen Tottenham suffer three defeats  and has seen Sherwood begin to turn on his team.

Strange that up until the Newcastle game Sherwood was happy to give the team and players the credit for doing reasonably well, he was just the conduit that put them together to do the simple thing of playing football, now those same players are not up to standard and cannot be trusted or relied upon! Yet he picks the team.

Apparently Tottenham are kidding themselves if they believe that they are anywhere near good enough to qualify for the Champions League! Sorry Tim but though we have lost a great talent in Gareth Bale from last season when we finished a single point behind Arsenal and three behind Chelsea the rest of the squad has probably improved, we sold Dempsey and Caulker in the summer who were never first choice regulars, he loaned out Holtby and sold Defoe in January and we have acquired some very good players like Eriksen, Capoue and Paulinho, even Sandro is now fit again, a player missing from the back end of last season and so sorely missed. Other than the obvious huge loss of Bale the overall ability of the squad has improved and to talk of these players not being up to Champions League standard is absolute rubbish and an excuse for his own lack of ability.

Today he has come out with even more rants about not being prepared to babysit them!!!!! he has warned the players to improve or be sold in the summer. I am sure that the players will improve just as soon as they have a coach leading them that can actually put together a team and not just his personal favourites, a coach with the tactical knowledge to set a team up to perform of their best against the opposition before them, players asked to do jobs that they understand and don;t have to think twice about doing, much good football is played off the cuff and by being instinctive, if you play 2 rightbacks and three or four other players out of position at the same time it won’t be easy to produce their very best especially against top quality opposition.

Sherwood has repeatedly stated that football is a simple game, forwards attack, defenders defend and midfielders do a bit of everything and there is an element of truth to that but a lot more besides including tactics and setup for given situations as well as the correct type of player in those positions, perhaps Sherwood should listen to himself and not make things so difficult for the players by asking them to play in positions that they are accustomed to, against Chelsea the only player needed to be played out of position was perhaps Kyle Naughton, had he moved to left back Vertonghen could play in the centre, Walker at rightback, Lennon right midfield, Sigurdson as playmaker behind Adebayor and Townsend or Chadli in their preferred position on the left flank giving the team more balance and players used to their roles.

Some might believe that the players deserve the criticism he is handing out and it might well be true in some cases but it is also a good way to deflect criticism from his own failures, rarely if ever do coaches turn on their players unless it is going spectacularly wrong, AVB never turned on his players nor Harry, in fact I cannot recollect a situation like this before. tottenham are fifth in the league, they are not relegation fodder but genuine top four contenders, unfortunately they are being led by a coach without experience at any level and without professional coaching qualifications and proving to be completely out of his depth at the higher echelons of the Premiership.

4 to “Whinging Sherwood’s lack of job credentials becoming obvious.”

  1. Eric says:

    he’s lost it

  2. Eric says:

    When Avb blamed the players he was accused of shifting blame and now Tim has done the same but is applauded? the media has always wanted Avb out

  3. Kev says:

    It all looks very fishy to me as well. Sherwood is slagging off the very same players that finished last season so close to 4th or better, the squad has improved and is deeper despite the loss of Bale and he tells everyone to forget top 4 because they are miles away from it, well they weren’t under AVB were they.
    I wan’t Tottenham to succeed but really don’t want this bloke to remain, catch 22.

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