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Who might beat Tottenham to Paulinho?

Posted on June 24, 2013 by Eddie S

Since the rumours first began that Tottenham were keen on buying Paulinho from Corinthians it was suggested that Inter were more likely to win his signature although since the two clubs have agreed a fee that suggestion has been consigned to the back burners as other more juicier stories can be created. The first storyline to replace it was for Real Madrid to show interest threatening to scupper Tottenham’s planned purchase unless they released Gareth Bale to them, so either blackmail or retaliation.

Soon after that it was Monaco and then PSG simply because they have the money to do so, for the time being that storyline has also disappeared as nobody seemed to bite only to be replaced by interest from Chelsea. Now we are led to believe that last summer Tottenham appeared to have the Oscar signing all but completed before Chelsea came along with bags more money for his fee and his wages, Tottenham didn’t stand a chance as Abramovitch and his roubles swept up every decent young midfielder on the planet, including Eden Hazard another potential Tottenham target before £34m changed hands and something in the region of £8m a season.

Already Chelsea have purchased Schurrie for £22m, De Bruyne is apparently returning from his loan spell, Lampard has extended his contract and so as well as those three, Hazard and Oscar there’s also Mata, Ramires, Luiz, Obi Mikel, Marin, Moses and a few other midfielders to contend with, surely there is no room for another midfielder in their 25 man squad!

As has been written many times money is the major ingredient as far as the majority of footballers are concerned, any offer from Tottenham will make any footballer fabulously wealthy but others can still offer ridiculous amounts more, so until he has signed on the dotted line and been put in front of the media as our new signing anything is possible, having said that the odds seem to be on him becoming a Tottenham player soon after the Confederation Cup is over.

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