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Who will Sherwood trust to face Benfica?

Posted on March 13, 2014 by Eddie S

After the weekends outburst against his players Tim Sherwood will presumably choose only players that he can 100% rely upon unless of course the aim is to give up the opportunity of a Europa League Cup and silverware in the forlorn hope of securing a top four position. Many of us are still a little perplexed at his outburst given that for the majority of the game his team held sway over Chelsea before a slip by Vertonghen gifted them the opening goal and a poor refereeing decision handed them a penalty and a man advantage to go with a two goal lead. What happened after that was not pretty but probably only to be expected when facing the top club on their own patch with ten men.

Tonight Tottenham still have a number of injury dilemmas to overcome when facing Benfica in the first leg of the last 16 of the

Possible lineup versus Benfica

Possible lineup versus Benfica

competition, another defensive crisis again as we sweat on the fitness of Danny Rose as well as hoping that the two central defenders come through the game unscathed before arsenal turn up this weekend. there is hope that Christian Eriksen and moussa Dembele will once again be available to face a very good Benfica team that has won 21 of their last 23 fixtures.

when it comes to players that he can trust then the obvious two that come to mind are Adebayor and Bentaleb along with Hugo Lloris who is surely exempt from criticism after some great performances, Michael Dawson is another that springs to mind but an injury puts paid to his chances and then there is Sandro who should never be doubted.

Tonight it is surely time to throw caution to the wind and go for it, worry about Arsenal and the upcoming fixtures later, as things stand with just 9 more league fixtures to come and many of the injured due to recover before the month is out it is surely time to lift the spirit of everybody who hold Tottenham dear.

I expect Sherwood to go bold tonight though not enough to play both Adebayor and Soldado before the weekend, maybe this is the opportunity that Harry Kane has been craving and probably deserves as well as the return of Andros Townsend to make his mark.

6 to “Who will Sherwood trust to face Benfica?”

  1. dan says:

    Sherwood will never trust Soldado or Townsend it seems, he only needs a squad of 15 the rest are pointless.

  2. Jide says:

    I guess we are getting what we deserve now. Over £100 million spent and what do we have to show for it. 1-3 down. A team in complete disarray. Isn’t it time as fans we start asking the right questions? This is not really about the players really. It seems we are letting Baldini and Daniel Levy off too lightly. They bought the players. Real questions need to be asked of those two.

    Well, it’s the North London derby on Sunday. The last chance for this players to show they have any pride left. For me, I doubt if they have any left.

    The season is done as far as I am concerned.

    • Stantheman says:

      I don’t think you can blame Baldini for buying the players he did as they will all probably come good if not at Spurs then somewhere. Levy has a lot to answer for though. I would like to know the real reason that AVB left and why it suddenly all went wrong, also just how did someone with zero experience at any coaching level get the job when ther were plenty with experience willing to take on the4 caretaker role. Hoddle with years experience at club and international level was crying out to do it and Levy hands it to Sherwood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it all sounds to far fetched to be believable. Arsenal and Liverpool will hand out further punishment and I doubt we shall get any better than a draw against Southampton as Tottenham end the season behind both Everton and United.

    • Tony says:

      I am the biggest optimist of all and even I don’t think we have a hope in hell of picking up a point against Arsenal or Liverpool and even Southampton could beat us at the moment.
      The season is over and frankly I would like to see those around sherwood and who contributed to this farce gone from the club. there is no semblance of any team play, nobody is performing, there are far too many mistakes. I want to see a forward who is available and making runs for the midfielders to work with, i watch adebayor and he is never in offensive positions.

  3. Eric says:

    Get that joker out of my club. He got the job only cause he filled levy’s ears with anti Avb stories. Tell me which other club would have hired someone with no badges to coach paulinho,lloris,soldado,lamela,etc. I wasn’t surprised he didn’t start bentaleb cause he has saved him for arsenal and will drop either Paulinho or sandro. He’s a disgrace to my club

    • Stantheman says:

      you just know that Bentaleb and Adebayor will start when neither of them nor Lennon deserve to do so. This is just the same as the Redknapp era of favouritism over form and formation. No width, no speed getting forward, no creativity and no belief from the team. Adebayor plays everywhere but as the centre forward, he wins nothing in the air and Sherwood talks of him as our saviour. After the Cardiff game he stated that he expected Soldado to bang in the goals and get twenty and hasn’t played him since while townsend and his England hopes for Brazil slip away.
      Sherwood is out of his depth and his man management skills are limited to his favourites while the other players are hung out to dry, they like most supporters are totally demoralised at this point.

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