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Why are so many players looking for the exit at Tottenham.

Posted on January 13, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

It is hard to pick up a paper or view a sports report without seeing a variety of Tottenham players looking for a way out, the likelihood today and a rumour that is growing relates to Lewis Holtby who is apparently on the wishlist of no less than three German clubs. The general consensus of opinion amongst Tottenham fans is that selling Holtby would be disappointing as they see a player with heart, ability and a will to win. In the short time he has been with the club he has a very decent assist record, scored a couple of cracking goals and has a passing accuracy in his time of 82%, as well as that he creates chances at the rate of almost two per game, all of that despite never having a decent run in the team and being asked to play in a variety of positions.

Daniel Levy picked Holtby up for a reported £1.25m in what was acclaimed as quite possibly the deal of the century and so he will bring the club a decent profit and get a substantial wage of the annual bill, at 23yrs of age most supporters hope that his services are retained although they probably see the reasoning behind a loan move due to the abundance of midfield players at the club and Sherwood’s determination to only play four in any game.

Kyle Naughton is apparently close to sealing a deal with Aston Villa in a £3m switch but as the only decent cover for Kyle Walker how wrong would this move be for Tottenham and the squad with only the youngster Fredericks as an alternative, surely this is simply paper talk!

Etienne Capoue is apparently a target for a number of clubs and again mainly in Italy, reports today of some ill feeling between him and Sherwood who has apparently accused him of laziness and unprofessional behaviour, if this is true then he is surely on his way out which would be a great shame as he has been impressive when chosen but of more concern, if this is true, the leaks from within are not good nor conducive to maintaining team spirit.

We all know the score with Erik Lamela who probably would prefer to play more games before the World Cup but Jermain Defoe deciding he needed to move just when a coach that preaches 4 4 2, his preferred style, takes control of team matters comes as a bit of a shock.

The list of midfielders is enormous at Tottenham and with Bentaleb and possibly the return of Tom Carroll the list grows even longer and by my reckoning would take it to fourteen, as the current coach prefers just a four in most if not all fixtures clearly players will have to go but hopefully it will come the summer when a final decision will have to be made as to whether Sherwood is up to the task or a new experienced man takes over.

What we seem to be seeing is a return to the days when a certain Harry Redknapp chose the same team week in week out, they became tired and ragged, other teams read them the longer the season progressed and apart from just the once the season ended in tears and relative failure. The best teams have a huge squad of quality players to call on and rotation is all important, Chelsea, City and Arsenal have men in charge who know how to rotate, Fergie was a master and even Rafa Benitez won trophies by using his entire squad at Chelsea last season. AVB used 25 players while in charge this season and Tottenham were in contention for all the cups and a place in the top four when he walked away/was sacked.

Tim Sherwood has to my knowledge started games using just a group of fifteen players, he has chosen the same starting eleven in each of the last three games and has paid no heed to the way the opposition play and I suspect that there might be a clique forming or at the very least a group that he will rely on come what may, hopefully Townsend, Vertonghen, Sandro, Paulinho and Kaboul will join the group and he will draw from the services more players in the squad.

Hopefully Tim Sherwood makes a success of the job as that will mean that Tottenham have achieved their targets and we are in the Champions League next season, a European trophy before then would be nice as that is all we have left for this huge squad to play for. To bring success on two fronts he will have to trust his entire squad or he might just end up failing in both and that would be criminal with the quality available, if he needs to play a different formation he has the players to make it work.

Tottenham have invested in a big squad and they have players of considerable quality, they will need numbers to compete on all fronts in the future just as the big clubs do now and it would be a great shame to lose players of such quality having already gone through the settling in process.

6 to “Why are so many players looking for the exit at Tottenham.”

  1. Eric says:

    levy has screwed us big time

    • Tony says:

      In the summer Levy improved his reputation but in recent weeks he has begun to cause concern with some decisions. Also not happy being kept in the dark ovet just about everything inxluding the position on the new ground. Supporters are the lifeblood of every club and should be kept up to date with important things going on.. Beginning to have doubts again.

  2. BigH says:

    Well what a bloody surprise. Why do players want to go? Simple they see that under Sherwood a coach who to be fair is new, but undeniably tactically poor, with no reputation on how to handle players, who clearly has his favourites, has no clue about rotation, fixated with 4-4-2 and they are panicking over where we are going to finish etc etc. It’s easy to blame Sherwood but the finger has to be pointed at Levy. Chaos reigns. Sacks AVB (I think rightly so) but with no plan B (madness). All that is left was the sucker Sherwood, who will do as he is told and we will lose some of our best players. Keep the fans in the dark and blame the lazy players. To stupidly think that at the start of the season I really was hopeful that we were going to progress, but clearly we are in regression. How does it help to call your players publicly lazy (assuming there is some truth to this)? Surely this is the time to pull the squad together and fight for every point, making sure players feel part of the squad and team? It’s beyond a joke

  3. Eric says:

    For every forward step we take,we take 5 steps backward too

  4. Jide says:

    If Sherwood even thinks about selling Holtby, I will lose every confidence and belief in him as our gaffer. He has to move from this ‘my favourites’ mentality. It will only damage the team and more important the club in the long run.

    Holtby is a young player who is yet to reach his full potential, the mere thought that he may be leaving Spurs is really worrying. We need to hold on to our best players.

    • Tony says:

      Lets hope it is just a loan if it happens and the same with any others who go. Bettet to retain services of squad so that Sherwood or whovet might take ovet if he fails can assess in summer.

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