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Why Arsenal hate Tottenham so much and the response (video)

Posted on January 14, 2014 by Guest Writer

Whenever we at JTN have had the temerity to mention Arsenal in a blog or mention them in comments their supporters are very quick and vociferous in accusing us and Tottenham supporters of being obsessed with them. As we all know there is no love lost between the two teams as there has always been a great rivalry between the two but fresh from the fallout from the recent FA Cup game involving Walcotts foolish behaviour and the Tottenham fans reaction, perhaps it might have been considered foolish of the Mirror to further goad Tottenham supporters by incorporating an article in today’s edition incorporating a recent film declaring Arsenal supporters hatred of Tottenham, apart from them being the ¬†true North Londoners as all real football fans know.

Well it probably comes as little surprise to find that the same company also filmed Tottenham supporters feelings toward Arsenal and their supporters which beggars the question just why the Mirror did not even up their article with the Tottenham side of things? perhaps just like Sky and almost every other media outlet there is such a huge bias against those teams that have not been particularly successful in recent years, although you might then be asking just why Arsenal are still so favoured when they are heading toward nine years of complete failure when it comes to winning silverware.

Anyway just to even things up a little lets have a little look at Tottenham supporters reaction when asked the question “Why do you hate Arsenal so much”

5 to “Why Arsenal hate Tottenham so much and the response (video)”

  1. Jide says:

    They are from Woolwich. Bloody outsiders. Smug. They are loud to cover the inferiority complex as a result. Simple.

    • Tony says:

      Wont lose any sleep over gooner comments as they wont ovet ours but it is another example of poor journslism and the anti Spurs agenda most of us believe exists. Had they evened things up with both films it might have been more acceptable.

  2. Boobaspur says:

    I don’t get all this Arsenal hate – why waste energy with hating a complete non threat?

    I maintain disdain for those more likely to win anything significant, rather than an Arsenal who are in no danger of acquiring any silver-ware anytime soon.

    Now Chelsea – there’s your problem… Booo!

  3. Niall Thompson says:

    None of the Arsenal fans actually gave a reason why they hate Tottenham not very thoughtfull fans then are they, they came across as pretty thick really. I will tell you why I hate Arsenal as a Tottenham fan, they are always lucky always score last minute goals from nothing, they’ve been doing that for years. They never have anything go wrong like long injury lists. Last season the Arsenal fans were calling for Wenger’s head they still ended up above Tottenham when Tottenham didn’t do much wrong and now this season Arsenal are leading the Premiership after only buying one player. Also Arsenal fans are always vindictive towards other clubs like when Swansea won the League cup last year couldn’t just say well done Swansea, or well done Wigan for winning the FA Cup. Also Arsenal fans usually always work at Royal mail sorting offices or work as postman.

    • Tony says:

      Great response and pretty accurate. Arrogant and unable to give credit to others when due has been the hallmark of them under Wenger. Just wait to see the reaction if Arsenal fall flat on their face yet again and end up empty handed. CL will be over in next round and once they have a difficult draw in the FA Cup they will then be able to concentrate on their top four place.

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