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Why bother with an agent when friends and family win transfers.

Posted on July 28, 2013 by Guest Writer

Agents continue to get a bad press and there are some very deserving cases of course, they earn a fortune dealing with their clients contract dealings whenever they move clubs or renegotiate a new deal. In recent weeks a new phenomenom has hit the tabloid press and that is the fictitious friend or friends of a player, sometimes it is a close relative, father, mother or brother are favourites but rarely a wife or partner for some reason.

Already this transfer window the father and brother of Higuain have been quoted stating that the player had a massive preference to join Arsenal and that a deal was almost done. Despite boarding a plane on more than a few occasions to fly to London for a medical he failed to arrive, he obviously took the scenic route because almost four weeks later he landed in Italy and signed for Napoli, or maybe you prefer the favoured description of the moment “he penned a deal”.

Gareth Bale seems to have two sets of friends, at least, a few weeks ago friends confirmed that he had set his heart on going to Madrid and expected it to happen, a short time later, as the Rooney bombshell hit and United needed to replace him with a high profile alternative, another set of friends leaked the news that he really wanted to stay in the Premiership and his preference was to sign for Manchester United and emulate the great Ryan Giggs career.

Today the friends of Cesc Fabregas have been at work and stated that the player secretly wants to join United, Ronaldo’s friends have done the same and there must be others that I really don’t care to read about and have no interest in.

This is a situation that needs to be addressed, reporters can quote these situations without any need to substantiate the source but merely quote fictitious comments by fictitious people providing no proof to the reader.

Just about every newspaper has jumped upon the fairy tales of Marca and written their own article based upon their comments to achieve maximum effect, some have even used the words of AVB in relation to ongoing contract talks with Gareth Bale’s agent to turn the comment into a negative. AVB said that there were talks last year and there were talks again to negotiate a new contract, some have suggested that if no agreement has been reached in over a year then it never will, conveniently forgetting that a deal was agreed last year and a new contract signed.

The standards of journalism in sport and especially football is disgraceful, it hurts nobody but does become extremely boring.

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