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Why signing for Tottenham is all the rage.

Posted on July 16, 2013 by Tony

Last season Tottenham only failed to grab that elusive 4th position and Champions League qualification by a solitary point yet again, they managed to attain their own personal record points haul in a Premiership season and were the one of the most attractive and exciting teams to watch, and let’s not forget they had the best player in the league and a number of other great performers.

Many have been arguing over the course of the summer break that Tottenham have blown their best opportunity of breaking the top four monopoly again, let’s not forget that they disposed of Liverpool who are still struggling to mount a challenge that once was considered their right, the year before last Chelsea were dumped back into 6th but cruelly robbed Tottenham with that battling Champions League win over both Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Ex- pros and sports journalists are forever pumping the line that Gareth Bale will be leaving to grow as a player and achieve success, the current top four will all spend enormous sums to bring in the best players in the world and little Tottenham will wither and die.

Well Tottenham are once again being shown to be built of sterner stuff, Daniel Levy just keeps on upping the ante and will not rest or be content until Tottenham are at the pinnacle of the English game. Last summer he sacked Harry Redknapp, by far the most successful coach for Tottenham in recent years, he won nothing but led the great Champions League campaign, in his place he appointed AVB a young coach with new ideas, a thinker and no stranger to success. AVB proved himself to be a notch or two up in ability as a coach and will almost certainly make a name for himself as a great coach in time.

Based upon results and performance from a period of settling in and coming to terms with the loss of key players including Ledley King, Modric and Van de Vaart, Tottenham embarked on a fantastic set of results which if put together over a complete season would have guaranteed a much higher position.

Already this summer Levy has fended off interest in AVB, Gareth Bale and other star players, he has maintained the stance that nobody leaves and that Tottenham go again, stronger and in a better position to challenge for all four competitions that they enter. As well as keeping the best Tottenham have also signed the Brazilian Paulinho, a real coup and a player destined, we hope, for greatness, he has all the attributes to succeed in the Premiership and will improve performances.

Based  upon the above we are now witnessing a new phenomenon, or rather perhaps one not seen at Tottenham for about 20yrs or so, and that is that very good players are now angling to join Tottenham, as we believe that Benteke and Chadli are doing at present, they have obviously been told by their compatriots, Vertonghen and Dembele, that Tottenham is the place to be at the moment and that AVB is a special coach to play for.

Hardly a day goes by without some of the best players available and/or their agents dangling the carrot to Tottenham, which is nice to hear for a change, of course there once was a time when Tottenham were in the market, and one of the favoured options, for only the absolute best, but times change and there are ridiculously wealthy clubs able to offer untold riches and so until Tottenham find themselves in such a position they will make do with offering very good monetary rewards and now ,most importantly, the opportunity to achieve glory and success.


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  1. Thierry says:

    All the best players? Paulinho and Benteke are not the best players out there. If arsenal bid for benteke then we get him, if we bid for paulinho then we get him but we didnt. Where would fabregas go? spurs or arsenal? Suarez, spurs or arsenal? Higuain, spurs or arsenal? Any top top player would most likely choose arsenal over spurs, sorry to burst this bubble that you all seem to be in but you wont catch us now, not once weve signed the players we want, their in another league to the players spuds are chasing.

    • steve says:

      hold up Wenger bid for Paulinho and holtby a year ago and where are they?he wanted Vertonghen and Lloris and where are they? You are kidding yourself If Arsenal bid for Higuain then they might but probably won’t get him. Stop making a fool of yourself you are the reason why everybody laughs at Arsenal now, once the best team in the league and now hanging onto 4th by a thread. Any decent player leaves you and we all know who they are, your safe now though because you havn;t got any top players anymore, wilshere always injured and Cazotla needs another big season to convince but he’s no Mata is he. signed what players exactly? has been rooney, invisible higuain or madrids suarez. it will be a couple of last minute c listers just like the last few seasons,

    • Tony says:

      nowhere does it say the “best players” it clearly states “very good players” and you did bid for Paulinho and you didn’t get him.You can chase any player you like but you won’t get them suarez will choose madrid over arsenal as will Higuain who is backtracking, Rooney will choose Chelsea like Cashley did.Fabregas wii choose staying with Barca or united, he been let down by Arsenal for years and won’t fall for that again. Arsenals future in Spurs shadow, haha.

  2. Thierry says:

    @ Tony and steve. You both will eat your words, trust me. Youve made a mistake mate, you lot are the reason why spurs are laughed at now days, claiming your gonna challenge for the title hahahaha its farcicle. You two clearly know nothing, and believe that what you read in the media is fact, and not pure speculation and BS made up to sell papers, dont be so naive lads. We will see the top top players we will sign dont you worry about that. And fabregas was let down by arsenal for years? You lot are just jealous becasue you havent got any players or fabregas’s calibre that want to come back. Fabregas will choose united? Oh dear ive read it all now. Cazorla is no mata? No he isnt mata mate hes cazorla and hes better than any midfielder you got apart from bale, hes right up there with mata 100%, the only thing mata has got is he’s young, thats it. Stop spouting BS.

    • Tony says:

      think you will find fabregas dumped you while Bale, a far better player, is staying, says it all really.If spurs are so poor it’s a bit embarrassing to have only finished a point ahead for two years. spurs have already bought what you call a top top player and another is all lined up, in the meantime they also now have THE best player in the league and a real superstar in Gareth Bale . eat your heart out.

  3. Thierry says:

    I never once said spurs were poor, i think there a good team and a real threat. Juat annoys me that you lot think arsenal cant attrct the sort of players spurs can. Bale and fabregas are two completley different players so you cant compare them at all. Fabregas would stroll into any starting line up in the epl and probably the world so he will be a major addition, plus rooney or suarez and were set for the title, competeing for it atleast anyway. But paulinho and benteke will not turn you into title contenders, sorry but they wont.

    • Tony says:

      one valued at £25m and the other at £60m probably speaks volumes about the two of them..I don’t happen to think they can at the moment, they were odds on for cesar and higuain, nothing there, now its rooney and suarez and nothing much there, fellaini and fabregas i might believe the fellaini move but only because nobody else is showing much interest, well none in fact.At least spurs have got Paulinho and he will make a difference, he is a massive improvement on the Scotty Parker of last season. Benteke has only to do what he did last season in a far better team and spurs will be on their way, surely even you can see another potential 20 goals will make a massive difference.

      • Thierry says:

        I dont disagree tony, another 20 goals will make a massive difference. Bale is class but not worth 60 mill IMO, but to be fair i dont think any player is worth that kind of money. Fabregas is worth at least 40 million. Their two different types of players mate so you cannot compare them, are you telling me that you wouldnt have cesc at spurs? How many times do i have to say higuain was almost done and RM pulled out, what can we do?

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