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Why the Tottenham negativity?

Posted on August 05, 2014 by Scraggs

As we approach the start of the new season it certainly seems that a huge percentage of Tottenham fans like what they have seen so far from Pochettino and the squad, the playing style is to our liking, the team offer an offensive style of play with quick incisive attacks and our creative players are being given a platform to really perform. Every Tottenham supporter was only too well aware of what was needed to mend what was at times a porous defence, it didn’t just include buying the right players but also employing the right tactics and players in our squad to implement those tactics.

In his short time at Tottenham Pochettino has begun to modify the playing style of the team, repair the battered egos’ of some of the players and instigate the purchase of the players needed to ensure the best possible outcome. We needed more at left back so we bought Ben Davies not just as the replacement for Danny Rose but to ensure the team had cover and a real challenge within the group for the position, last year if it wasn’t Rose as the only option it was Vertonghen reluctantly or Naughton, not quite out of his depth but certainly out of his comfort zone.

We needed more depth, fitness and pace in central defence and so we have bought Eric Dier, a player with the ability to help out now and having the potential to one day cement the position as his own for years to come, not content with that it looks like a central defender is likely to be bought for the here and now to partner Jan Vertonghen, from what I have seen and heard Musacchio is quick, excels as a defender, technically adept and his anticipation of danger and his interception rate is ideally suited to the highline that we shall continue with.

With Brad Friedel  now certainly into his last year of a playing contract it was necessary to begin the process of finding backup and a true likeness for the style of Lloris has been found with the third in line to the Dutch goalkeepers jersey Michel Vorm, our number two has years ahead of him and is good enough to be number one at most other Premier League clubs.

On the basis of just these points when you add all the other players we have of star quality to the equation why exactly should we not be talking about challenging the very best clubs? nobody seems to be giving us a chance and yet we have a group of players the equal of most of the others. Tottenham fans seem to be afraid to talk up our chances and are already appearing to be happy to settle for 5th or 6th place, describing that as a good season of stability. Why exactly when we have finished fourth on two recent occasions and have been goal difference or a point away a couple of times.

Tim Sherwood was fond of suggesting that Tottenham were being delusional to expect to challenge any of the top teams, often suggesting we were miles away, but that was always after his team or rather his tactics had been bettered by one of the top four, the rest of the time this team were responsible for his record of being the best coach in the clubs history in terms of wins.

I don’t know how many of you have been able to bring yourselves to watch the more favoured teams recently but I have and I have enjoyed what I have seen, Chelsea well beaten by Werder Bremen showing again no teeth up front and looking extremely shaky in central defence. I really enjoyed the Mourinho interview after the game when he deflected the poor performance of his team onto the referee, John Terry handled the ball in the box and that is a penalty even in Mourinholand.

I watched as Arsenal dismantled a knackered Benfica team that had played in a tournament on the Wednesday and Thurday before, so I watched again to see how many they would rack up against what had appeared to have been on the Saturday a terrible Monaco defence, with their new superstar ready to start and a team that resembled something like their first team I watched as they huffed and puffed, rarely created a chance or an opening before losing 1-0.

Then on to Liverpool and Manchester United, both decent teams but on the evidence of what they have shown so far should Tottenham really be fearing either of them, I think not. I have to say that I have not yet seen City in pre-season but they are the champions, have the strongest squad and like us have addressed their major weakness, defence.

As I see it Tottenham already have a phenomenal squad,  some didn’t live up to expectation last season but that doesn’t actually reflect how good many of them are, in some cases how good they could become. Lamela and Eriksen are two terrific talents and either or both of them could become stars, if not of the premiership then for Tottenham at the very least.

Believe and it will happen

Believe and it will happen

All I ever seem to see is Tottenham negativity, the waste of the Bale money, the flops and even the suggestion that we struggled to finish in 6th place last season, nonsense we struggled to finish 4th but were comfortably worth 6th. Even then were were actually that bad and why should we not actually expect to finish much higher in the league?

Look at the table at the end of last season and you will see we finished 13 points behind third placed Chelsea, they might have won the title and remain one of the favourites to do so this coming season, but consider this, they won 19 points against the four teams closest to them a full 18 points more than Tottenham managed. One point against the top four when in previous seasons that had been as many as 12 points but rarely less than 9. Even in our worst season in the last 5 we managed to rack up 69 points and had we managed to even match our worst points total in the last 5 seasons against the top 4 the table would have looked very different.

Of course winning those games and points is easier said than done, there will be arguments that only because of Bale did we win 12 points the season before last against City, United, Chelsea and Arsenal, of course he contributed but even he wouldn’t have been able to prevent the defensive capitulations and errors we saw last season form our players and it has to be said on a few occasions officials, don’t forget in two tightly balanced home fixtures penalties were given and red cards awarded against us, subsequently rescinded.

So as we approach the new season even Tottenham supporters seem to be afraid to talk up their chances, the media begrudgingly expect us to challenge up to a point BUT, there’s always a but, we still have those flops, Pochettino will be out of a job by Xmas, we still have to address the issue of misfiring strikers and all the other top clubs are strengthening more than Tottenham they would have us believe and the others only buy world class players.

Well let’s see, Tottenham have not finished in this transfer window, the deal for the new central defender has still not been tied up and then there is the issue of other targets to further strengthen the playing staff and implement the coaches tactics to a higher level, he obviously believes that Schneiderlin and Rodriguez will improve matters and adding them to the playing staff is a work in progress.

ENIC, Daniel Levy, Pochettino, the coaching staff and the players are not aiming for a period of consolidation, they are in it to win it and though the odds are against them it is the right attitude. We know the media will to a man be torn between last seasons top four and United but something has got to give. The only surprise to me is that our own supporters are still so lethargic and laid back about our chances, what message does that send out?

Why should we not expect Tottenham to get into the top four for the third time in 6 seasons, that’s reasonable consistency and very feasible. Whenever Tottenham travel they have a huge following and their support is second to none, at the Lane it’s often not so good, that has got to stop. It’s time to stand up and be counted, it’s time to support our club and it’s time to bring back the feelgood factor which will translate to the players.

I have had enough of seeing and reading that our supporters will be happy to settle for 5th or 6th, I am sick of reading that our supporters want Levy to give Pochettino time to do his stuff, that’s a given, but I want to see more expectation than just hope, let’s see our supporters stick it to the other bragging supporters of the Sky 5. You can’t tell me we haven’t got a squad at least as good as Liverpool, United, Arsenal or even Chelsea, they all have individuals that would walk into our team, well apart from Liverpool, but then we have players they are envious of.

‘It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory.’

Bill Nicholson had the right idea, he was a player, manager, supporter and believer of Tottenham Hotspur FC and if we can truly call ourselves supporters then I don’t see anything wrong in aiming high and believing.

At the beginning of EVERY season I believe we will do better than the season before, I honestly believe we shall succeed and win silverware, more often than not we fail as do most clubs of course, but what is the point of starting the season with a negative attitude. It’s not for me and it shouldn’t be for any true Tottenham supporter.

” This time next year Rodney we’ll be Champions”



9 to “Why the Tottenham negativity?”

  1. Aaaaarsenalist says:

    People will look down on you until you prove your worth in the pitch so until you make top 4 your not taken seriously

    • Scraggs says:

      2 fourth place finishes in 5 seasons, finishing ahead of Liverpool in every one of them but last season, ahead of chelsea in another and now ahead of United and we’re not taken seriously!!!!! that’s is the point we should be and we will be this season.

    • mick says:

      Are you kidding me, we have been top 4 twice and reached the quarters of the CL as the most attractive, highest scoring team ever in the group stages.
      Only the original sky 4 have more points than us during the PL era and we are right on your arse as always these days, a great squad and coach, new stadium on the way and we deserve more respect.
      Chelsea and City look down on you as you have become also rans in everything over the last 10 seasons, 1 fa cup is nothing to brag about if you really believe you are a big club.
      Now let’s hear the stadium excuses rhat wenger and the board have fed you with all this time. All lies, lies and more lies. the money is in the bank and always has been even you have been told you are cash rich, it doesn’t arrive overnight it has built up because you have sat on it because of ego wenger

  2. Aaaaarsenalist says:

    Why are you catchin’ dikk over an honest opinion everyone counted out liverpool last seosn they proved everyone wrong thats what u shld do and tgats how i ment it

    • Tony says:

      they had suarez last season and he scored or assisted more than 50 goals, have you heard he has gone to Barca? He was solely responsible for their success along with exiting the cups after a couple of rounds and having no European fixtures at all.
      They are in trouble and IMO will hope for 6th at the very best.
      I would be interested in knowing why you think they will do so well again, they have more players but are they better than they had, NO.

      • Aaaaarsenalist says:

        Tony i dont think they will do well i even fancy you guys over them looking at their signing they have pulled a spurss last seoson,and rodgers is not good with signings

        • Tony says:

          we agree on that, most of his signings have gone out on loan as abject failures or been sold as failures, coutinho and sturridge are the only exceptions.

  3. CraigZWE says:

    With CL on offer I don’t see pool making top 4, Would take Spuds over them any day.
    I actually hope you guys finish 2nd, cause then we know Arsenal will win the league. hahaha
    FYI: just kidding, not insulting

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