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Will Rafa take over at Everton or City?

Posted on May 13, 2013 by Tony

Rafa Benitez has certainly settled the ship at Chelsea and has repaired his reputation following a disastrous spell at Milan following in the footsteps of Jose Mourinho. As a result of Moyes appointment at United it seems certain that the “Special One” will renew his aquaintence with the Russian billionaire in West London. Benitez will bow out with Champions League football and every chance of another European trophy albeit the second choice Europa.

With David Moyes taking over at Manchester United there is obviously a coaching vacancy at Everton but due to Rafa’s long association with their kissing cousins nearby that is an unlikely scenario. Everton are now sufficiently high profile that a coach such as Benitez should consider them as a valid option but probably considers their lack of resources a turn off.

Now that Rafa’s nemesis has retired perhaps Manchester City might be the perfect club for him to now pitch up, a club with unlimited resources, a squad full of egos and currently a top 2 team and the ex-champions of England. this is probably a job that he is made for if City decide that Mancini has failed in his mission, especially following the cup final defeat and the disaster that was the Champions League.All the money has been on the Malaga and ex-Madrid coach Pellegrini who has today denied he has spoken with City. Rafa has once again shown that he can handle a difficult dressing room full of big players, he has shown an ability to rotate his squad and still pick up big wins and progress in cups and compete in the league and he is looking for a job in England as his preference.

With the managerial merry ground about to start that is suggested could involve Everton, City, PSG, Madrid, Dortmund and perhaps even Barcelona, and with United and Bayern having already announced their change at the top Rafa has done his case no harm. Rafa Benitez has handled his difficult time at Chelsea with exemplary dignity and his ability has shone through, he is still loved by Liverpool supporters and whilst he fought a losing battle with Chelsea supporters they must surely agree he has done his best for them and done very well in the process.

In the English Premier League only Manchester City fits for Benitez but he might well end up as the coach of one of the big Spanish clubs or PSG as his role as “interim coach” has been highly successful and put him back on the map.

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