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Will somebody please gag Sherwood

Posted on April 18, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

During today’s press conference Tim Sherwood had little to report yet still managed to feed the media controversial comments, today it was the turn of Erik Lamela to be ridiculed by the man who is trying to follow the Redknapp route to becoming a media darling. Due to injury Sherwood admitted that he had only been able to assess the youngsters ability for a matter of a few weeks but still felt the need to question his ability, forget that others had already decided that his potential was sufficient to invest an initial outlay of about £24m, with more to follow based upon future success, is he seriously trying to undermine all those that were involved in parting with such an enormous amount. Is a World Cup winner like Ossie Ardilles wrong to suggest that he could one day be a huge star and is genuinely excited that he joined Tottenham?

Correct me if I am wrong but I am sure Sherwood pressed for the job on the back of the fact that he knew the club and the players inside out and so he was the natural successor to AVB, in fact the more he says the more it becomes obvious that he had not been allowed anywhere near the first team squad and had absolutely no idea as to the qualities and abilities of any of the new players yet he was entrusted with the club’s ambitions until the end of the season.

He suggested today that had Bale remained then Tottenham might well have been challenging for the title, though that might have been a realistic possibility let’s not forget that it would have almost certainly have meant that Sherwood would have remained in the background where he belongs and the previous coach would still be at the helm going for trophies and success.

It.s good to know that Sherwood has identified the players that he wishes to keep for next season, it will presumably mean the end for Capoue, Sandro, Soldado, Lamela, Chiriches, Vertonghen, Paulinho, Dembele and Holtby while Adebayor, Bentaleb, Rose and Eriksen operating on the left wing is something we should look forward to on a regular basis along with a few other English players brought in to bolster the squad.

Some, a dwindling minority, still believe that Sherwood deserves the job on a permanent basis, himself included, poor defensive performances, slow starts and teams set up poorly somehow not his fault but he takes credit for fighting comebacks as a result of half time rockets and team and tactical changes. Sherwood is responsible for poor selection issues, lethargic performances and terrible tactical decisions resulting in games being all but over early on, against the likes of WBA, Sunderland and Southampton the players have forced a recovery but against the better teams big defeats have followed poor starts.

By now the vast majority outside of the media are aware that Sherwood is not up to the task at the highest level and though the season is over as far as Tottenham is concerned there are still important players to keep happy for the new man, some of those players are hoping to go to the World Cup but their hopes could be dashed by the attitude and lack of know how shown by him in the short time in the job.

He sat in the stands because he lost his rag when on the touchline and now needs to be removed from the firing line in front of the media, rather than say nothing he finds it necessary to say something detrimental to the team and a good number of individuals within the squad. He has been responsible for suggesting that Hugo Lloris is worth £100m, he’s good but nowhere near that good, Suggesting that Manchester City are the best team on the planet and champions in waiting was quickly proven to be wrong and they have lost five and drawn three games since then.

Unfortunately we seem to be stuck with Sherwood for four more games but hopefully during that time he will try to refrain from upsetting any more of the players by making unnecessary remarks about them.


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