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Will Tottenham take advantage of managerial merry go round.

Posted on June 06, 2013 by Guest Writer

With four of the top six clubs in England changing manager/coach this summer, a couple enforced and a couple because of dissatisfaction, it is hoped that Tottenham might take some sort of advantage from their own relative calmness leading up to the start of the season ( Gareth Bale/ Real Madrid fiasco apart ). Only ourselves and fourth placed Arsenal have managed to ensure a bit of stability which could be beneficial in the early stages at least.

Manchester United have lost their figurehead of the past twenty odd years in Alex Ferguson and have replaced him with almost a clone of him in David Moyes. Moyes obviously has a great squad to begin the season as United won the title last year at a canter, however, he does have some work to do as United did appear to have some problems irrespective of their points total, they do have an issue with some ageing stars either retiring or close to retirement, some need replacing immediately and some will have to be this coming season, that together with a new coach might leave them a little vulnerable and I wouldn’t mind betting that their points total will diminish to some extent.

Manchester City finished 2nd a fair way behind United and just 6 points ahead of Tottenham in 5th, their new coach has still to be appointed but it is almost certain to be the ex- Malaga/Real Madrid man. Simply because a new coach will be in charge the playing staff will alter, also because of some dire performances at times last season, especially in Europe, there will be lots of comings and goings. City did not seem to have a happy squad and appeared to lack team spirit, that will be an issue that the new man will need to cope with and address. Simply because of the amount of investment available to them City will probably expect to improve their points total but it might depend on how quickly the coach gets them playing to their potential.

Chelsea have turned to the coach that made them into the force that they have become and whilst he might have some doubts in his mind because of the disastrous 3 years at Real Madrid he will give the whole club a buzz. Mourinho might have problems with the playing style that Abramovitch now wishes for the club, preferring a free flowing attractive game, playing staff have been purchased at great cost to implement this style which is a little alien to the new man, during his previously successful stint the team was built on grit and strength with a sprinkling of great quality. He will obviously bring in a couple of his own players at enormous expense to implement his ideas but with so many egos to contend with and enough midfielders to supply a couple of other teams he will face challenges. They say never go back, and with a few lean years behind him and especially this last season devoid of any success the jury is out on Mourinho this time around.

Everton built a solid reputation under David Moyes and were a constant threat to break into the top four until very late in the season, Martinez has now taken over who is very different to Moyes with a totally different footballing philosophy, and it remains to be seen whether with the better quality of player at Everton if he can improve their standing. He will undoubtedly target a couple of his old players from Wigan but equally David Moyes might do the same and take the likes of Baines or Jagielka to United. Difficult to predict.

Tottenham are an improving team irrespective of the purchases that they might make in this transfer window, get it right and another 10 points is well within reach, whereas Arsenal have Arsene Wenger who knows how to get the most from his squad, he is reputedly in possession of a huge transfer fund and will probably add a few quality players to his squad to ensure that they are at least as competitive as last season.

If the North London clubs have a decent transfer window and start the season better than they have managed to do for the past couple of years then they might steal a significant march on a couple of the usual suspects and ensure a good season ahead.

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