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Will we hear the Y word this Saturday? You know it, Loud and proud.

Posted on September 12, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

The FA have made their statement threatening action against any supporters using the Y word but of course, as we all know ,the major targets will be all the Tottenham supporters who use the word as a matter of course and in no way a derogatory fashion, the real targets should be the morons that react against Tottenham and their supporters in the wrong way because of their long established association with the Jewish community, in what is to all intents and purposes a totally harmless method of uniting every Tottenham supporter no matter their race or religion.

Where on Saturday and at every future fixture will the authorities be listening for the banned word, only at White Hart Lane or wherever Tottenham play during the course of the season and even then with little chance of implementing a ban or even a police investigation. In relation to Tottenham supporter’s use of the term, bearing in mind the official police response, they have previously issued a statement declaring that they feel unable to take action against the use of the word by Tottenham supporters as they can find no way of proving such use in a derogatory fashion.

David Baddiel, a well known Chelsea supporter, has come out in support of the action but probably see’s no reason not to use it in the contest of TV or humour. We all know how to use words to hurt or inspire displeasure but in many years of supporting Tottenham I cannot recall an occasion when used ¬†in a derogatory fashion against the Jewish Community.

Just how they intend to police almost 35,000 supporters singing in unison is anyone’s guess, they might be able to pick up on a few isolated fans around the ground but if the police are not prepared to prosecute what will it achieve other than lawsuits.

We Tottenham supporters had to contend with the threat a little over a year ago from certain quarters with the threat then of a time limit to ban the word, it came and went then and the same will happen again. What action could they take if the entire crowd sing it loud and proud as they almost certainly will on Saturday, the next step would be to threaten Tottenham as a club with clamping down on the practice with perhaps the threat of having to play behind closed doors but without the weight of the law behind them what chance is there of succeeding?

Much ado about nothing and  looking to take action against the wrong targets in the war against racism.




1 to “Will we hear the Y word this Saturday? You know it, Loud and proud.”

  1. 6YardsOut says:

    They will nuke the whole stadium to stop it.

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