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Will we see Neymar and Ibrahimovich in a Tottenham shirt soon?

Posted on November 13, 2013 by Guest Writer

We see clubs linked to players on a regular basis and more and more of them are youngsters of potential who might one day light up our respective teams. Tottenham have been linked with a couple of exciting  players recently one of them is Valmir Berisha and the other is Neilton, now go on and tell me you are not excited by that little snippet of news. of course your not as most of us have no idea who they are or who they play for, but what if I tell you that Berisha is the next Ibrahimovic and Neilton the next Neymar, now that has caught your attention.

In a couple of years Tottenham could be fielding a team with those two as well as those we already have such as the next Bale, there you can take your pick from Andros Townsend or Kenneth McEvoy, or the next Luka Modric aka Tom Carroll, the next Lionel Messi as Erik Lamela has been likened to by some and let’s not forget the next Drogba who has been at Tottenham for a couple of years now Soulemayne Coubilaby, no relation to the other next Drogba over at Fulham, Moussa Dembele, can that be right?

Just imagine how the team might look in the future and who could stop us then, no problems scoring goals and streets ahead of any club in Europe. It could have been even better as Tottenham also had the the next Zinedine  Zidane but let him slip through our fingers for a paltry £1m allowing him to join QPR. Adel Taraabt now lights up the stage at Fulham and we can only think of what might have been.

For the moment we shall have to make do with what we have but take a look at this team and dream about what might be just around the corner.

[soccer p1a=’Lloris’ p2a=’Walker the new ???’ p3a=’Chiriches the new Vertonghen’ p4a=’Vertonghen the new Ledley King’ p5a=’McEvoy the other new Bale’ p6a=’Paulinho the new Lampard’ p7a=’Tom Carroll the new Modric’ p8a=’Townsend the new Bale’ p9a=’Lamela the new Messi’ p10a=’Coubilaby the new Drogba’ p11a=’Neilton the new Neymar’ =” p2b=’Chairman- Winner of the next Apprentice as the new Daniel Levyl’ p3b=’x’ p4b=’x’ p5b=” p6b=” p7b=” p8b=’Coach-AVB as the next Jose Mourinho’ p9b=” p10b=” p11b=”]


9 to “Will we see Neymar and Ibrahimovich in a Tottenham shirt soon?”

  1. Eric says:

    Loved the last part.Still feel we should be looking at the finished or semi finished players like pato etc since we already have enough upcoming talent in Holtby eriksen lamela walker and some in out youth teams too

  2. mick says:

    What happened with Lloris? As the ultimate sweeper keeper how about the new Franz Beckenbauer.

  3. BigH says:

    Can we dream about scoring a few goals first and winning some games?

  4. tom says:

    Theres only one Daniel Levy

  5. macgooner says:

    Arsenal have the new cristiano ronaldo we know him as bendtner

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