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Willian continues to attract Tottenham fury

Posted on September 07, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

When will Willian learn just to stay quiet and keep a low profile, almost everytime he speaks or tweets he gains more notoriety and adverse attention from Tottenham supporters. His latest revelation is that he always preferred Chelsea to Tottenham and stated that Mourinho had made an approach for him two months earlier but he was not then available! so why then was he touted round to United who didn’t want him, Liverpool who did up to a financial limit and Tottenham who came close to sealing the deal? why didn’t his club simply just contact Chelsea to resurrect the deal? of course it is entirely made up and quite possibly Mourinho and Abramovitch sweet talking and saying all the things that he would hope to hear when all  that he actually wanted to hear was that Chelsea would pay him lots more money and that’s the real truth.

AVB and Tottenham obviously felt that Willian was the player that could replace Bale once his transfer was completed, what is not clear is whether he was the finished article replacement or whether they would have still pressed ahead with buying Erik Lamela as well, he is not quite there yet, due to his tender years, but he is a player who could potentially be a superstar in his own right if he carries on progressing as expected.

If it is true that Chelsea wanted Willian does that mean that he was preferred to Rooney? or was he purchased instead when Rooney seemed likely to stay with United, as you can see nothing really makes much sense or fits into place and so there might just be some truth to the theory that Mourinho does actually fear Tottenham and their coach AVB. Possibly even more to the point is Abramovitch and the ridicule he would receive if AVB came good at Tottenham having let player power get the better of him and sacking the man who is currently one of the best around.

Mourinho might be on the slippery slope as a coach following a disastrous few years with Madrid, with a squad assembled at massive expense Madrid were always second best to Barcelona led by Guardiola, his replacement and even a caretaker when their coach was struck down by serious illness, Mourinho and his team even surrendered the Copa del Rey to Atletico Madrid last year ending the season with nothing. One cup and one title in his 3 years in that environment and with so many fantastic players to call upon is not good for his CV, many probably expected that he would take over from Fergie once he retired, Mourinho certainly seemed to, his reputation while at Madrid suffered and that might have cost him the job.

Let’s look at the situation over the last 2 seasons, Chelsea and their superstars won the FA Cup and Champions League and followed that up with the UEFA Cup, but in the league the cumalitive points total actually favours Tottenham who have totalled 141 points to Chelsea’s 139. Tottenham have strengthened their squad irrespective of Bale leaving while some of Chelsea’s best have moved on or are feeling the strains of age, Lampard, Cole and Terry cannot be as good as when Mourinho was last around, Drogba has gone and the one player of similar ilk, Lukaku has been sacrificed by purchasing Willian and so prevent Tottenham improving still further.

A few weeks ago many, including myself, considered Chelsea and City to be the favourites for the title, now when I look at their final squad and after having watched Bayern Munich absolutely dominate them in relation to possession and attempts at goal, I have to change my opinion, they will always be dangerous but now I cannot see them fighting for the title. More worryingly for Chelsea supporters would have been Mourinho seemingly unable to change the course of events either  tactically or with players available, as for his rant that the best team lost, how embarrassing.

Willian is setting himself up for hell when he visits WHL, he is already off of every Tottenham supporters Christmas card list and he is talking himself to endless abuse.



47 to “Willian continues to attract Tottenham fury”

  1. Gunner akhil says:

    I think tottenham has got a better player in lamela. So, it is not a loss. But, writing off chelsea is ridiculous. Mourinho has still got what it takes to win the league. They are not clear favourites. This is a 6 way battle.

    • admin says:

      not writing chelsea off but them and city were our favourites a month ago, just don’t think chelsea have a balanced squad at the end of the window, some poor decisions e.g. letting lukaku go. Make you right that it’s six clubs fighting for top four but not all for title.

  2. Gaines says:

    Common man;u sound bitter;i dnt think there is any team in europe dat can actually dominate bayern; barca 7-0 aggregate ass whooping is an evidence. So cut d slack and give d man some respect he deserves; anyone could hv won dat game btw d two teams. And abt d squad being old; the three u mentioned except cole who is still arguably d best left back around are all fringe players. I still remember chelsea owned spurs on their own turf wit dis squad and an inferior manager last season. And about avb, no argument d guy is class but there is no argument dat he floped in chelsea.

    • admin says:

      Barca still dominated possession in both games, chelsea had less than 30%. “the best team lost” nobody who watched that game could possibly say that. I’ll give you that cole is still one of the best LB. I still remember an even game at spurs and taking the lead and having more of the play. chelsea were more ruthless in front of goal. i also remember dembele and bale being injured for the game. AVB didn’t get the results because the ego’s of some refused to comply and the owner caved. abramovitch does face ridicule if AVB head chelsea this season.

    • yidarmy says:

      owned spurs last season! spurs led 2-1 early second half even having lost bale and dembele just b4 kick off. three mistakes cost goals, 2 from gallas I think and last seconds from walker. AVB is quality and given backing would have done well at Chelsea. mourinho seems to have lost the plot last couple of years what with aggression on the bench and losing the dressing room. he had to retain all the Chelsea old boys to ensure some respect but I think he has been found out.

  3. Gaines says:

    He has been found out doesnt mean he would‘nt be successful; watch and see,everyone knows mou is nt a possesion manager like avb,guardiola and so on, but nobody can argue the guy is a winner. And about his three years at rm; i think he was successful(debatable) bt before he came rm had d best squad,yet they could‘nt make d quarter finals. Everyone here knws rm under mou has been unlucky to miss out on d cl finals those three yrs.judging on stats, guardiola is still 6 titles short of beating mou,so till den mou is still d best manager in d world; even sir alex cnt match his trophy success. Even nw he‘s the best in the pl(no cl winner except him). Disagree if u want but MOU IS A WINNER

    • admin says:

      Make that WAS a winner, one cup 1st year,title 2nd year,nothing 3rd year you cannot dispute that he was 2nd best in spain, you could argue third best because Atletico beat them in cup. there are historically only 2 teams in spain even more clear cut in his 3 yrs there and he failed.guardiola has 3 league titles and 14 trophies in only 4 years in the job,mourinho has been 11 yrs and his record is deteriorating, when you consider that the last 3 yrs was with the richest club in the world and the most expensive squad ever assembled. I will disagree because I think he is in decline and that he has a made the squad weaker. I think you might all regret the way you treated AVB, Rafa and di mateo. If mourinho crashes and burns what other options do you have JM was your only choice this year.

    • tom says:

      unlucky not to reach CL final are you joking they were lucky to beat united last year before lewandowski destroyed them, the year b4 Bayern beat them and b4 that barca rolled over them 3-1. the problem is that you think you have what you lost b4 wen he left but no terry,essien,makalele,lampard,robben,a cole,j cole and drogba in their prime but an ageing terry,cole,lampard,essien.

  4. Gaines says:

    He lost against barca, he lost on penalties against bayern(not his fault), nd lost 4-3 against dortmund which he should‘nt hv lost with dat margin had pepe nt been a nuisance. Atletico won against him yes, bt avb also beat sir alex last season,and rdm an inexperienced manager in europe beat d likes of pep and jup; everyone gets beaten so dont nag abt dat, saying mou is in decline is deceiving urself;and even in his declining state he isnt in the class of any manager in d pl. In addition all teams nd grt managers hv their nemesis, guardiola is mou‘s nemesis, mou is saf nemesis(yes go check d records) in mou‘s first season at chelsea he never won aston villa. Doesnt make him a bad coach. And abt mou,s victory over united in d cl, was it his fault nani was stupid to raise his leg dat high. And besides if man utd r beta like u make dem seem, dey shld still hv held on to win atleast dey were one goal up. Chelsea beat barca wit ten men and two goals down(i dnt care how) mou won barca with inter with ten men. So saying mou was lucky to beat man utd is pure nonsense, in addition chelsea were able to hold bayern despite being a man down, so if saf was such a grt tactician he shld hv adjusted his game to defend his lead, because mou had a torrid time at spain does‘nt mean he is in d class of avb or any pl manager. Mou is mentioned in d leagues of grt managers like sir alex, jupp of bayern, vicente del bosque and so on, get a life nd stop hating him, mou is and is always a winner

  5. Gaines says:

    Wait a minute, reading d article again,i came across “some of chelsea stars have moved on or feeling d strains of age“ by stars i think u mean TURNBULL,MALOUDA,MERILESS,BENAYOUN,MARIN,KALOU,DROGBA… Aside drogbs, i dnt think dey missed anyone else. They nw hv two experienced keepers and two good players for each position; a good mix of veteran and youth. Terry is nt even a first choice center back; cole is in d setup cos despite his age, i c no one better; nd LAMPS d LEGEND despite his age is still d most succesful english player(former 2nd best in d world) nd has a magnificent goal haul; ur so called young agile nd middfield boss paulinho, dreams of being lampard, so stop being bitter cos we are rivals;ur youngstars r nowhere near our veterans;and stop hating on willian its his life and lets face it he is a better playmaker dan what u hv, ericksen is in d class of mvg; he couldnt even claim d dutch talent of d yr wich mvg did. Tot is a grt team capable of beating any side bt common stop hating chelsea is currently ranked 4th in europe by uefa after d likes of barca,bayern,mardrid; nd we hv a grt team; conquer north london before coming for d kings of london(yeah u heard me right) we had d best results in derbies last season; nd we r currently d best in terms of squad quality managers nd sponsorship. Wish u luck in wrestling north london back frm arsenal.

    • admin says:

      you carry on kidding yourself, thats the point yiu still have terry and essien,cole and lampard and they are not as good as they once were and cannot play every game, as you have said terry and essien are only 2nd choice and so must be getting worse. paulinho is what lampard was 10 yrs ago don’t you think he had to start somewhere. look at the stats, lampard joined you when he was 23 but didn’t score many in his first 2 yrs( 5 and 6 goals), about the age paulinho is now he at last scored ten. being a legend is not in dispute but at 35 he is ageing and deteriorating like terry abd essien and any player mid 30’s.over 2 season spurs have more points than chelsea, time to move over and make way for the new boys in can’t live off the past for ever and it’s impossible to replicate the first mourinho era. under rafa chelsea were playing some exciting stff at times but mourinho is taking them back to dour and defensive, he has never built a pure footballing team, he tried at madrid and won nothing, hard to beat and boring is his style but he doesn’t have the toughness in his squad to do it again.
      I do get peed off with supporters of chelsea and arsenal writing us off when we have finished one point behind arsenal for 2 yrs now and should have finished ahead of them and have finished 5 points ahead of chelsea and 3 points behind in last 2 seasons. Spurs are at least your equals and have improved their squad, underestimate Spurs at your peril.

  6. Gaines says:

    Wrong man, we aint equals, we are fourth in europe according to uefa rankings, d highest ranked british club; u might b equals wit d gunners though. And no one is underestimating tot its u dat makes it sound as if chelsea r a team in decline or d worst team of d season, criticizing willian cos he dint choose u, i understand ur pain as a fan bt d fact he choose chelsea doesnt mean hez bad; lets face it spurs dint purchase him for goals, dey did on creative play being d best playmaker in ukrain nd for d short while in russia. But nw cos he chose chelsea spurs dodged a bullet lol. Nd talking of points u only finished above us once; one of our worst seasons(thanks to avb) bt we still managed to keep u outta d premier league; points dnt count its position dat counts. Stop being bitter cos willian chose chelsea; right nw he is better dan all d playmakers u hv. Ericksen cant even beat chelaea‘s mvg to d dutch talent of d yr; hw can he compare to willian or its lamela;with all his goals he had only 5 assists,compared to chelsea‘s kdb dat has 10 goals,10 assists, 7 man of d match honours and a place in d bundesliga team of d year. So we aint equals, nt until tot command d same success chelsea has had in a decade; nd i dnt c dat happening in d nxt decade. Chelsea has been d most successful british club for past 10yrs in terms of trophies, they r mentioned in d categories of europe bests like rm,barca,bayern,man utd,juve,ac milan…

    • admin says:

      it means nothing, 5 points behind us 2011/12 3 point in front 2012/13, rankings mean zilch especially european rankings.they are in decline compared to a few years back.i agree nobody wants him for all his goals because he is not prolific, a playmaker like oscar, mata,hazard, how many do you want because it’s one too many now and he cost £32m.all the talk was that you needed a forward so you bought him and loaned out lukaku, madness.if it’s position that counts then yr b4 last spurs finished 4th and you we go talking about all the success chelsea have had in last ten yrs WITH SUGAR DADDY MONEY before that chelsea were nobodies and tottenham were the team.and they will be again and soon.please dont compare the current chelsea to bayern or the others did you watch the game it was embarrassing for english football apart from a good 1st goal and a keeper error for your second. willian is getting stick not because he chose chelsea but because he is talking bull and showing no respect for the club that was about to sign him up, if chelsea hadn’t come along and paid him higher wages he would be a spurs player, in fact i’ll bet if chelsea didn’t offer more money he wouldn’t have signed for them.
      forget the last ten years it doesn’t give you any more points than anybody else it’s about now, and now spurs squad is every bit as good as chelsea’s and more balanced.
      spurs used to finish 40 to 45 points behind you just 7/8 years ago and now we are finishing ahead or on your tail have tottenham improved that much, chelsea deteriorated that much or a bit of each, either way tottenham are on the march.

  7. Gaines says:

    Hw is tot squad more balanced than chelsea‘s, and by chelsea is in decline, can u pls elaborate. Chelsea is a team in transition with many off field issues last season,yet finished above spurs and won an european trophy,so wat do u mean by decline. Nobody cares if d second goal was d goalie‘s error, d fact is it was in d net so wats ur point, mou plays direct games so he‘s not a possesion fan, are u forgetting tot parked d bus against inter in d europa league last season. Football is won on tactics, so wichever tactics we deloy is non of ur business,as long as it yields sorry if ur bitterness has cloud ur judgement but i dnt c y chelsea isnt in d class of barca bayern mardrid, we hv a better run in d cl dan mardrid in d last ten yrs, we beat barca en-route to cl glory season before d last and actually beat bayern on deir own turf in d final(i dont care hw) with d worst squad ever fielded in movich era, sugar daddy comments r deluded comments so drop it, its no ones business he invests in chelsea, tell ur owner to make gud investment in ur club. If chelsea being in transition can manage such success last season den i fear for spurs, when mou instills his spirit in dis current squad, wait and see. And saying spurs has a better squad dan chelsea is gibberish, de bruyne, willian and schurrle will b first team players in spurs while in chelsea dey r backups; as worst as torres is i dnt think adebayor deserves a mention in his clique, and eto‘o vs soldado; only tot fans think soldado is better; ba vs defoe,ba is a better goal scorer imo(last season stats; i dnt care where he scored dem) comparing capoue to ramires is far fetched dnt think, and comparing d little paulinho to lamps isnt gud too; i think nw dat essien is outta form hez comparable to sandro, bt i gotta say dembele is better dan mikel(bt wit blues mikel has d success dembele will forever dream of) should i even start comparing our defence, d only player dat can manage a place in chelsea squad from spurs s vertoghen

    • admin says:

      chelsea in decline- no title challenge for 4 seasons, 2009/10 83 pts,2009/10 86 pts then 71 64 and 75 in decline.
      squad- 7 players over 30 some well over with best days well behind them like terry 2nd choice. only 22 players because only 5 homegrown. only 2 keepers while all other squads have 3. only 7 defenders, less than any other top squad, 9 offensive midfielders incl. 4 playmakers. beating these teams doesn’t mean it was done with class we all know chelsea don’t have that and is why your owner keeps changing coach as the team can’t do well in europe playing beatiful football even with all their money and spending.
      what makes you say de bruyne and schurrie would get in spurs team, impossible de bruyne would be about fourth choice and lamela at £30m is rated higher.than shurrie. your torres /adebayor match up is a little embarrassing, in last 2 seasons torres played in 113 games and scored 33 goals while ade scored 26 in just 69 games.that 7 more in 44 more games.last 2 seasons soldado 57 goals-eto 34 and 4 yrs older. y compare ramirez to capoue he is more akin to dembele, ramirez more dangerous, dembele better defensively. comparing todays paulinho to lamps pf 4/5 yrs ago isn’t good but now paulinho quicker, stronger, fitter and will score goals. essien is not even close to sandro and mikel should be compared to capoue who has still to settle in but is good. your strengths are hazard, oscar, willian,ramirez and mata but you can’t play them all.
      don’t get the idea that i think chelsea are crap, i don’t,just that nor are spurs and they are capable of finishing above you.

  8. Gaines says:

    If adebayor was beta y did spurs offer him and 15 million for torres. Etoo plays as d man behind d striker in anzhi and hez still d second highest goal scorer, his success is wat every tot player can only dream of. Comparing de bruyne to any of your attacking mid fielders is blashphemy; 10 goals, 10 assists in 33 games; 7 man of d matches honours; and a place in d bundesliga team of d yr. And schurrle has been d back bone of bayern leverkusen for d past two seasons,playing consistently in d cl, i dnt think hez in d class of chadli. Dortmund only inquired abt ericksen when chelsea turned them down for de bruyne. Wich nw brings me to the keeper issues; we hv two quality keepers most third keepers are luxuries; hw many appearances does gomez has for tot last season;most third choice dnt even make d bench, and abt d defenders we have 8 quality defender; no deadwoods who cant make d bench like most teams have including spurs, we hv two quality players for each position. All ur attacking mf would hv gone on loan had dey been in chelsea cos they aint gud enuf to grace mou‘s bench; u dnt expect lamela to bench hazard, hazard is d best left winger in the premier league while oscar is d best cam (team of d season). In terms of squad we r far ahead, u can only dream of wat we have.look at courtois bought for 7 million then, hez nw one of d bests and hez priced at 30 million; and he cant even make d blues eleven. With all u bought ur performance has been embarassing, could‘nt even score from open play cos u r baleless. Work hard in kicking gooners outta d top for cos dats d only team in ur range. U can only dream of displacing chelsea,city and united. With a 100 mill investment u cnt even beat crystal palace in open play. PATHETIC, u r a grt team no doubt, but learn to walk b4 aspiring to fly.

    • steve says:

      they didn’t ade has confirmed he was never leaving as agreed with avb.if eto plays behind the striker why buy willian and shurrie? eto is from the past we beat his milan team with him in often will wonder kid de bruyne play and look at eriksen 10 goals and 17 assists in 33 games thats better isn’t it.most teams pick 3 as they have had to rely on youth keeper at times due to injury or suspension, you also have a 3rd keeper but cocked squad up by releasing only have 7 defenders and i would argue about all quality, terry and cole are getting worse they were quality but time has caught up with them, baines is better than cole now.bertrand average and even doubts about luiz as a centre half at times. you go on about the attacking midfielders you have and it is true but a team consists of a blend of defensive minded players and attackers what do you think your gonna play 4 defenders and all the others attack. no you need creation , tough and defensive and spurs have that blend but not sure you have. how good are essien and mikel now ?you have already said mikel is poor and essien was sent away last year and is not the player he was., torres and ba most chelsea fans have been disappointed in and eto is no longer the player he was. tottenham admire hazard, oscar,willian and mata but wouldn’t want or need them all, and you also have de bruyne, van ginkel, shurrie,lampard and ramires lamela plays on the right so not against hazard.
      So embarrassing spurs have 6 points after 3 games a solitary point behind the cream of chelsea, spurs have 7 new players 3 of whom only turned up the day b4 the arsenal game and they all have to gel. Based on all your comments you would think that chelsea would be miles ahead by now, give it a few weeks and then you will see what’s what.Don’t count on finishing top London club again anytime soon, the giant has risen.COYS

  9. Gaines says:

    I meant to say mata is d best cam in d pl nt oscar. Nd get ur facts only 5 players r thirty nd above; terry; lamps, cole; cech, essien. Ivanovic is 29 and he is ten folds better than walker

    • steve says:

      no arguments Mata is top notch. shwarzer,czech,terry,essien,eto,lampard and cole.that’s seven and a third of your squad. ivanovich edges walker because of experience but has half walkers pace, very underestimated is walker defensively. Apart from Friedel not one single spurs player is yet thirty with only Dawson close. Spurs are gonna rule for years.

  10. Gaines says:

    Tot is gonna rule for years; tell me something i dnt knw; cristain atsu, cristain cuevas, thorgan hazard, patrick van anholt, wallace, kakuta, chalobah,moses, lukaku, courtois, parker, ulises davilla,islam feruz, reuben loftus cheek,nathan ake, d young guy loaned to benfica(forgot his name), d new youngstar from westbrom(forgot his name to) so talkin ‘bout youngstars i dnt c tot far ahead cos we hv youth and quality too. So once again mate u r wrong. D problem wit u is dat u dnt knw wat versatility means; many chelsea mf‘s r utility players. Rami is comfortable both on d wings and central mf, lampard plays as a amf bt hez also playing as a dmf, oscar started his career as a dmf so hez also comfortable dere,van ginkel also plays as dmf, de bruyne plays anywhere in d mf comfortably;unfortunately same can be said of ur players, so we are very comfortable we dnt need ur opinion,and if ade was better y was avb after torres; solve dat and abt david luiz; he was one of d most courted defenders in europe last window; dat alone speaks for itself, he is brazil first choice along with thiago, and despite his age cole is defensively ahead of baines. Baines is only better attacking wise. Nobody cares abt age cos as old as pirlo is dere is no one beta dan him in england; jst an example and there are still many examples, lamps is still far ahead of any of ur mf‘s and essien is still very useful better dan sandro if fit( he played in mardrid mf) a feat sandro cant achieve, sandro isnt even on brazil‘s bench as thin as brazil is in his position, and cech is a pl legend, so talking abt present and future we aint ur match; go watch chelsea‘s youngstars like feruz in d next gen series

    • admin says:

      they’re not youngsters they’re mostly kids and spurs have got plenty of them as many youngsters have made the breakthrough at chelsea? none you bought the lot at great expense apart from terry who came thru ranks and he’s on his last legs. read the details of each spurs buy they are all 2 footed and can play in a number of positions comfortably , all are very versatile so don’t kid yourself that chelsea have cornered the market. Ade was not offerred for torres and spurs were not after him but pato in brazil. the point i made to counteract your comparison of the 2 is that ade, spurs current 4th choice is not far away from torres your 1st choice. Paulinho is a regular for Brazil and Sandro will reclaim his place as soon as he is again fully fit after 7mths seriously injured. suggest you watch spurs who were also excellent in the nextgen, in the first yr they beat liverpool and had to withdraw for playing players too young!!!!they had also beaten the eventual winners 7-1. if you get chance watch the quality of tom carroll or have a look at pritchards goal the other day for swindon. Make that luiz was “allegedly”one of the most courted players. so paulinho and sandro, when fit, who are both regulars for brazil are average but luiz who is also a regular is the best in the world. so the criteria is if you play for chelsea you are automatically the best but if it’s spurs average. Pathetic and about to swept aside by the new kids on the block, Spurs.

  11. Gaines says:

    Abt ericksen and debruyne u might wanna check ur stats again last season de bruyne created 87 chances wich ranks him as number eleven in d list of best playmakers in europe; ericksen isnt even in top 20; and abt frank lampard; though he is old but he still has d highest assists in pl history, one of d best players of d game mentioned in leagues of legendary mf; even zidane said lamps is d best in england, and for a legend like zidane to say dat den lamps is grt. So knock it off none of ur attacking players are gud enuf to make chelsea‘s bench. No one is saying tot is bad, but learn to walk before attempting to fly, aiming at chelsea is too big for ya, where chelsea is nw; tot might get dere bt in d nxt decade, and it doesnt look like we r stopping either. Beat arsenal before aiming at chelsea cos we aint equals

  12. Gaines says:

    I dint say u were cornered in d transfer market; all im saying is try pick on someone datz ur size, and lets face it u aint capable of distorting d balance of d top 4 yet; maybe nxt season, jst maybe. But dis season pray liverpool dnt take ur place. Sentiments apart we are better than you in all aspects of d game; a better squad a better manager everything including sponsorshis we are second in league after united. Do you knw! Kevin de bruyne was d best play maker in d bundesliga last season ahead of d likes of goetze, kroos, ribery swinsteiger,martinez,reus nd so on; and he still struggles for a place in chelsea; he would hv gotten a shirt comfortably at spurs though. I think dats enough to prove our sueriority in terms of squad depth and quality

    • Tony says:

      don’t worry for us worry for yourselves we already have shaken the order with 2 top fours in fours years. chelsea finished 5 pts behind us the season b4 last so don’t be so confident. you would think that de bruyne would have played in 4 league games if he was so exceptional but no only twice and subbed off in one of them. You have an ageing squad short on numbers, an unbalanced squad , a few players better and a few worse, you have a coach in last chance saloon and spurs have a coach on the rise and set for great success. Look at our article yesterday on levy and perez, in it you will see that in the last 8 seasons spurs turnover has grown by 75% and chelsea by only 47%, our ground only holds 37,000 so you can’t use that it’s simply the fact that Tottenham are historically a far bigger club than chelsea, they have had to go through some difficult years but are on the way back, chelsea have only had the russian money to win silverware and spurs will soon take back the biggest club mantle. chelsea have had a good run but it’s coming to an end or at least they will have to get used to playing second fiddle to spurs.
      That’s the truth in the real world, hoddle helped them get on the ladder but they have always been at best the 3rd team in London while Spurs and Arsenal have always been the really big teams. That is the natural order of things and that is what will happen again sooner than you think.

  13. Gaines says:

    Loool; dude u jst made my day avb vs mou if mou retires today avb cannot i repeat cannot beat his record. True u finished above chelsea season b4 d last, but all thanks to avb nw tell me where is chelsea unbalanced
    Gk: cech, schwarzer,
    Right full back:ivanovic, azilicueta
    Left full back: ashley cole, betrand
    DMF: ramires, lampard,van ginkel,mikel, essien
    AMF: oscar, willian, hazard, de bruyne, schurrle, mata
    Strikers; torres, ba, eto‘o
    Center defenders:terry, kalas(injured),cahill,david luiz.
    Please stop being bitter, u finished 4th and we still ruined ur hope on cl football; make urself feel good saying chelsea has unbalanced squad but we all knw d afore mentioned is better dan ur squad. And about de bruyne hez played two outta three nd dats wat i call squad depth and quality, if andros townsend or chadli were chelsea players dey would nt hv gotten a game nw; so give credit to d lad,he‘z quality to hv a chance of lining up in blue and in two apearances he has an assist, name me a spurs player dat has gotten an assist loool,u spent millions yet couldnt score from open play against any team, give me d transition crap, chelsea were in d same shoes last season nd cruised past wigan,reading and newcastle. If ur signings were gud, they shld hv lit up l like oscar and hazard. No excuse for failure man. Dream on man i dnt blame u as a fan i also do it, but d end is clear nd i dnt c tot dere,u shld be worried abt liverpool nt chelsea u aint catching us in a decade.u cant even beat arsenal;and i must appreciate u for making my evnin by mentioning avb in d class of mou bt pls dnt say dat in public u‘ll jst embarass urself. And abt d sugar daddy i dnt think tot fans will disagree if carlos slim bought ur club and pumps in hs doe. So dnt comlain cos only losers find excuses sugar daddy or not i dnt care. ALL I KNW IS DAT CHELSEA IS D KING OF LONDON. U might wanna debate dat so bring it on

    • steve says:

      Terry is an old slow defender on his way out and kalas is a really should stop saying we all know this or that, we all know that mourinho has lost the plot, we all know your squad is not better than ours, we all know that chelsea supporters are living in the past mourinho yrs.hardly cruised this year so far, slaughtered by bayern, bore draw against utd, struggled against newly promoted hull in 2nd half, lucky to beat villa at home by 2-1. not really inspiring is it. you can’t convince me that we have to worry much about chelsea. spurs are growing quicker than chelsea and have lots of better players but not all. you had better hope that you get to be 2nd best team in london behind spurs or you will be in real trouble. i know you have convinced yourself that you have the better players but even willian has only won 2 brazil caps and is not near the team. 7 old players have you admitted it yet?
      chelsea have shared the spot with arsenal as top dog in london only since abramovitch but soon back to clinging on to third..North London has always ruled and will do again.

      • Gaines says:

        Hw amusing; mou lost his plot cos he had 1 bad season in mardrid;while avb still has his own plot after failing woefully at chelsea. Avb is d worst thing dat ever happened to chelsea;masterminding d greatest chelsea drop in abramovich era. But bitter tot fans says mou lost his plot;while avb has his. Wrong man u think d likes of lennon,chadli,sigurdson,dembale,paulinho,capoue,lamela,ericksen, soldado, lloris is enough to seize london from d likes of cech, lampard legend,ramires,oscar,mata,hazard,debruyne,schurrle,willian,torres,eto‘o,ivanovic,mikel,marco van ginkel(dutch talent of d yr ahead of ericksen) dude get a life and pick on someone ur own size

        • steve says:

          AVB in his one season at Porto won 4 trophies and was undefeated an even better performance than mourinho. i know he won the cl there but in avb ‘s one season they were not in it. when avb went to chelsea he was charged with getting shot of the old guard and transforming an ageing squad, he brought in Mata, cahill, courteous.lukaku and de bruyne, all players you keep raving about and acknowledged quality. didn’t really do you so bad did he? performance dropped off for a while because of transition ordered by abramovitch not avb.
          Now you had no other choice but to go back to mourinho because you had already sacked the best option AVB and he and levy will now make you pay. Our gain your loss.
          Eriksen was the star of the dutch champions finishing 4 paces and 12 points ahead of mvg team, he also had better stats and by the way Eriksen is Danish anyway so wasn’t in the running for dutch talent of the year, oh dear!
          Chelsea have had their day and now it’s the turn of Tottenham Hotspur. The giant rises.

  14. Gaines says:

    Can a tot player tell me who any of d players in d chelsea team wont bench in ur current eleven; i wnt compare d attacks if i were u, nd d strikers i think we both hv d same problem with dat
    Torres vs defoe- torres is better
    Ade vs ba- ba is better
    Soldado vs eto‘o-time will tell
    Nw to d mid-fielders
    Paulinho vs lamps-embarassing
    Etienne capoue vs mikel- nt close
    Dembele vs ramires-tot fans will argue bt rami is better
    Sandro vs essien- sandro wins
    Mvg vs who? Ericksen- i think mvg won dat last season
    To defence den
    Azp vs walker- i‘ll leave tot fans to answer dat
    Veroghen vs luiz-are u kidding me answer dat too
    Dawson vs cahill- embarassing
    Rose vs cole- i rest my case
    Nw gk
    Lloris vs cech-i‘ll leave dat to u as well
    Friedel vs schwarzer-i dnt knw
    Abt d squad size we r ok; 25 players is anough after all only 18 makes d match days so ur fat squad of average players is nothing players like kaboul might nt even make d bench so y keep deadwoods;u might wanna ask arsenal abt deadwood issues

    • Tony says:

      torres v soldado soldado is miles better
      ba v ade time will tell
      eto v lamela no contest old man v new superstar

      lamps v paulinho embarrassing how can you compare last legs lamps with the new star
      mikel v capoue- close but mikel is boring and capoue could well be far better
      ramirez v dembele- just ramirez more dangerous dembele better defence
      essien v sandro-sandro by a country mile
      mvg v eriksen – eriksen was the star for the champions of that league no contest they beat his team by 12 points eriksen

      azp v walker- yes i agree walker easily, quicker stronger and getting better.
      luiz v vertonghen- easy vertonghen by far the better defender and as good as luiz going forward.
      cahill v dawson- nothing in it but Kaboul is better than them both.
      cole v rose- easily cole.

      cech v lloris- was once cech but now lloris quicker, younger and better but still close and nothing much in it.
      Friedel vs schwarzer-nothing in it.
      thats how we see it don’t get some of your comments though some are a bit foolish i think.

  15. Gaines says:

    Call a 2-2 draw nd a 5-4 win on penalties humiliating,if chelsea struggled against hull and aston villa den wat did tot did against swansea and crystal palace,u had u struggle for a penalty; pathetic,and despite all u said nd all u spent u were EASILY ass whopped by spurs. If bayern embarassed chelsea den embarassment is an understatement to what basel did to tot last season. No tot fan is in d position to say chelsea struggled. And comparing ade to ba is far fetched while lamps to paulinho is equivalent to comparing d lad to d likes of totti, pirlo, hez nt yet dere. Nd on azilicueta vs walker are u kidding me,kaboul better dan cahill where r u from, vertoghen as gud as luiz i cnt bliv u jst said dat,luiz is far better going forward,a little discipline and he will b better dan vertoghen defensively and lamela eto‘o is like comparing lukaku to drogba(power of experience) and saying lloris is better dan cech is nonsense, its like comparing lloris to buffon,lloris is nt even in d class of courtois so wats ur point. Dream on abt tot ruling london;enjoy it cos its only a dream, deal wit it though else u might hv an heart attack wen arsenal pips u to fourth, u were never nd u can never nt in a decade b in d class of chelsea.abt soldado and torres who plays most for spain;was‘nt soldado in d squad wen torres received a golden boot in d confed cup. We aint mates man

  16. Gaines says:

    Sorry for some of my errors, ur comments annoy me so i was typing angrily

  17. Gaines says:

    Tot fans saying mou has lost d plot; agreed bt despite loosing it he is far ahead of avb(undebatable)and north london ruling again, nt in a decade and abt willian nt being in brazil squad, well, hez better dan all ur play makers, y am i even arguing with a team dat got owned by basel. And d guy dat says my comments r stupid, den u must be an idiot for relying dem, abt chelsea supporters living in d past, well u cnt blame us atleast spurs dnt hv a past dey can dwell on; and we even dwell in ur present, u think lamela, holtby,townsend chadli, ericksen,lennon,soldado is enough to threaten d likes of mata,oscar,hazard,schurrle,willian,eto‘o,de bruyne,ramires,lampard;wrong man, u aint ready for d london throne yet;we‘ll keep it.dream on fellas mou is all avb can aspire to be(bt can never be) he was named world best club coach u knw,speaks volume i guess. Enjoy arsenals shadow, come out of their shadows before targetting a bigger one than theirs

    • Tony says:

      calm down fella, let me explain a few things. we have not slagged your players off but given an honest opinion some of it backed up by facts and stats.willian only has 2 brazil caps why is that? You and arsenal supporters keep slagging of Chadli when the stats say different, he is the 5th best chance creator in the prem with 9 only 4 are better with just one more. ahead of him is eden hazard 1 more chance created and the same pass success of 86%, so chadli is on par with your £34m star.sometimes football is not only about tricks and natural ability sometimes it’s just doing the job. hazard has more natural ability than beckham did but every team including chelsea would pick beckham every time. As regards Luis v Vertonghen take a look at the premier league team of the year, vertonghen in luis not. the reason I say Kaboul is better than cahill is because he is IF fit, his last season stats put him almost on a par with vincent kompany who was the best at the time. I didn’t knock lampard he was one of the best and is still a credit to the game but he is now pushing 36 he was top class but it’s now behind him, once he made 20 or 30 runs into the box and now he has to manage his fitness can only manage a handful of such runs while Paulinho 10yrs his junior can run all day.thats life. terry once the first name on the teamsheet is now fourth choice while our 4th choice chiriches is 23, the captain of his country and faster than terry on one leg. Don’t use torres golden boot award as proof he is better he played against tahiti and scored 4 in that game. Paulinho was the 3rd best player of the entire tournament.cech v lloris again your keeper is fantastic but not quite at the level he was while Lloris is as good in most areas of his game and far better and quicker at coming out to clear danger.
      Arsenal 43% spurs 57% possession and spurs had 14 shots to arsenals 12 hardly a arse whop. chelsea v bayern 24% v 76% possession, 14 v 41 shots now thats an arse whopping and humiliating for what you say is the top english team.Eto was class but heading toward 33 he has lost yard of pace while lamela is on the up. no team pays £30m for average. before abramovitch appeared spurs rule chelsea and shared top london club with arsenal most of the time and thats a fact.
      Why can’t you be a man and admit Spurs are a threat, it’s not always about having the most expensive and best players or real madrid would win the CL every year when truth is they havn’t even been in the final since 2002.Over 2 seasons spurs have more points than chelsea and being only 3 points behind last year had spurs managed to hold the lead at the lane or even managed a draw Spurs would have been third, that’s how close it was.

      • Gaines says:

        I agree with some of wat u said, bt no one is saying tot r nt a threat; tottenham has alwayz been a threat, its ur fellow fans that say mou is nw below avb and chelsea is a team in decline, im jst defending my team and stressing out some facts; abt hazard and chadli;pls dnt even go dere;hazard is d best player in d whole belgian national team.abt bayern,did u c wat dey did to europe greats last season juventus, barcelona, so u r telling me chelsea shld go all out against a team like that, dose 14 chelsea shots were more threatning dan half of dat 41 bayern has(go rewatch) and luiz;vertoghen,well kompany dint make d team of d season either so every1 keeps deir opinion on dat, lloris;cech, go check d amount of clean sheets both had last season. Chelsea is still growing under mou dis season; non of d players hv played to their full potential,so watch out for dat. Totenham are a very good team with a promising, but saying u hv a better squad or coach dan chelsea is far fetched. Abt willian hw come his brazil caps nw mataz nw dat he signed for chelsea; when he wanted to sign for spurs,he was a grt player, but nw he‘z bad. STOP HATING

        • steve says:

          You don’t have to be the most naturally gifted player to be the best player for your team and that is why Chadli has similar value to spurs. Why would you say that hazard is the best player in belgian team he can’t defend like vertonghen and kompany and he can’t score goals like benteke he is a team member who is very good at what he does.I don’t care what bayern did to juventus etc. they ran all over you and you keep saying you are the 4th best club in europe and one of the greats. dortmund beat them 4-2 the other week. chelsea shots being more dangerous? well no actually only 6 were on target incl. the 2 scored.
          I said vertonghen made the team last season and that kompany was the best the year before when competing with Kaboul. clean sheets mean nothing if one team is defensive and the other not so stand by lloris. didn’t say willian wasn’t a good player just that if he is that good and can’t get in their team then that makes paulinho a class player as he is a regular and perhaps you should include sandro in that as well as he also has 17 caps and was regular b4 injury.
          nowhere have your players been slagged off, they have been acknowledged as quality but all you chelsea supporters talk like they are all great and they’re not, spurs have plenty of players as good if not better is that so hard to see or accept?
          As for chelsea growing under mourinho this season the same can be said of Spurs only they are are doing so with players coming to their peak rather than with 5 or 6 players past their peak at chelsea(terry,cole,lampard,essien,eto,cech) even ivanovic and torres turn 30 in feb and march.
          All i am saying is spurs have a brilliant squad and coach, chelsea are not now ahead of them but still have some better players as spurs have some better players than chelsea, you seem to think as do all arsenal and chelsea fans that at best spurs have a couple of players of equal ability and the rest are average compared to your greats, not so. theres no hate but please stop believing you have great players to spurs average when you haven’t.

        • craig says:

          why do you think Chelsea have gone for the buy young and loan out route the past few years, it’s because they were an ageing team and they have not cured the problem yet.AVB was brought in to oversee the process but the owner bottled it. Levy saw his chance and took it and with baldini alongside the future is bright.the average age of your 22 is nearly 30yrs while spurs about 24yrs.

  18. Gaines says:

    Willian and paulinho dont play in d same position, and d man dat benched willian is a blue(oscar) and abt d average age,its 26-27. And spurs is a talented team no doubt; and about bayern, i remember spurs been outplayed by inter in d europa league, nd spurs had to park d bus to proceed(though beaten by basel,dat eventually lost to chelsea). Football is divided into two(offensive, defensive) play any one as long as it brings u results; mou‘s tactics is his tactics and we fans love it so far it rakes in trophies. If we decide to play an offensive team defensively i dnt think its against football rules and itz nt a dark stop complaining abt bayern chelsea; if tot had gotten dat same result against bayern(impossible) i knw u will all b on top of d world, and chelsea attackers aint in deir peak yet like u make it seem; i hope to c u all after d chelsea vs tot match

    • admin says:

      Don’t think oscar benched willian he is not even in the squad.Spurs already had a massive lead from first leg over inter 3-0 and took it too easy in the second and that is why it happened after playing mostly second string. We don’t yet consider ourselves to be the 4th best team in europe like chelsea when we do I would expect a lot more from the team than what you put up, but that isn’t the real point it’s mourinho continuously saying the best team lost, come on not even close,totally outplayed. were you embarrassed by his comment or taken in by it? what do you mean chelsea attackers are not at their peak? torres past his peak, eto past his peak and Lukaku you have loaned out.
      You will see us all after the match no matter what as I am confident of a good show but am also sensible enough to admit that chelsea could win it, are you able to admit that spurs could also get a result or are you still so set in your chelsea have great players and spurs have none.

  19. Gaines says:

    No one says tot cnt beat chelsea, nd we dint say we r 4th best in europe; uefa said so and they have their reasons if we dnt deserve it we wont be given. Abt mou‘s opinion, every one is entitled to his, nd i quite agree with him on dat. And abt willian, oscar plays in his position consistently for brazil so he did kept him out. Nobody said tot dnt have grt players bt comparing azpilicueta to walker; azpi had 7 assists last season alone and ivanovic is d pl highest scoring defender last season comparing both to walker is adsurb, vertoghen;luiz; luiz is more verseatile, better passer, dangerous in set piece deliveries, scored more goals,nd comaring kaboul to cahill: embarassing, cahill is an england first choice nw. Tot hv grt players no doubt bt saying players like lamps is nt near paulinho cos he is over 30 is saying paulinho can compete with xavi, pirlo, nd other legends of d game,nd saying lloris is better than cech cos cech is thirty is equivalent to a chelsea fan saying courtois is better than buffon cos buffon is old, did u watch d cl finals, cech and drogbs won it, look at his displays in d super cup, nd d europa finals, barca vs chelsea 1st nd 2nd leg, watch dat and compare with lloris,no doubt lloris is one of d best of his generation bt saying hez better dan cech is blashphemy, can u remind me of ribbery‘s age dis yr wen he won ballon ‘d‘ or, saying cos players like lamps, cole, ivanovic aintgud again is nonsense, tot can beat any team nd hv one of d best squad in england but we are still far ahead

    • Tony says:

      and Uefa also say that greece are the 11th best international team in the world with england 14th, both quite ridiculous as is chelsea’s position if true.there’s an opinion and there’s a ridiculous statement said over and over. We didn’t believe it then just had to laugh but it seems many chelsea supporters have been taken in including you ,unbelievable.. Perhaps that was the aim to hide his shortcomings as he seemed unable to hold back the tide or had the players to do so. just checked last years stats and walker got 7 assists while azp got 6 and an own goal in 4 more games. Lets look at the stats for your superior ivanovic and luis over vertonghen goals ivanovic 9,luis 7 vertonghen 9-assists ivanovic 9,luis 7,vertonghen 9, games played ivanovic 70, luis,73, vertonghen 61–in premier league ivanovic 5 and 1, luis 2 and 2, vertonghen 5 and 3. so I make that Spurs players easily win on every count and in many fewer games. I know i shouldn’t compare kaboul and cahill because if kaboul regains full fitness he is much quicker, stronger and has far more skill. you keep living in the past on lamps, he was great no argument but paulinho has got many of his qualities and is quicker and fitter, it was luis who compared him to lamps yes your own player and surely he must know he plays with them both. even with cech your going back in time it’s what they do now not years ago. Yeah ribbery is 30 still years younger than your over 30’s. I have never said lamps, cole terry and eto are not good but they are no longer great, they were but age has taken it’s toll. you still have to say you are far ahead but every time you throw stats of how great your lot are i find spurs players are actually better, that is because you can’t accept how good spurs now are. Again, after leading 2-1 at the Lane if Spurs had won or drawn they would have been third and chelsea 5th and that is a fact. It was that close and perhaps you should realise Spurs are back and they want to be the kings of London again.

      • Gaines says:

        Dats it man; exactly y we r better, u were nt good enough to contain chelsea on ur ground so y d if‘s fact is it dint happen so get on.even if its a point we still rule london. Had ivanovic nt given away two goal against swansea chelsea could hv won capital one cup to. So dnt come with d if‘s we were d better team nd we won. Comparing paulinho to lamps is by way of play nt quality get dat. Cech dis season conceded one goal same as lloris,so wats d past abt dat;he has been one of the best keepers in europe in d past decade, go check d goal keepers ranking for lloris nd cech,he jst kept his 200th clean sheets against utd;pls dnt come with if‘s here, if d ref blew at normal time against liverpool,we‘ll hv been top three even if we had lost to spurs, had torres nt been unjustly sent off nd chicarito‘s goal ruled out correctly, dnt even let me start. Abt d luiz vertoghen every1 is entitled to deir opinions so i‘ll kip mine u kip urs.nd abt robben its just an example of 30yr olds dat r way better, i said dat cos of d ivanovic walker comparism. Man keep ur opinion while i keep mine; i wish u a place in d top 4 but i dnt c u pushing chelsea down

        • steve says:

          what a pathetic response, I know all the ifs and maybes don’t matter but I was using it to make the point how close it was. I’ll try and explain everything in future as you just don’t get it. Don’t keep up the pathetic lampard defence he is on the slippery slope and that’s life, right now Paulinho is comfortably the better of the two, fitter, quicker, stronger and he covers more ground and makes more runs into the box and you can remember the lampard of old but it doesn’t make him better now, it’s you being ridiculous. cech also concede 2 in europe whereas lloris has a clean sheet.plenty of similar hard luck stories for spurs as well but as i said you haven’t a clue the point i was making have you. Ill say it again, spurs and chelsea were so close it hinged on one result got it? when it suits you you use stats and when it doesn’t work out in your favour it come down to opinion.firstly it was Azp and walker comparison and now you change it to ivanovich.
          My opinion is spurs have the more balanced squad and better players than chelsea in some positions and that they have every chance of finishing ahead of them.You think different and that’s your prerogative but please don’t insist you have the better players in every position, you haven’t.

  20. Gaines says:

    I dnt need to convince u, their achievement speaks for itself; nd comparing d pathetic greeks u played to bayern chelsea played is stupid. Can u even name an attacker in their team, wat achievement for spurs. Come d end of d season it will b same old shit; finished below arsenal. Dream of conquering london cos it can only happen in ur dream. Hold ur opinion while i hold on to mine. WHOM CAN STOP MY POWERFULL CHELSEA

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