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Willian: I was right to sign for Chelsea rather than Tottenham.

Posted on November 30, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Speaking as a Tottenham supporter I have to wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments expressed by Willian as at this point it is a situation for Tottenham of more than £30m saved in relation to his transfer fee, a bullet dodged and a contractual saving of close to another £25m . Since signing for Chelsea Willian has had such an impact for them that he has made just three substitute appearances and two starts. Some might say that Tottenham have Lamela with similar playing statistics but he is only a youngster and was purchased as much for his future potential rather than for his immediate impact, Willian on the other hand is an experienced player who is close to his peak and was wanted for his immediate impact by all the clubs chasing him over the summer.

His interview published in the Sun is a little unexpected as it comes from a player who has had so little impact so far in the Premier League that his goal against Norwich is probably the only highlight of his time at Chelsea so far. More interesting was his admission that he had not in fact signed a contract at Tottenham nor had he completed a medical, something that Jose Mourinho had reported and confirmed and which he  found hugely amusing when in front of the cameras.

At the moment the joke is actually on Mourinho as the most expensive of his summer acquisitions has been a dud so far and his intervention in the transfer seems now to have saved Tottenham a considerable sum of money, just imagine the additional ridicule AVB would be under had the deal gone through and he brought such underwhelming form to the Lane.

Right now every Tottenham supporter must concur with Willian’s announcement that he was right to sign for Chelsea, they are very welcome to him.

6 to “Willian: I was right to sign for Chelsea rather than Tottenham.”

  1. lou says:

    was excited at the prospect of signing him and now so relieved we didn’t. The article from willian is designed to endear him to the Chelsea fans and poke fun at the spurs but his form is so average as to invite ridicule from Spurs as it was a bullet dodged and £50m saved on fee and wages.

  2. Tony says:

    Willian has one goal and no assists while Lamela has 1 assist in FOUR appearances in the league and a goal and assist in another FOUR appearances in europe so that just 8 games he has played in. What the writer does grasp is the fact that chelsea bought willian as the finished article while Lamela is a work in progress and for that reason and because he HAS actually done more than Willian I would pick Lamela. We were gutted that we lost him to chelsea but as stated based on performance it turns out it is no big loss.
    Lukaku is different altogether he should have stayed at Chelsea and is no flop especially as he is so much younger, didn’t cost £32m and isn’t on £100k pw. I really don’t get the point of your argument at all

  3. Tony says:

    lukaku is at everton because chavs loaned him after they signed willian. Lamelas has taken part in 4 games in europe and 5 in the league 1 start and 4 sub. still not sure what your point is as you agree even chelsea don’t seem to want to play willian.

  4. Tony says:

    less than £25m with another £5 ish based on appearances etc.not £35m he’s 21yrs old and just stepped into the premier. chavs paid 18m for lukaku and bundles more for others now loaned out the same as Arsenal.After 8 games at a new club you can’t call any of the 7 a flop thats just stupid, come back in 18mths and then you can say it has or hasn’t worked out. AVB won’t be getting the sack this season thats for sure and a ridiculous suggestion.

  5. Jeremy says:

    My god Willian, just concentrate on your squad and your performances rather than bringing up spurs every chance you get! Every single headline is him saying the same crap. What a classless player! Perfect fit for chelsea!

    • Tony says:

      Its probably an old story and the sun just want to wind up spurs.the rags have hiddink capello heynkes poyet laudrup amongst others to replace avb who has a match week or month to save his job. Would be funny if so many spurs fans didnt fall for it.

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