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Willians back. Will AVB relaunch bid for him?

Posted on August 01, 2013 by Tony

With the avalanche of money about to descend upon Tottenham with the expected sale of Bale it seems that Willian, a major target of AVB last summer, is possibly once again available. Clearly the Brazilian featured very highly on the wishlist of AVB in each of the last two transfer windows, Chelsea and Tottenham both apparently tried to buy him without success before Anzi came along and took him to Russia.

Suddenly the player again announces his wish to play for a big club in Europe with a preference for the Premier League , maybe this is coincidence or perhaps AVB has maintained his supposed contact with a player he has followed for some time.

Last year Tottenham were unwilling or unable to acquire the services of Willian because of his astronomical fee, this time round there should be no such problem though Daniel Levy will not allow any club to take financial liberties with Tottenham, that is his domain with the likes of Madrid and united.

There are a couple of youngsters being suggested as possible replacements for Gareth Bale, both play in Italy for Roma and Fiorentina but whilst both are extremely talented and might  one day be the answer, Willian is the finished article and ready to step straight in.

There are some really exceptional players in their early twenties already making their mark in the big European leagues, Tottenham will have the money to try to buy those players and now also have a reputation as a club able to develop players to world class status, Luka Modric signed in his early twenties and soon became a world star while Gareth Bale joined them just over six years ago as a seventeen year old and is about to become the most expensive player ever.

If Tottenham cannot persuade Bale to stay then they must use his sale as an opportunity to develop as a club, to reach another level  and to bring in players able to make an immediate impact but still promise much more in the future. Tottenham have already made great strides in this transfer window, Chadli and Paulinho should add more goals from midfield, Soldado will replicate the goals total of Bale as a pure striker, Aaron Lennon is the natural right sided offensive player at Tottenham but does not bring enough goals to suit a 4 3 3 formation, once Bale leaves a left footed player with the ability to strike from the right or better still a two footed player will be needed to make the most of the formation, Willian  might be that player.

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