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With Two South Americans in midfield again the trophies will flow once more.

Posted on July 05, 2013 by Tony

I can remember the last time Tottenham lined up with a pair of South American midfielders, on that occasion they were newly crowned World Champions and hailed from Argentina, no football supporter will need reminding of the excitement the signing of Ossie Ardiles and Ricky Villa brought to Tottenham. I was there for their first league game, an away fixture at Nottingham Forest and shall never forget the amount of travelling support on the day, truly impressive. A couple of  back to back FA Cups followed as well as a UEFA cup win but even though the team threatened on a couple of occasions to even win the title or more silverware, three triumphs and three trophies was still impressive and left the supporters ecstatic. I was at Wembley for the ’81 replay and the dramatic UEFA Cup triumph and can still remember every special moment.

Today we await the announcement that Paulinho has passed his medical and signed a contract to play for Tottenham next season, nothing can be taken for granted but surely it is almost certain that the deal will be signed sealed and delivered any time now. With the signing of Paulinho and the return to fitness of another favourite Brazilian son of Tottenham supporters, Sandro, the midfield should take on a whole new direction, two extremely powerful and gifted players will patrol the Tottenham midfield snuffing out danger and springing forward to take the game to the opposition.

Two completely different pairs of South Americans, Ossie and Ricky, little and large, with the endless energy, passion and skill of Ossie and no little skill, pace and power of Ricky, both players will be forever remembered when recounting an important period with important players in Tottenham’s history.

Now it seems that another important phase is about to commence and again two South Americans, this time from Brazil will play a huge part in proceedings, Tottenham will pair two incredibly gifted midfielders, both technically superb as you might expect of Brazilian players, but both are also very powerful, Sandro is affectionately known by Tottenham supporters as “the Beast” and Paulinho seems like a player equally adept at winning midfield battles and operating at pace box to box.

Ossie and Ricky had another great to work alongside them in the form of Glenn Hoddle, now though Sandro and Paulinho will operate with another equally powerful gifted player, the Belgian Moussa Dembele, just ahead of them will be a player who might one day elevate himself into the Tottenham Hall of Fame, Gareth Bale will hope to continue to improve upon what was an incredible year for him.

There was a buzz of expectation about Tottenham with the coming of the Argentinian maestros and I feel that same sense of expectancy thinking about the partnership from Brazil, maybe even more so because of the Belgian connection of Vertonghen and Dembele, the French, Lloris and Kaboul and the Brits Lennon, Walker and Bale, somehow this current Tottenham squad has many more players of exceptional quality, with more pace, power and technical ability. AVB might just feel that he is on course to building another exceptional squad maybe even better than the one he had at Porto.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more, Ossie and Ricky blew everyone away, the advantage here is that Sandro has already been with us for some time and him rejoining the team will allow Paulinho to ease that little more comfortably into the squad. (cliché coming up) But the impact of Sandro coming back will be like a new signing, so the parallels you draw with Ossie and Ricky are about spot on.

    Bale in current form pisses all over Hulk in the Porto days, I bet AVB is even more excited about our starting XI over Porto of a few seasons back

    • Tony says:

      I still wouldn’t be surprised if Bernard turns up before the end of the window, a goal threat and creator on the left and another centre forward would just about do it. I’m getting the same sort of buzz as I did all those years ago but the entire squad is stronger now. I honestly believe our time has come and Tottenham will be one of the teams of the coming decade.

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