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You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

Posted on December 17, 2013 by Guest Writer

Let us hope that this saying does not come back and bite us as the Tottenham board and those that have the ear of the Chairman seek a replacement for AVB. already stories are beginning to appear suggesting that none, or very few of the summer signings, were of AVB’s choosing and that in fact he has not been backed in the transfer market from day one, one newspaper has even suggested that the deal for Moutinho as Modric’s replacement fell apart over just £500,000 in a £26m deal.

The usual suspects have had their say on the subject with the most ridiculous of the lot from Jamie Redknapp suggesting it was his dads team that did so well last season and that it has fallen apart because AVB dismantled Harry’s team! let’s see Modric and Bale went because they wanted to and Levy approved it, Kaboul was injured after 20 minutes of the first game and missed the season, Rose, Caulker and Townsend didn’t get a look in under him and he favoured Parker over Sandro, Dempsey, Dembele, Vertonghen and Lloris weren’t even at the club. Jamie Redknapp really is a piece of work who has no idea of what really goes on and it beggars belief that so many media outlets pay him for such garbage.

So Levy swung the axe yesterday following what was a terrible performance against a good team who exploited the Tottenham weaknesses created by the injury crisis at the back, many of the problems over the last few months have stemmed from the lack of cover for our injured left back Danny Rose and I hope that we shall find out just who is the responsible party for that, it ultimately cost us with an injury to our best central defender Jan Vertonghen who was forced to cover for far too long.

As more information begins to leak out it is beginning to seem as though AVB received very little backing but considerable involvement in day to day football matters, if it is true that Levy wanted him to bring back Adebayor and switch to a 4 4 2 then I find that incredible, if he wanted to play that system why sack Harry and why spend £100m on players to play in a completely different system. It looks to me as though AVB has been stabbed in the back by a few in the background  and some of the senior players and I include Adebayor, BAE and Defoe in that. Any players that go against the man in charge for their own selfish reasons should be shown the door whoever they are.

This disrespect for our club cannot be tolerated.

This disrespect for our club cannot be tolerated.

Some of the Tottenham support is culpable in that so many have demanded a return to 4 4 2 , the return of Defoe and the return of the Tottenham style, by that I suppose they mean lose playing attractive football. You me and all the football world know that Tottenham are not one of the favoured few, that would be those appearing in the Champions League and Liverpool and the media have worked their magic to derail Tottenham’s season yet again, Harry for England the last time we were doing well has been replaced by boring AVB, well I didn’t mind a bit of boring if it meant success for once, i was prepared to wait for the flair to happen and the big players to join a successful team, until this garbage started Tottenham had the best defensive record in all of Europe and then the interference began and the thumpings started.

Maybe we are all wrong and AVB is a fraud but his record at Porto suggest otherwise and his record at Tottenham is much the same, more points than we have ever achieved with a team shorn of such star quality as Modric, VDV and Ledley King, and even this season until Sunday ahead of last years performance without the third best player in the world and TEN new players when you add the returning Kaboul, Townsend and Rose. People keep saying he won’t settle on a team and stick with it, well why then did Baldini and co buy all those players? For three years Harry went with the same team until they flagged towards the end of the season, the cups were thrown and we ended with nothing.

So there we have it we have sacked a manager who achieves our best ever points total, the best EVER win percentage, he lost less than any other coach percentagewise and had to do so with interference, other peoples player choices and without FOUR world class players that Harry had.

We were always told that this was a three year project but just like Abramovitch, Tottenham have sold AVB short  and abandoned the project given him far too soon, had we been a successful club with lots of trophies to polish I could understand a little more, but we are not.

Now it’s onwards and upwards, we hope, and whoever turns up next will need our total support but will they get it from those that make the decisions, nobody can dispute the ability of Daniel Levy from a business sense and I only hope that he has made the right football decision on this occasion, only time will tell.



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  1. Jeremy says:

    Im really heartbroken. Its the absolute worst time to do away with our manager. Well said, it really felt going through this season that everything was stacked against avb. If he was winning, everyone whines bout not playing the spurs way. When he lost and everyone would come out saying he didnt know what he was doing. I do feel the last few games due to the pressure applied he played the team differently. The problem with redknapp style was exactly like our last three games, we wont know what we are going to get. There was no such thing as a sure winner. With avb up till the last few games, really had me going into most matches confident. Oh and fuck ade and bae for that disgraceful tweet. Anyone else wondering what avb didnt place his faith in them, this picture says it all. That tweet is an insult to all us fans and this club.

    • Tony says:

      Getting the feeling AVB still had more Spurs support than against. Levy should have done a phone in to decide could havr put the money towards another player. Might do a poll AVB or Levy it would be close.

  2. jay hickman says:

    told u tonu, u just did not listen yet im the arsenal fan?… i know my spurs

    • Tony says:

      Being right that avb gets the sack doesnt make you a fan. We will probably now get exactly nothing from the season but it wont stop me supporting the club players and new man unlike people like you.

    • Boobaspur says:

      What does this even mean – why don’t you back up whatever it is you claim to know or have said.

      Such a strange, vague and nonsense post.

  3. jay hickman says:

    im a true blue spurs fan, i know everythin that goes on whether its on or off the pitch… u just dont like it cause ur wrong, if u dont agree with someones opinion and it goes against ur opinion then u start claimin they arnt fans… u’ll find that at every single club theres true fans that question the clubs whole decisions then there are fans that go along with it by makin excuses for everythin until it all falls apart… only now do u realise just how wrong u’ve been tony, rather than argue u should listen to what others say, u arnt the only fan but u act like u are and that only u know whats best for spurs, u give every player an excuse especially sandro, kaboul and soldado… how long does it take for u to realise they are woeful? until the manager gets the bullet?

    • tom says:

      I thought that true fans supported their team and I also think you are deluded if you write off those players. Maybe you are wrong have you ever considered that? There are many true supporters out there who think this is a behind the scenes problem as it happens too often. Avb had the best record of any coach for spurs and msnaged that with losing 4 massive stars and 10 new players this summer. This decision will come back and haunt us but still hope the next man does the job.

      • Caleb says:

        Best record, over a short period of time, whilst playing dreadful Europa league opponents, wi a squad that many spurs fans, including some on this site have called the best squad/team spurs have had for a very long time

        • Tony says:

          That record is just in the premier league so that is fact and over a season the best ever.when you consider it was in his first season and he was still on course to emulate that this swaon without bale you can’t take it away from him. certainly has to be the best squad ever assembled but it can’t possibly yet be the best team when bale,modric,king and vdv have all gone , in time possibly.

  4. eric says:

    For me the worst part is that some fans want Redknapp back,the man who walked on us for a higher position n pay package.Do we have no self respect? Fine may be if he had won trophies but no,infact he blew the chance to come 3rd.Then wanting Bae n Ade back with that pathetic attitude,y so that it can rub off on other players as well? We fired a man who gave us our highest points tally when selling our best players consecutively in the season when players like king sandro kaboul vdv modric were sold or injured. Yes harry got us Cl but he had those players whereas Avb didn’t and was expected to gel 10-12 players within months.Ashamed to call myself a Spurs supporter

    • tom says:

      If only you were Enic rather than Eric perhaps the right decision would have been made. A decent coach with massive potential and our best since Bill Nick gone and scum like ade a nd bae take the piss. Im with you on this perhaps fans might like to consider what might have been if bale modric and king were still there avb has been hung out to dry again just as the scum chelsea did. Im embarras3d for my club right now.

  5. eddie says:

    I also seem to remember AVB being given another 3 year project(as with Chelsea).Yes we had some shocking results but the overall position wasn’t irreversible,however the goals total would have done for us even if things could be turned round.
    There do seem to be a lot of unaswered questions as to whether the new signings were AVB’s or were forced on him by Baldini or Levy.Did he give them a fair chance or ignore them?Certainly some never even got on the bench for games.
    As has been said before Bale wanted to go as did Modric before him,but he was before AVB.It was Levy’s job to find a replacement for Modric.Moutinho possibly didn’t come because of arguing over 1/2 million,although I seem to recall their was a problem over third party ownership.But his type of player is still what we’re missing.Will the new man get the opportunity to address this problem?

    • Tony says:

      whether he gave them a fair chance or not it was his head on the block so he has to do what he considers is best for him and the team especially if they weren’t his players.

  6. Boobaspur says:

    Just how deluded are the board at Tottenham? What fantasy land do these people live in? What recent success do they know of that I’m missing out on?

    Yes, 6-0, 3-0 and the recent 5-0 are a disgrace – but we had a coach who actually seemed to know how to manage and because we had a few bad results, there was no option but to bin him? He deserved time, he deserved the full season.

    Harry wasn’t a tactical manager, he says so in his own book when VDV was wondering what a particular game-plan was one night. “Just do your thing”, seemed to be Harry’s style. I get the impression VDV thought HR was a total chancer. Probably not a million miles off the truth.

    Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate what Harry did in most instances, but he had true world class players to work with.

    It’s a bloody disgrace sacking AVB, nothing short.

    I can only imagine there was an enormous argument behind the scenes and a rash decision was made. AVB saying he didn’t know what he could make public about decisions on player signing was a tactical move showing he knew the game was up on his time at Spurs. Nothing to lose.

    The timing shows to me it was an il-informed decision with who as back up? And coming in to xmas period.

    It annoys me pundits disregarding Europa League. So imagine we get CL and then what! EL is perfect practice for playing outside of domestic. Sure it is nothing to the regular top 4, but who exactly do we think we are.

    And yes 6 straight wins in the EL, and yes, you can only beat who is put in front of you.

    As for the prolific and world beaters, Ade and BAE – what a pair, 5 fingers for 0-5 is it?

    I hope I never see those two utter scumbags in a Spurs shirt ever again. Signing Ade on a full contract just means that last ass can relax and get paid. They don’t deserve their place, they didn’t fight for or win their place and their sense of entitlement is hilarious. Mugs!

    • Eric says:

      Couldn’t agree more,its more than just the pool result for me.It’s as if they were waiting for just the right moment.All this seems very fishy to me.Something behind the scenes led to his departure according to me

  7. jay hickman says:

    jay hickman says:
    what did i say?… now look who has egg on their face, u should let
    me write for this forum… atleast i know what im talkin about, all my
    predictions have come true just like i told you in august… you say you
    had technical issues? you didnt- you were just shocked to finally
    realise what all us true fans knew was happenin months ago and
    went quiet so you could put you’r usual spin on it… kaboul sandro
    soldado paulinho dembele lemela capoue chadli etc etc have all cost
    avb his job due to a total lack in performance, you argued with me
    that football is not about goals, what the hell are you talkin about
    tony… you need to get real and start seein things for what they are, i
    dont agree with redknapp jnr and his contradictin rant as he fails to
    question the real issues which is levy, enic and joe lewis… one thing
    the media has got right is the validility of the signins bein avb’s, i
    said this all along that avb did not sign them players, any true spurs
    fan knows they had levy and football director written all over them
    just like when levy bought in 9 new players for jol (hassan ghaly,
    mido, malbranque, edgar davids, davies, kaboul, zamora, doherty,
    clemence) that got him sacked the next few seasons after just as he
    has done to every manager since he was appointed chairman by joe
    lewis in 2004… its the same pattern once again- buy flops or future
    investments in bulk without breakin the 640,000 quid per week wage
    bill then expect a manager to work with them for 2 to 3 season
    without strengthenin until the manager is sacked, levy has allowed all
    our best players to be sold on and has not signed any brilliant goal
    scorin striker partnerships before or since berbatov and keane in 2006,
    he chose to get in ex arsenal scum like adebayour n gallas also which
    shows what type of guy he is… a skinflint and a tyrant with little
    knowledge of football or spurs as a team, hes usin spurs as a way to
    line his and enic’s pockets with big sponsorship deals (9 in total)
    then not puttin in any return into the club, yes enic have improved our
    position but its all for the wrong reasons, 1 league cup, 2 4th place
    and 3 5th place finishes is not that great considerin over 900mil has
    been spent (poorly) since enic took over from sugar who was another

  8. jay hickman says:

    eric i’ve been sayin how disgustin adebayour and asshole ekkotto are for years, his is not the first tim they’ve done things like this… both have been stirin on twitter since redknspp got the bullet, but when i put this up on here i was told that these two players are amazin and that i must be an arsenal fan to slag them off… adebayour is a fuckin arsenal scummer, i never wanted him or gallas in…

    • Tony says:

      Think you were dreaming that anybody said they were amazing. Benni was poor and slow last year and his time seemed up and ade worked hard but is no natural striker he was a player different to the other forwards.

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