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Zidane must realise Bale is too good for Real Madrid.

Posted on May 25, 2013 by Tony

Just about every paper seems to be carrying an article relating to Zinedine Zidane in which he suggests that Gareth Bale is currently one of the three best players in the world and as a result is good enough to play for Real Madrid. Now if memory serves me this story has actually been kicking around since Tottenham played the second leg of the Europa fixture against Lyon which Zidane attended. Obviously now the season is over and the transfer merry go round is about to start, also due to the fact that Tottenham finished fifth so failed to qualify for the Champions League 2 plus 2 = 5.

Let us get one thing straight to suggest that joining Real Madrid will miraculously make Gareth Bale a greater player could not be further from the truth, Luka Modric was considered a great player before joining them last summer and is now no longer referred to in that way. If the suggestion is that should Gareth Bale join real Madrid he will win many trophies including the coveted European Cup try telling that to Christiano Ronaldo,he is first or second in the world ranking and during his time with them he has a single cup and league title to his name and nothing better than a semi-final appearance in the European Cup.

Zidane was a member of the last Real Madrid team to lift the trophy ELEVEN years ago in 2002, he had joined them a year earlier at the age of 29yrs! Gareth Bale has years before he might wish to try his luck abroad, Madrid might be an option and hopefully they might have a coach in place when they do try to sign him again, right now Mourinho is about to be shown the door and the club seems to be dominated by unhappy players.

As of this moment Gareth Bale is far too good a player to waste his talent at Real Madrid, Barcelona remain the dominant force in Spain, Bayern Munich in Germany, Juventus in Italy and United in England. If Jose Mourinho cannot solve the problem that is now Real Madrid there is little chance of it happening any time soon, they spend money like there is no tomorrow, they have an abundance of so called stars and yet they continue to struggle.

There is the choice for Gareth Bale, stick with an up and coming Tottenham for a while in a happy environment where you are the star and the team is created around your talent, or leave for Real Madrid, no coach, no team spirit, no trophies and now the 3rd team in Spain behind Barcelona and cup winners Atletico Madrid who defeated them in the final.

At just 23yrs of age a player would almost certainly prefer a big challenge rather than an easy ride at a big club abroad, that can wait for 6 or 7 years yet as happened with the likes of Zidane and Beckham, both preferred other challenges before moving to Spain.

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  1. Maceoii says:

    I have to disagree with you. Bale is not too good for real madrid. Bale would end up like Modric if he went to Real madrid..meaning he’s not good enough to make the team (right now). Bale is a great player, dont get me wrong, but at the position he currently plays, RM have better players. He’s not going to uproot CR at left winger and he’s not a real or creative number 10 like Ozil. So the only position i could see him starting at Madrid is on the right wing. Bale has ALOT of growing to do before he’s moved to another club. But i of course want him to grow with us and subsequently stay with us. His potential is enormous and that’s what zidane is counting on..making him infinitely better than he is now. But he needs a good coach, manager, and welcoming team to do that. Madrid is not the club for that. I feel like he would drown in a team full of “Galacticos” in madrid or Barcelona. Im not comparing him to ronaldo or messi, but if he continues to grow and get better season by season (especially his right foot, positioning, off the ball movement, and heading) he could honestly be as good as Ronaldo. But right now, those comparisons aren’t warranted. I’m just being real. TTID (tottenham ’til I die)

    • Tony says:

      I agree with some of the suggestions regarding improvements Bale can make and will make to his game but the point being made is that there is no likelihood of massive success at RM and because of that they are not the club that he should look to , he should carry on at Tottenham for a few years and then see how RM are faring. I do believe that he is plenty good enough to make their team but he is so good that he cannot be tied to one particular position, on his day he can play right across the park and be absolutely devastating. He could never replace Ronaldo of course Real Madrid have their moments but they are no longer the dominant force that they once were and would be a bad move for the likes of Bale. Kaka and Michael Owen joined young and failed, Madrid should only become an option to the top players at age 29 or 30.

      • Maceoii says:

        Fair enough, I see what you were trying to say. Basically, Madrid aren’t a team that build and develop young superstars into greatness. I can definitely agree with you on that point. I think we can both agree that moving to Spain, Madrid or Barcelona, would not be in Bale’s best interest for next season.

        • Tony says:

          Well that and the fact that Ronaldo apart players going too young often fail, Owen, Kaka, Sahin, even Modric at 26 makes the point. Zidane is leading the charge and he was 29 before he made the move and Beckham 28. 3 or 4 more years with Tottenham will not harm his career in any way, it hasn’t held him back so far. The rest of the squad and everybody at Tottenham probably expect with his help and a couple more stars that they might be main contenders and bring home silverware.

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