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Zidane still hasn’t got the message.Madrid not an option for Bale.

Posted on June 16, 2013 by Scraggs

If Zidane is actually employed by Real Madrid and he is continuing to make such remarks as has been reported today, in that Gareth Bale should hand in a transfer request to force his sale to Madrid, then surely Michel Platini and his crew, the FA and any other football association should be taking action and speaking up against such blatant tapping up. We all know that for the matter to progress it is necessary for Real Madrid to make an offer for the player, should Tottenham then accept that offer or as a result permit Gareth Bale or his advisors to discuss further any terms or conditions relating to any possible transfer they may do so.

There has not even been an offer made and yet it seems that every employee and ex-employee of this classless club continues to speak of Gareth Bale as though they are the only club good enough for him to join, that in itself is so far off the mark as Real Madrid continue to make no real impression on the Spanish League or for that matter any other competition that they enter. Please be reminded no Champions League finals since 2002 unlike Barcelona, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Liverpool who have all appeared multiple times.

Quite recently Bales advisor politely talked of Real Madrid as an important club and one that they would talk to if the situation arose, that is what agents do, keep options open for the future should Madrid ever become good enough to actually attract a player looking to win trophies rather than take the money.

Luka Modric made his choice and has so far won precisely the same as he won during his Tottenham career, nothing, he also managed to play in less Champions League fixtures than during his Tottenham days, is not well liked by his own supporters and was voted the worst buy of last season, he does have one of the best season tickets to watch much of the action from the comfort of the bench.

Today Michu of Swansea has spoken of his love of the Premiership, it being the most competitive in the world and with incredible atmosphere wherever he plays, he admits that many Spanish players now seek to ply their trade in England as the Spanish League is only about 2 teams.

As has been mentioned in plenty of articles before today, Zidane, Figo and Beckham were at least 28yrs of age before joining Madrid, other stars like Kaka and Michael Owen were much younger when they joined and floundered, which seems to suggest it is the place to go for your final big money contract before you hang up your boots or go to America for the dollar.

Gareth Bale has 3 or 4 years of exciting winning football ahead of him before thinking of relaxing in the sun with a massive contract, he seems content to give Tottenham, led by AVB, the opportunity to achieve that, but if 12 months from now nothing has changed then he will still have numerous opportunities to join a club able to offer those things.

Real Madrid is no option for him at this stage of his career but neither he nor his agent will say anything to upset any club that might become a good option for him in the future, before then Madrid have much work to do replacing their coach and hanging onto the likes of Ronaldo, Higuain and Contraeo, none of whom seem happy at the moment.

15 to “Zidane still hasn’t got the message.Madrid not an option for Bale.”

  1. David says:

    The most sensible comment I have read yet regarding the bale/RMadrid saga!

  2. Alee says:

    I fucking hate Real Madrid’s sense of entitlement. Glad they didn’t win anything last season.

  3. grant says:

    When will they get the message that there are several better options than them if he did decide to leave. Real Madrid will be a laughing stock when Bale decides to stay with the mighty Spurs and blank them.I hope Ronaldo does leave them but if not he will make sure he screws them for every penny. The year after next let’s hope to see Bale in a Tottenham team facing Real Madrid in the Champions League. I have a feeling it will be a different story to last time.

  4. Dogbreath says:

    I reckon we should sell bale, take the 85 bad boys and buy higuain, fabregas, tevez, di maria, plus a defender or 2.
    That would give us prem chance not just 5th.

  5. Dogbreath says:

    Plus paulinho.

  6. Spursarestupid says:

    You know that 85 million is a lot of money…
    And Bale is overrated, he only scored about 20 goals lat season. Walcott for Arsenal scored even more and had way more assists. He even played less matches.
    I say sell him.

  7. BaleFC says:

    Spursarestupid says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 16, 2013 at 6:36 pm
    You know that 85 million is a lot of money…
    And Bale is overrated, he only scored about 20 goals lat season. Walcott for Arsenal scored even more and had way more assists. He even played less matches.
    I say sell him.


  8. Dogbreath says:

    Lets get rid of daddybyor& Defoe too. Balotelli would also work for us ( plus tevez & higuain)
    Prem champions!!!

  9. danny says:

    mighty spurs lol, cant stop laughing
    where do u put united chelsea man city, even arsenal are better than u scum

    • mick says:

      one point doesn’t make you better, had you not got dodgy pen against Norwich the defeat would have put you 2 behind, same with Chelsea and 2 point lead which could have disappeared on the swing of 1 game. Tottenham ARE close to those 2 and City and even United were not exceptional enough to warrant winning by such margin. Spurs took 4 points off them don’t forget. Underestimate Spurs at your peril.

  10. danny says:

    spurs cant stop dreaming

    • mick says:

      For the first time in years Spurs will start the season with their squad intact and ready to go, NOT like so many times before when the season starts for them in the middle of September. Wait to see where Spurs lie after 10 games this season and I’ll bet it won’t be mid table playing catch up it will be all over the Manchester clubs, Chelsea and Arsenal. Beware.

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